Friday, April 29, 2016

Tailoring is the most important part of every wedding; Make it interesting and easy for your tailor to design your wedding blouse. Here are mind-blowing blouse ideas from Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone!

Few months before my wedding I started browsing through fashion magazines, papers and booklets to decide the best wedding blouse. It is every girl’s dream to have a perfect wedding blouse stitched and so as mine! Having overloaded with so many arrangements, we hardly spend time in deciding the best wedding blouses. Do we get time to finalize a blouse design? I really doubt!

Sarees are mandatory for weddings as they talk about our culture and custom but choosing the right blouse design makes it look trendy and neat.  I say “Sarees are the sexiest attire for a woman that reveals her perfect figure”. Do you agree? I’m sure most of you would! When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding blouse, you need to decide them by yourself as your personal choice of fashion differs from others.

When I was searching for trendy blouse ideas, I thought of choosing fashion and lifestyle of my favorite Bollywood diva, Deepika Padukone. She is widely known in Bollywood for her dress sense and her style. Young ladies, if you have been looking for the perfect wedding blouse ideas, you can take a look at this.

Full Sleeve - Is it the recent trend? 

Have you noticed the recent blouse designs by the Bollywood divas? Full sleeve is the recent trend, so for this wedding season, make sure you choose a full sleeve blouse for one of your sarees. Full sleeve dresses are great for evening functions and get together. Choose them wisely and don’t forget to indulge in recent fashion!

Deepika Padukone High Neck blouse

Do you dare to try the high neck blouse? Doesn't it look great for the Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone? This style of blouse goes well with designer sarees and if you are tall, you can definitely choose this style of blouse design that will make you look stunning for your big day!

High Neck Sleeveless blouse

Are you ready to go sleeveless on your big day? You need to be confident and bold to choose this style of dress. Choose high neck sleeveless blouse for designer saree of any color. Remember this is the latest design and you must definitely try it to steal the show!

Deepika Padukone's thin Strap blouse

Oh My God! Isn’t she looking pretty with this thin strap blouse? If you have noticed this Bollywood beauty, she has been very selective with her collection of sarees and her designer gives her the best when it comes to her blouse designs. Go sleeveless for your designer saree for this wedding season and you can definitely see the heads turning to you! If you haven’t tried a thin strap yet, try it for your wedding!

Netted blouse by Deepika Padukone

When it comes to fancy and heavy work saree, netted blouse goes great and it gives a grand look. You can choose netted blouse with or without sleeve based on your liking. Most of the netted blouses are worn with contrast colors to make it more attractive. Are you ready to pick one for your big day?

Deepika Padukone's Backless blouse designs

Are you ready to go backless on your big day? Not every woman will dare to choose this style but if you choose this for the right saree and for the right occasion, it will definitely look stunning. Be ready to style your backless blouse for a special date with your fiance!

Fashion and style depend on every individual and if you want to be inspired by the latest fashion and current trends you can choose your favorite actresses and follow their fashion to look trendy on your big day! 

Are you ready to flaunt in style on your big day? 
More inspiring designs to come! 
Stay tuned!

Are we killing our humanity in the name of social media publicity?

Social media is overloaded with personal pictures, group pictures, selfies and memes. Age doesn’t really matter to be on social networking sites. School kids, college children, teenagers and even senior citizen have been crazy about social media. I wake up from bed by checking the number of notifications and friend request on the famous social media! All our day to day activities are updated as status on social networking platform. It didn’t matter to be until recently!

It was during the time of Chennai floods, I realised how helpful these social media’s are and on the other hand it also made me realise how we are killing humanity in the name of social media publicity. Sites like Facebook and Twitter were the only point of contact to get help when the mobile networks were down throughout Chennai. There were people who really worked hard to help the victims and to provide them with best assistance that they could!

While that is something we need to feel proud of! It was during the Chennai floods people realised the humanity and human value of life. While people were busy with carrying out relief and rescue operations, there were other heart-rending stories filling up my timeline! Few people were looking for publicity by posting pictures with victims and there were even pictures taken while they were distributing food packets and medicines with a status “Have given 5 biscuit packets to 2 families”.

“Buying 5 kg onions and 2 kg tomatoes to cook food for flood victims” was posted by a friend of mine; “Mixing food in big vessel for flood victims” was another post. “Distributed 2 towels, 3 beds sheet, 2 water bottles to flood victim”, “cutting vegetables to cook for victims” was another post. It was disturbing and heartbreaking to read such post which made me realise if people were doing it just for the social media publicity.

I salute and respect the genuine people who helped in rescue and relief operations. Serious updates like “distributed food to people in Saidapet”, “100 water bottles required for T-nagar”, were of great help as it helped people to check the areas that are covered and the places that needs to be concentrated on. Though Social media was a big help during the time of crisis, some instances kept me worried!Let us not kill the humanity by yearning for publicity!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sharpen you cooking skills! It helps you to impress elders at home!

eating fish fry, expert cooking skills

Just like my husband, his friends at the office were also craving for home cooked food so whatever I prepared was always loved by everyone! I would admit that my cooking is not worst! Due to the appreciations and applauds received, I learnt different dishes and never hesitate to try anything new anytime. My husband always feels happy about home-made food so I kept improving my cooking skills day after day!
I never had passion towards cooking until I got married and had to manage food for myself and my husband. Having stayed away from home for almost eight years, my husband never complains home food! So, he never complains my cooking, in fact, I receive a lot of appreciation for my ‘trial’ cooking from my husband and his office mates.

I hardly get an opportunity to cook food for my in-laws as we stay away from them but luckily I got a chance when they stayed in our place for few days. Though I was a bit scared to prepare food, I had no other choice as they were my guests and I had to serve them the best food!

With so many options, I finally decided to make fish curry and prawn pepper fry! My father in law helped me to buy the best ones from the market. On reaching home with the fresh fish, I was a bit scared and got a bit excited to cook for them. In fact, for the first time to serve my father-in-law! I have cooked for my mother in law many times and she doesn’t complain my food at all.

My father in law is very specific about food and he loves to eat only specific food which added my tension! It took one hour for me to finish preparing the food while my father in law and mother in law were sleeping. While I was cleaning the dishes, my father-in-law woke up and said, “I can smell an awesome fish curry”. I was excited and served him the dishes and being impressed he said it is the ‘best fish curry’ he is eating!

My excitement had no boundary! I felt too happy and he, in fact, asked me to share the recipe with my mother-in-law so that she can try it herself at home! It was a perfect lunch after all! With too much of happiness, I prepared Chapatti and mushroom gravy for dinner which again got loads of applause from my father-in-law and husband!

So, now I know why our parents insist us to learn and sharpen our skills on cooking!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Has anyone realized the fights that happen during your wedding? The Silly fights before and during the wedding! There are even ideas to avoid the fights!

silly fight between couple

Raise your hands if your wedding was full of tension and confusion! It’s not just you, but almost everyone has a hectic preparation for their big day. Some walk with a cool head but most of them (including me) turn everything upside down! The wedding has a lot of things to do, you need to plan, prepare, understand, discuss and do a lot more things.

Wedding preparations are not done by a single person. It involves more than one person. For my wedding while my mom took the role of the planner, my dad was the financier and executor, my sister was the designer and I took the role of a purchaser!!!

I don’t know why I had so many silly fights during my wedding preparations. It might be because of my short temper or fear of getting married. I’m sure most of you might have experienced the same fear and would have fought with your close one!

Here is a list of fights that are common (Just for laughs)!!!

  • The first fight begins with your boss – You definitely need at least 2 weeks holiday to celebrate the happiness of your big day. Once your date is finalized, you need to meet your angry boss to get your leaves approved which will end up in an official fight! While most of us have the courage to ask them on their face, there are few others who still struggle to get their leaves approved.

How to overcome the situation? Instead of being rude, you can meet your boss with a personalized invite and your leave approval will be a piece of cake!

  • Cloth fight with sister – While the bride is occupied with a lot of emotions (fear, anxiety, worry), the bride’s sister is the one who has ample time for shopping latest clothes and they get dress before the bride gets dressed! So, be ready, there will be verbal fights and clashes between your sisters.

How to overcome the situation? You need to check with your sister regarding the dress that they prefer to wear. To avoid confusions, decide the colour of the cloth, the dress, and accessories they wish to wear before you finalise your bridal wear!

  • Do you have a brother? How could you leave him at peace without fighting? It is better to have brothers who can help us buy cosmetics, accessories, clothes, jewellery and other things even during the last minute! When brides are not allowed to go out, it is only the brother who helps us but when the brother refuses to help us, we begin a fight! Most of the time, the fight happens due to your brother's innocence where he gets the things that are irrelevant!

How to overcome this situation? Don’t shout at them. After all, you don’t have another option than getting their help in buying random things during last minute. Don’t raise your voice, be kind and request them instead of commanding them!

  • How can you not fight with your mom? When the tap doesn’t open or when you miss the comb, you shout at your mom! When fights with mom are common during everyday chores, it becomes special during wedding preparations. When the safety pin goes missing, when the blouse doesn’t fit you or when someone doesn’t turn up to the function at the right time, you begin a fight with your mom.

How to overcome this situation? It is common to fight with mom as they are strong to understand the emotional stress that we go through. Be kind and discuss with her patiently if you are looking for a immediate solution.

  • Have you fought with other brides at the shop? Silly isn’t? When you are busy shopping and when you can’t decide what dress to wear, you start observing the shopping behaviour of others. So when the ‘other bride’ chooses a dress, you also fight for the same dress.

How to overcome this situation? After all, we are humans and we tend to pick the ones that others choose! Take your friends along when you go shopping and ask them to be alert and observe the other brides.

  • Fight with the fiancé – We all talk to our fiancé as soon as we get engaged and we become close and get to know each other. When there is too much of love, there is a way for a fight! Fight for wrong gifts, fight for missed calls, fight for not answering the phone call and many other fights follow without your knowledge.

How to overcome this situation? Give respect to your fiancé. Understand them and remember that they are trying to understand you and it will take time for best compatibility!

  • Do we listen to elders or pick up a fight with them too? Elders have their own customs and traditions and we, younger generation is not ready to listen to them and we begin to fight. They point out the way you sit, the way you talk and even the way you behave and eat.

How to overcome this situation? They are elders and they are experienced. Don’t talk back or shout at them as they know much well than what we know. Try to follow them or just ignore them without hurting them.

When the taste of the food is not good; there is a fight with the caterer, when the colour of the flower doesn’t match; there is a fight with the florist, financial fights with dad, and fights with friends who don’t turn up and there are many fights you can expect during your wedding.

Make sure you enjoy the silly fight without hurting anyone! Cherish the best moments of your life.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Best wedding guest!!! Is it necessary to be the ‘best wedding guest’? Do you want to be a perfect wedding guest?

Image result for Indian wedding guests
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Aren’t you surprised with the term ‘Being the best wedding guest’? When the wedding organizers take efforts to make a wedding a grand occasion, we the visitors/guest/attendees of the wedding should also take care of us to be the best wedding guest! This helps the organizers to have a happy time!

The main of being the best wedding guest is to win the hearts of people around you. In fact, you may not know who is watching you! If you have been thinking that wedding is only for sexy outfits, flirting, having fun, showing off your new jewelry and costumes, you need to change your mind and think of others who are ‘eyeing’ you! Be a good wedding guest and win the hearts of bride and groom family.

Accept their invitation and please respond

Due to time constraints most of them prefer posting the invitations through post office (I think, we remember post office only during special occasions). Others even prefer courier and speed post which can be tracked. As soon as you receive the invite, make sure you call the person and confirm your availability. Head count is more important for those who are organizing the wedding so help them by being a great guest!

Set reminder! You can easily forget Date, Time and Venue
We can easily forget things, so as soon as you receive the invite, make a note of the date, time and venue in your mobile and set reminder. If you aren’t sure about the venue, get assistance well in advance so that you don’t have to struggle when you drive down to attend the function. A good guest will not pester the groom or bride at the last minute asking for directions!

Rethink before taking your friends!

Though one or two extra persons are not going to be much burden, it is better to inform the hosts regarding the number of people who would be attending from your end so that they can plan it well. It is never ‘OK’ to take your boyfriends, girlfriends, cousins and friends to the party without checking with the hosts.

Do not let you selfie madness spoil the grand occasion!

Selfies are endless and I’m surprised even kids are now good at taking selfies. Too many selfies will cause a huge burden to the bride and groom as they are already tired by gestures of the photographer and I’m sure, if you want to be a good guest, you wouldn’t want to add more burden to them! Taking pictures also costs their privacy so do check with them before your selfie madness takes control over you!

Choose the best gift!

The burden of choosing the gift is high so don’t pickup things at random, make sure you choose the right gift that is useful and meaningful to the couple. If you want to be a ‘guest to remember’ you need to choose wise gifts that are cherished by the couple and their family.

What you wear talks about who you are!

Once you are ready for the party, check yourself on the mirror and make corrections if needed. Too many jewellery, heavy saree and ornaments may look good on you, but you need to remember what your ‘bride friend’ is wearing. I’m sure you definitely don’t want to look grand than the bride so ensure you choose the right attire.

Late! Late! Late!

Are you always late to functions? Don’t make it a habit as a good guest will be on time and will not make the new couples wait for you. If you friend is more comfortable when you are around, and if she has requested you to be with her, please respect her feeling for you and be on time!

Too much of teasing is not acceptable!

I know wedding are fun and the fun gets double when the bride or groom is your best friend or someone close. You can tease them but remember, you cannot embarrass the new couple by talking something that they don’t want you to reveal in public. Know your limits and be the best guest!

Don’t be a complaint box!

Wedding are organised by human beings and lovely hearts who take care of each and everything but in spite of that there are chances that few things might fail to work the right way. It doesn’t mean you can start complaining about the things that dint work out well. Don’t hurt anyone but appreciate the efforts they have taken to organize the function.

Oh! Well, that was so simple to be a good guest! Make up your mind and get ready to be the best guest at your close ones wedding!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dress code in temple - Is it necessary? Why is it a topic of discussion?

Dharmastala Temple

     Recently in news I read about making dress code a mandate in temples across Tamil Nadu. If you look closely, the fashion keeps changing and so are the lifestyle and dress sense of every individual. Should we go to an extent of making a dress code mandate? Yes, of course it is needed! In the recent past, we all try to adapt to westernized culture and fail to remember our tradition (including me).

     If a rule doesn’t remind us, in the long run there are chances for us to forget our customs and tradition. When it comes to dress sense, most of us compare the dress sense of men and women without understanding that we both are different!

There are many temples that allow men to enter with their shirts off. “Why men are allowed to enter temples without shirts?” Men have hair on their chest and it is understood that hair absorbs positive energy and thus they are asked to remove their shirts while they enter the temple. Whatever our ancestors have said, has an in depth meaning but we fail to understand the same. So, when they remove their shirts, it doesn’t mean they are exposing and distracting, but it is done for a divine reason.

      Indian women are well known for their traditions and customs so it is always good to wear a pretty decent dress so that we don’t distract others who are at the temple. Let us not distract people who come to temple by wearing short dresses! Fashion is up to us, but we should care for the society too and learn the art of choosing dresses that are apt to the place that we visit!

The Uncontrollable shopping habit! Is it just me?

shopping bags
Shopping bags

Most of my Sunday’s are spent on shopping! To make it simpler, my husband insists me to keep the list (things to be bought) ready. My list definitely has groceries, clothing, vegetables, fruits, meat, cosmetic and more. I’m well prepared a week in advance for my “Sunday Shopping”. Last Sunday, I was ready with the list and read out the items to my husband and he agreed to get the entire list of items that I have noted down.

I was dressed and got ready 'on time' because shopping is one among my favourite hobbies and it is one of the reason I wait for Sundays. I was ready with huge carry bags (to carry home my stuffs) and we walked out of the home for a happy shopping. Once we reached the supermarket (the biggest in our city), I pulled out the biggest shopping trolley (though my list is small) in the mall and walked around the supermarket like a mad lady searching for a lost thing! Most of the time, me and my husband end up playing hide and seek in the supermarket!

In first few minutes my husband got tired and sick of my madness and rested himself on a couch! I happily filled the trolley with lots of stuffs in an hour or two!I randomly picked items that are nice, creative and attractive! Especially the stuffs the other ladies were eyeing on! Being unable to move the trolley, I looked out for my husband who was already sleeping on the couch. Looking at his comfortable positioning on the couch, I decided to buy the couch too and I started searching for the price tag and took assistance from the sales person just to know that the couch is not for sale!

Finally, husband woke up from his quick nap, wiped his face and looked at the trolley which was already overloaded. I gave him an explanation for all the items that I have picked (though it was a random act) even before he asked for it. My husband paid the bill happily knowing that I have completed my shopping.While returning back home, I frowned at my uncontrollable shopping habit and make a promise to my husband that I won’t repeat it again!

What happens the next Sunday? I’m sure there will not be any change in my shopping habit!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Change your attitude!Not all women who do not conceive just after her marriage are infertile!

Pregnancy test
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You do not know what she is going through! Mental stresses, loss of someone or whatever it may be! The society looks down at all women who do not conceive soon after her marriage. Is there a rule to get pregnant immediately after you get married?

     At the age of 22, people started questioning me about my marriage plans which I was not able to postpone till the age of 23! Yes. I got married at the age of 23 (which is very soon according to me). Soon after my marriage, from the first month, I had questions from all my relatives, friends and family regarding my future plans and good news (Of course, baby making, conceiving). Few of them were bold enough to ask me straight and others asked indirect questions! The interrogations are never ending!

     People whom I know, and whom I never know keep asking me the same question “do you have good news?” Yes, Of course I have many! I read a lot of books now, I have found a new hobby, I have had a new hairstyle, I have learnt a new dish, I have moved to a new place, a new home, found a new job, husband’s promotion,  a new dress, took an insurance and “my good news “ list goes on! 

     This good news doesn’t satisfy any of them except me and my husband!Are we living a life just to say “good news”?Why marriage is considered as physical bonding rather than emotional bonding?
According to me, life is not about giving birth to a new life (though it is a part of life) but my priority is on companionship and emotional bonding. I want to design my life and plan it well (though at times, things go out of control). “Giving birth” shouldn’t be an accident due to physical bonding but it should be emotional. When I say, I have ‘Good news’ I should feel blessed and gifted! This is a decision between two hearts, two souls and two minds (me and husband) which cannot be interfered by any external source.
     Every one’s leads a different style of life so comparison doesn’t work well! Just because the girl next door got pregnant soon after her marriage doesn’t mean, every girl has to follow the same! The art of making love has no rules!We have our own style of leading a happy life, we plan, we settle down, we make our finance stable, we lay our paths right, we choose our best options and we decide! It’s a matter of understanding between the husband and wife! It is the decision of the couple to make love and get ready to carry the bundle of happiness!

     We (me and husband) would prefer to get pregnant when I’m emotionally stable, physically strong, mentally prepared and financially settled. It is not just the woman who carries the baby but the husband plays the major role! We would cherish the “Nine months” happiness together. When we have our baby, it will be the result of our companionship, love and our maturity!
For all those who are still in the state of emotional bonding, here is a piece of advice. It’s your life and your happiness. Do what is best for you, and plan things well. Ignore what others say about you as you are the master of your life and it’s you who is going to nurture the baby!

     Next time when you pass your comment on a girl or talk behind her back, please change your attitude! You seriously don’t know what she is going through! After all, you are not sailing in the same boat as of hers!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Are you all set for a beach holiday? Here is a check list of what to take on a beach holiday!

Beach Holidays

Do you have dreams to spend your holidays in beach?  Beach holidays are adventurous and it brings a lot of excitement and fun. If the usual theaters and malls bore you, you need to choose a silent and lonely beach to spend time with your loved ones. If you have been to beaches regularly, you would know what to take and what not to take but for first timers like me, he is a list of items that I can think off that will come handy for the beach trip!

The mandatory items (I would say they are very very important things to take)
For all travels, there are few necessary things that need to be carried. It will be a difficult travel if these mandatory things are not carried along.
  • ·         Passport (if you are visiting other country)
  • ·         Map
  • ·         Mobile phones
  • ·         Camera
  • ·         Medicines
  • ·         Credit and debit cards
  • ·         Cash
  • ·         Wallet

The essential items to be carried to beach (Its okay if you miss one or two items)
Here is the list of mandatory things that need to be carried during a beach holiday. If any of these things are missed, it would be difficult and expensive to buy them at the new location.
  • ·         Bathing suit
  • ·         Bikini
  • ·         Towel
  • ·         Sun glasses
  • ·         Hat
  • ·         Sunscreen Lotion
  • ·         After Sun Lotion
  • ·         Wipes (wet & Dry)
  • ·         Comb
  • ·         Moisturiser
  • ·         Flip flop Sandals
  • ·         Water shoes
  • ·         Water bottles
  • ·         Books
  • ·         Music Players

The other beach items to be carried (You may or may not carry these items)
To spend a whole day or more time at the beach there are few things that can be carried along that can help with entertainment at the beach.
  • ·         Beach Toys
  • ·         Play items
  • ·         Umbrellas
  • ·         Blankets
  • ·         Chairs