Monday, May 30, 2016

Don't you feel there is a close relationship between sarees and Indian Weddings?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of weddings is the costume and of course, the first preference is given to sarees. Even in this trendy, westernised culture,when it comes to the wedding, we do not fail to stick to our traditions and one such tradition is our wedding saree. Sarees are not just a part of south Indian wedding but they play a major role all over India.

Traditional sarees never lose their charm. Though there are modern outfits that are sold across the country, sarees steals everyone's heart. Sarees are traditional attire but it can also make you look trendy and modern. Most of the young girls of this generation prefer saree for special occasions which will make them look unique and outstanding.

Due to the huge demand of sarees for special occasions, costume designers have started concentrating on sarees that are unique, trendy and meet the requirement of every modern client. Traditional sarees with heavy works have started hitting the shops and they are running on huge demand! 

When a group of ladies go out for shopping, there are more chances for them to buy more than one saree each. Silk sarees are expensive and traditional but now designers have come up with lot of new patterns, works and designs that will make every saree look great!

If you are the bride, you will definitely feel confused to choose the best attire for your big day. Pick more than one saree and your special occasion will become even more special! What is your confusion now? Is it to pick saree or to pick the design of the saree?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Things to do on a Sunday that doesn’t lead to arguments, dislikes and disappointments!

What happens when two people with total difference in mind-set plans their weekend? The ‘things-to-do’ list gets bigger and bigger and finally ends up with spending too much, silly arguments and blames.I and my husband are like opposite poles with difference in opinion but we manage our weekends in a well-planned way that makes it interesting for both of us!

Warning! Never plan you Sunday’s on a Sunday!

We are all human beings and nothing is going to work if we plan it on the same day. Plan it on a Saturday night so that you follow it on Sunday. If you have enough time, you can spend a lot of time planning during the weekdays.

Priorities, give space for your partner!

Our Sunday ‘to-do list’ comprises of 3 parts; Home essentials and improvements, personal entertainment and areas of common interest. This makes it easier to plan according to our likes and dislikes.Home essentials are something we cannot compromise so we ensure that both of us agree for the same.

Personal entertainment is where most of the arguments begin. While I choose Movies and theatres, my husband would prefer parks and beaches. When I say shopping, he ends up with coffee shop idea! Though our opinions are different we ensure that we complement each other. He watches movie along with me and we go for a short walk in the park.

We have found some common areas of interests such as window shopping, visiting exhibitions, meeting friends and roaming around in the bike. So, we spend a lot of time in doing things that we both enjoy.

Cook together!

When it takes 40 minutes for me to prepare breakfast and lunch on weekdays, it takes 4 hours for me to cook on Sundays. So, we spend a lot of time cooking together, trying new dishes, wasting a lot of veggies. In one way, we teach each other the art of cooking!

Sleep like there is no other day!

Most of our Sunday’s are spend sleeping so we hardly get time to move out of our home. Sunday is always out of rules, the alarm doesn’t ring, door-bell doesn’t disturb and there are absolutely no phone calls so sleeping extra hours is absolutely fine on Sundays.

Share the remote!

I get too bored with the English movies and programs that my hubby watches, so we share the remote once in a while and there is a lot of mutual understanding between us!

As per my experience, my Sundays are never boring for either of us because we spend a lot of time in planning according to our likes and dislikes. We ensure that both of us spend Sunday that gives us the enthusiasm and the energy to continue our work for the next six days. 

Oh! Well, forgot to mention, we work 6 days a week!

Who said travelling alone is boring and not safe?

I do agree the fact that it is fun to travel with family and friends especially when you are travelling to new places and country but your situation cannot be the same all time so you need to learn the art of traveling alone. I have been travelling alone since the age of 18 and I feel comfortable and peaceful in travelling alone.

I don’t have to wait for someone too long, I don’t have to wait to share my lunch or dinner with them, no sharing the rooms, and I can be independent and do what I actually want to. I have not traveled to new places but I’m sure I can handle even new place and new language but here are some safety tips (especially for women traveler) for all those who love to travel alone.

Understand your place well – If you have planned your destination, ensure that you learn about the place that you are travelling to. Know about the hotel where you are staying and also choose the safe mode of public transport.

Keep your family and friends informed –If you have prepared the itinerary of your travel, ensure that you leave them with your family and few of your friends so that it is easy for them to track you in case of emergencies.

Don’t miss important document – Identity proof, address proof, tickets and other necessary documents are a must. Don’t misplace them at any chance.

Travel insurance – Do you love travelling more? Talk to your travel insurance agent and take a policy that covers loss of luggage and expensive items during your travel.

Split the cash – Don’t use just your wallet to load cash, keep some cash in your pant pocket, dresses, bags and other secured areas so that you will not run out of cash.

Do you want to look odd? – This is the common mistake most of us do. We stick to our own style of fashion and ignore to observe people. Try to wear something similar to what they wear so that you don’t look odd among the crowd.

Don’t trust anyone – People might sound too sweet but you should simple ignore them and start moving as it is not advisable to trust strangers especially when you are in a new place or country.

Keep your things safe – I’m sure you might carry a lot of valuable items during your trip, if you don’t need them all time, find a better place in your room (safe or locker) and keep them in the room so that you don’t have to carry expensive items even during sight-seeing.

Self-defense, be bold –If you are women, who is all set to travel alone, you must be bold enough to handle people so learning a marital art and self-defense will improve your courage and will give you the strength to handle tough time.

Travelling alone is never going to bore you so, be safe and plan your travel at least once in three months!

I was allowed to vote when I was 15 years young!

Are you surprised? Yes! It’s true. I was allowed to vote when I was 15 years of age. It was during my 10th standard in the year 2004, It was my first voting experience. Of course it was not for the State but for my school pupil leader. Voting system was introduced to us even during our school days. We were given opportunity to vote and choose capable student to become the school leader.

Students were nominated based on their academic performances, talents and involvement in social activities. Like the state election, every candidate was allowed to choose their voting symbol, tag lines and they were allowed to do their election campaign using props and materials, dance and drama!

We used to have so much fun during the election season which normally starts during the month of June when our academic year begins. It used to be fun during our school election times. Our school used to be filled with banners, posters, slogans and election campaigns!

We had voting booths in schools were teachers maintained the list of voters (students) and the voting procedure was similar to the ones that happen during the state elections. Our fingers were inked and strict decorum was maintained! Vote counting was done with utmost privacy and the results were announced on a specific date followed by the oath of the new school pupil leader!

Those days, ‘school elections’ were just fun but today, I realise the importance of voting and I feel glad that my school has played a major role in educating us regarding the importance of voting, elections and  the rights we hold as a student/ citizen in choosing the best candidate!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our reactions about ‘When are you expecting a Job Transfer’?

My husband is really sick of answering questions regarding his ‘job transfer’probed by my relatives, friends and others. My husband, who is workaholic, loves to work in Mangalore (that is where currently we are settled) which is far away from my hometown (Chennai) and his hometown (Cuddalore). I had to leave my job (which I’m fond of) just for him as there are no opportunities here in Mangalore. So, when I had to choose between my career and life, I was wise enough to choose‘life’. While I’m happily settled here in Mangalore, (though I miss my home in Chennai, work, relatives and friends – that’s a different story all together) here is how my husband reacts, reacted and have been reacting to the questions that were asked about his job transfers!

Husband meets my relatives for the first time before marriage. One person from the crowd throws the question at him “Do you have any chances to find job in Chennai?” To-be- husband nods his head (No, not now). What do you think his reaction was? “If you want to keep your her within your reach, why do you choose me, who works far away?

Immediately after marriage – Someone throws the same question and my husband now feels “I have been staying along for all these years and it’s not going to be tough for me so, keep your daughter with you, I’ll come and meet her once in a while” Though he doesn’t say so, I’m sure this is what he would have thought!

Days pass by and I start getting comfortable with the new place though I miss home, my husband makes sure that I’m happy. So, few months later, my husband is being question about the same “When are you expecting a transfer?” His reaction, “If there was a chance, I would have happily taken the offer but, if you are so concerned about her, please come and stay with her

Now, I have got used to 'being at Mangalore' and most of the places are familiar. I have started driving and visiting places around, I have also started working from home! After almost a year of marriage, a close relative commented, ‘I know your company has a branch here in Chennai, why don’t you try moving in’ though my husband handles it smooth, I’m sure what would have been in his mind, “please understand that I’m happy with my work and thanks for your recommendations

Though we don’t get enough leaves and holidays, we plan and meet our relatives in a common occasion where someone asks “Are you not asking for a transfer to Chennai?” My husband feels “I have been answering this same question for the past one year. There isn’t a chance and if there is, I will be the first one to move

With repeated, questions about his transfer, now even I’m fed up. If someone asks us about the transfer we react “There is a transfer option to North India but not to Chennai”(Which is the real truth). There have been a lot of time when we have tried for transfer, but due to various reasons,  transfer to Chennai is still a dream for us, we are eager to move to Chennai or somewhere in TamilNadu but time has to decide them all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Are you looking for cute wedding or engagement rings? Here are some cute ones you can prefer!

cute wedding engagement rings

Am I going to tell you where you can buy wedding rings? Oh! Please. Having been in Chennai for almost 26 years, I haven’t found the right place to buy jewelry at a cheap price. I know shops to buy trendy ones but not sure if they sell at best price.There are many online shops where you can buy perfect wedding rings. 

When it comes to jewelry, I prefer the design rather than the price but my father is totally opposite! He knows the best shows to choose jewelry at a reasonable price where the making charges are less, there are no wastage etc.

When it came to choosing my own wedding and engagement jewelry, my dad suggested that we go to the shop which has latest designs, trends, and collections and I agreed instantly!

Wedding or engagements rings are something that is close to us that we wear it throughout our life. So, I feel, we need to look for something creative, unique, trendy, comfortable and easy to wear for everyday use.

Here are some interesting designs that I came across when I was looking for my engagement ring!

Simple rings without design- preferably in gold!
Simple wedding ring in gold

Choosing unisex ring designs are necessary for engagement and wedding rings. A plain and simple ring in gold will be the best which can be worn by the bride and the groom.

Designs add beauty – Couple rings with designs
couple ring for wedding and engagement

If you want your engagement rings to look beautiful with some designs you can choose pretty ones with different cuts and stone embossed. Aren’t they cute?

Engrave your names on the couple rings

Do you want to engrave the names on the rings? You can easily do so by talking with your jeweler. Choose a simple couple ring and have them engrave the name which will look cute and it has a lot of memories to hold.

Engrave the names inside the rings
Wedding ring beautiful wedding ring

If you don’t want the names to be seen, you can have them inside the couple ring. It is visible only to you and it gets you closer to your partner!

Are you ready for platinum and diamond?
diamond couple ring for wedding and engagement

Though platinum and diamond are expensive than gold, you can choose them if you can afford. There are a lovely collection of platinum and diamond couple rings that are available in simple designs and with stones and patterns. Choose the best ones according to your choice.

Did you forget a heart ring for engagement or wedding?
Heart, the symbol of love is the most preferred for wedding and engagement rings. You can also have a look at it. If not a couple ring, you can keep it in mind to gift your loved one a heart ring may be sometime later.

Important tips to note while choosing the perfect engagement/ wedding ring

Engagement rings are something that you keep wearing every day so choose a ring that is comfortable, strong and durable. It should not be too tight nor too lose. If you choose rings with delicate design, it may not work well for everyday usage.  Remember your engagement rings should 
be strong to handle the wear and tear so choose the best one!

This rule is applicable only for your wedding and engagement rings!

Food is very important for your wedding; here are innovative and creative ideas to serve food for your guests!

Invite your relatives, friends and loved ones for your wedding, seek their blessings and serve them good food. While you concentrate on all preparations for your wedding, food takes the priority and it is the most important thing that you must concentrate. Believe me or not, people remember our wedding by the taste of the food.

There are new trends followed in every wedding and if you are looking for innovative ideas to serve best food for your weddings. Here are few ideas that inspired me. I always look for a change and when the change is interesting and innovative, it is time for us to implement the same!

Start with a creative welcome drink

Theme weddings are today’s trend and I’m sure everyone loves to host a theme wedding. So, you can try to match your welcome drink with the wedding theme. Also look for seasonal fruit juices that are healthy. You can also have a live counter for welcome drink by making juices and cocktails.
Talking about the cups and tumblers, there are lot of new designs and shapes available so, pick up the best one that suits your wedding and welcome your guests in a creative way!

Tell your guests what’s there in the menu

During weddings there are lot of food that gets wasted. While the celebrations are on, you also need to concentrate on food wastage which is a social issue. In order to avoid wastage and make it easy for the guests to decide, you can display the food menu on the table or stick them on the dining hall so that the guests can choose their favourite food.

In most of the functions I attend, I end up eating yummy food without knowing its name. I’m sure most of us face the same problem. When the menu is displayed, your guests will know the dish they are being served.

Concentrate on the menu!

Displaying the menu is quite interesting but you need to make sure you prepare the right menu. Diabetics, blood pressure, cholesterol and other illness are very common so when you prepare the menu, ensure that you concentrate on the health of your guest and give them the right food that doesn’t disturb their daily diet routine.

Healthy food is the key!

When I attend weddings and other special occasions, I hear a lot of complaints from the guests regarding the food. Few of them complaint the quantity of oil, others complaint about the digestion and other complaint about the taste and flavor of the food. You need to concentrate on providing healthy food to  your guests and hence prepare a menu which includes lot of vegetables and fruits, less oil and colours.

Don’t go by plate count – Concentrate on the quantity of food!

Most of us book the caterers based on the number of plates which is not the right way. Children eat less food whereas adults eat more. So, we need to serve our guests with the right quantity of food so that they are not fully loaded and it will also avoid wastage.

Have you tried introducing dry fruits and nuts in the wedding menu?

If you have not tried it yet, it is time for you to try dry fruits and nuts for your wedding menu. They are rich and healthy so include dry fruits and let your guests have a healthy and happy eating experience.

Finish it off with desserts

Dessert counters are creative and you can think of including many items in different way. How about a live kulfi counter or a chocolate and donut counter? Know your guests well and provide them the best dessert that they enjoy the most!

Preparation and presentation are very important to serve food in a creative way. Think well, plan and execute it well. Talk to your caterers and explain your creative ideas to them. Help them to implement your ideas and enjoy serving the best food to your guests!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Realize the importance of voting in India – Every vote counts!

Once you are 18 years old, you get the right to vote. In our country voting is constitutional right for every citizen. Do not consider the voting day as a day of rest but remember it is the most important day that helps you to choose the best change that you have been waiting for!

Why should you cast your vote? Is it necessary?

During every election, it is noted that most of them who are above 18 years of age do not cast their vote. The reasons may vary, but the consequences are worst. If you want to be a responsible citizen, it is important for you to cast your vote! Here I tell you the importance of voting especially in our constitution.

Are you looking for a change?

Do you keep complaining the government for not being able to satisfy the needs and requirements of the people? When you feel the government fails in meeting the requirement of the people, it is time to look for change. To initiate the change, you need to cast your vote. Remember every vote is important for the change you are looking for!

Does your vote count?

Most of us feel that our vote doesn’t really count but it actually does. There are chances for the best team/party to win with even one vote. What happens when most of us don’t vote thinking that our vote doesn’t count? Don’t waste your vote; suggest your friends and neighbours to vote.

Do you want to make a difference?

Everyone wants to be heard so as me! Voting is the best way to express our view towards our country. If you want your opinions and views to be heard, you must vote. Voting is a chance for every citizen to talk their views and it is also the opportunity given by the government to hear the views of every citizen.

Don’t you feel it’s your responsibility to vote?

Voting is a right and I also call it as a responsibility. It is our responsibility as a citizen to develop the democracy and government. If you consider voting as a responsibility, we can decide the right candidate which will help us choosing the right candidate who can bring the best change to our country.

If we citizens take elections and voting as a serious act, we can bring difference to our country. Choosing the right candidate improve the position of our country so we must feel proud and honored to have an opportunity to choose our leaders. If you have not been voting, take it serious this time and cast your vote as it is important to decide the future of our country.

Let us help our country to grow the right way by choosing the right candidate!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Are you looking for Ideas to impress your wife?


“Impressing wife” is the toughest job for any men. They can impress their boss at office but when it comes to wife, most of the husband fails. If you are still at level one, trying to impress your wife, these simple ways can be of great help.

Greet her and Thank her- This is very simple but it has an emotional bonding. Greet her as soon as you wake up in the morning, she will be impressed and she will be thinking about you the whole day. Follow the before you go to bed, which strengthens the bonding and also improves the trust in relationship. Follow the habit of saying ‘thanks’. It need not be a big thing, but it is your responsibility to thank her for all the efforts that she takes for you.

Surprise hug or a kiss –Do you want to see your wife blushing? Give her a kiss when she least expect it and hug her as soon as you get back home from office. Your touch can help her understand how much you missed her throughout the day.

Call her beautiful  - Isn’t your wife looking beautiful in her shorts? Call her beautiful especially when her hair is messy or when she is tired after cooking or washing the dishes.Women love it when their man expresses their love for her.

Remind her the past - Men have a bad memory but girls don’t! Just try this once with your wife ‘The black gown you wore last Sunday suited you well and the earring made a good match.’ This one statement can make her happy for a week long. Women love when her men remember things.

Gifts, gifts and gifts – Girls are in love with gifts. It need not be expensive, even if you write ‘I love you’ in a piece of paper, she would love it.  Give her a rose, a greeting card or anything, she will be completely impressed.