Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Here are the 7 Good Qualities of the ‘Best Teacher’

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Do we remember all our teachers? Certainly not! Only the special ones are unforgettable over time. Let’s find out what makes them memorable.

Passion for profession

      A passionate teacher is not only confined to the syllabus instead acts as a mentor & grooms their personality as well.

  • Love for the subject

      This is what will induce oneself into a simplified and conceptual explanation of the subject.

  • Management Skills

     A good teacher can handle personal stress efficiently & can make every student feel involved.

  • Innovation

     Teachers, who break the stereotypes, invent interesting methods that can make deeper impacts.

  • Understanding the students’ perspective

    The best teacher is the one who can exactly understand the mindset of the students & work accordingly.

  • Ability to Upgrade

    A good teacher is always open to upgrade oneself with modernity in thoughts and elevation of technology by self or even from the students.

  • Optimism

    A teacher with a positive perspective to life is certainly the best for optimism is contagious.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Travel to south India and explore the best destinations to chill out!

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Vacations, holidays and honeymoon can never be boring. We are sure you must be ready for it any time of the year! This time, why don’t you explore southern India? There are interesting honeymoon destinations and holiday destinations down to the south of India and if you haven’t visited them yet, this summer is the best time.

For newly wedded couples honeymoon brings a lot of memories and it is the time where they get out of their busy schedule and indulge in understanding relationships much better. The honeymoon is not restricted to the newly wedded couple but everyone can plan for a honeymoon once or twice in years which will strength the relationship. Planning a holiday to best destinations this summer is also a great idea where you get time to spend with your parents, spouse, children, relatives and friends. Here are the most interesting and best destinations in South India that are at its best during this summer.

Ooty – Tamil Nadu

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Honeymooners from every part of the world prefer Ooty for its serene beauty, the weather and the natural living space. This is one of the best destinations in South India which attracts more visitors every year. The accommodation is very friendly which offers you wide ranges of cottages, home stay and hotels and everything is available in affordable price. This is a place where honeymooners can enjoy while family and friends can have a lovely time together. There are flowers shows during summer which shouldn’t be missed at all.

Kodaikanal- Tamil Nadu

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The princess of hills in Tamil Nadu is famous for its viewpoints, lake, water bodies and mesmerizing beauty of nature. Most of the couples prefer Kodaikanal for their honeymoon as it is one of the famous honeymoon destination. It is also a perfect place for holiday and picnic as there are a lot of places to visit around and you can have the best time with your family.

Yercaud – Tamil Nadu

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This place is pleasant throughout the year and it gets colder during summer. The weather is enjoyed by all and the mist and fog cover the place during the evening. It is a less polluted area which has a lot of waterfalls, rivers, ponds and other water bodies that enrich the serenity of this place. If you want to enjoy the cold weather along with occasional drizzles you have to be here this summer. You can also enjoy fishing; crab catching along the pond or lake to spend time. Book the best cottage or accommodation and have fun during your stay in Yercaud.

Munnar – Kerala

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Once of the cleanest hill station in Kerala, The God’s own country is Munnar where there are a lot of greeneries and the weather is very pleasing. Waterfall, tea estates, lakes, trees are the main attraction here which attracts thousands of tourists during summer. There are homestays, hotels and resorts available for you to chill out. Plan you holiday or honeymoon well in advance and enjoy the weather at Munnar.

Araku Valley – Andra Pradesh

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The best place to visit in Andra Pradesh which is filled with many hills, meadows, orchards and cool climate. The weather seems to be cold throughout the year so you can visit this place any time of the year. If you want to have a perfect holiday or picnic, this is the best place. Bring in your picnic box and enjoy the nature and the countryside with the best privacy. It is also a favourite destination for couples to enjoy the pleasing weather.

Coorg – Karnataka

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Coorg in Karnataka is known as the Scotland of South and this destination is filled with a lot of newly wedded couples around the year. A morning walk in this hill gives a lot of experience and it is the best part of this destination too. The place is filled with greeneries all around with a lot of waterfalls and lakes. For a fun holiday, you can indulge in sports and trekking activities. This is one of the best places to visit in in South India, so, don’t miss the chance.

Kudremukh – Karnataka

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The Horse face shaped peak, Kudremukh is located in Karnataka and it makes one of the best destination this summer. You can enjoy the pure nature in this place which is filled with smog in the mornings which brings a lot of happiness. Nature enthusiasts, honeymooners, and people dwell into this place for holidays. For this summer, don’t forget to visit this place.

There are lot more places to explore in South India which is best for a holiday or honeymoon. Chill out this season by visiting the best South India destinations and enjoy the weather, nature, and the new atmosphere. Try something new this season with unlimited fun! Are you ready with your travel plan now?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The jaw-dropping and expensive Bollywood celebrity wedding!

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Rich and grandeur venues, high profile guests accommodated in five-star and seven-star hotels, security, designer jewellery, customized clothing, expensive food and excellent arrangement. Do you wonder what we are talking about? Yes. You guessed it right! It’s the celebrity wedding we are talking about. Weddings are expensive and do you want to know how your Favourite Bollywood celebrities arranged their big day?

‘To get married’ is an awesome feel and here are few celebrities who have taken creative efforts to make their wedding ceremony unique and different from others. There are a lot of creativity and uniqueness involved in the wedding preparations and arrangements as the budget goes higher. Here are few of your favourite B-Town couples and their awesome ideas for a grand wedding.

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan

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The celebrity couple got married in the year 2007 and it was the most exciting and most awaited wedding in the Bollywood industry. Thought the entire expense of the ceremony is still not disclosed, it is sure to be listed among one of the most expensive weddings of the B-Town. Both the bride and the groom chose the best designer and the expensive jewellery to look spending and expensive.
Most the of the big shots were noticed in the wedding and hence a hefty amount was spent for security. The reception was held at Taj Hotel in a grand manner and Aishwarya Rai chose the best costumes for her wedding and for the reception. Though we don’t know the cost of it, we are sure, it is expensive!

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

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One of the most expensive weddings that happened in the year 2009 that will make your jaws drop! The famous actress Shilpa Shetty married the London-based businessman Raj Kundra in Khandala. Every ceremony was arranged in a grand way and the celebrity couple did not miss on anything that would bring richness to their wedding.

The decorations made everyone’s head turn and all their guests were overwhelmed with the grand ceremony which was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai which is the most happening and expensive hotels in Mumbai.

While Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra made necessary arrangements to satisfy their guests, they did not miss on concentrating on their jewellery and costume. There were rumours that Shilpa’s engagement ring is worth of 3 Crore. She was very selective with her jewellery which was made of uncut diamond and emeralds. There were talks that Shilpa has spent more than 50 Lakhs for here costumes. Finally, the 80 KG 9 tier wedding cake was also the show highlight.

Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva

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Their wedding was held in the year 2010 in a farmhouse near Hebbal Lake in Bangalore. Vivek and Priyanka were from a well-recognised family and they made trendy arrangements for a grand wedding. The couple has spent a lot of time in designing their wedding invitation which was a masterpiece and it contained expensive Ganjifa artwork.

The couple made sure that they look like a prince and princess during their ceremony and most care was taken with the decorations and their costume left everyone stunned. The unique Karnataka and Punjabi Style wedding was the expensive one in the year 2010. There is no wonder how expensive the wedding can become when both the bride and the groom are big shots!

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik

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There is no happiness than marrying a childhood friend. Yes. Imran’s childhood dreams have come true in the year 2011 when he married Avantika Malik who has been his childhood crush. The family invited all celebrities and made proper arrangements to entertain the guests. They did concentrate on providing the best food for the guests and hence they brought chefs from Lucknow to prepare delicacies.

This couple did not miss on unique and expensive wedding cards; they had a special swipe card along with the wedding cards that allowed the guests to access the venue. Their reception was held in the Taj Lands End hotel which had almost all Bollywood celebrities attending the function.

Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh

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The cutest couple got married in the year 2012 and they did not have any limits for making their special day as grand as ever. It was a high-class Maharashtrian wedding which was followed by the Catholic wedding in Church. The couple preffered Taj Lands End hotel in Mumbai for the five days celebrations. They are stars and yes, it reflected on their wedding costumes! Their wedding costumes, decorations, five-star hotels and everything was the talk of the town. Do you want to know how much they have spent for the wedding? We guess the couple is calculating!

Now, do you believe why there is a whole buzz behind every celebrity weddings! It is expensive, grand and awesome which will leave everyone stunned!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Warm welcome to the most beautiful Bridegroom - A typical south Indian wedding Aarathi Plates!

Do you wonder what these colourful plates are for? A typical South Indian wedding aarthi (welcome plates) to welcome the bridegroom. This was exclusively designed for my me and my sister for my wedding.

I was very sure that the plates should represent my likes and it should reflect my personality (to an extent).

A cute decoration with ceramic dolls that represent different stages of the girl. The couple doll represents the happiness in the wedding.

I always love wild animals (especially tiger) so this plate represents my love towards animals.

Girls are always crazy about cosmetics and accessories. The cute little barbie doll is getting ready with the different dresses, earrings and perfume. 

 The wedding is all about sharing and showing love. The love and bond between parents get stronger and the bride and the groom begin their love story on this special day. This heart is the representation of acceptance!

The Wedding is incomplete without flowers and these artificial flowers add a lot of glory to the trousseau!

This is a special decoration by my sister. She took a lot of effort to design the red carpet. Thats lovely isn't?

Elephants are strong so the bride and groom should develop a strong relationship as big as elephants! Well, that's a new story!

This is my favourite decoration. My craziness for nail polish and nail art is never ending and this plate defines my love for nail polish. 

Can we design a plant without the names of the bride and the groom?

Witness the minute detailing  I spent a lot for designer blouses so these are the remaining pieces that I used for the plate decoration. 

Yet another flower! A big artificial lotus.

Natural flowers on a beautiful plate. When I didn't have other ideas to decorate, I picked up a beautiful plate and filled it with flower. 

Rose bouquet. Natural roses would have been great but I fell in love with this bunch and picked it. 

Shall I name this as a rose basket? The fun part lies in this decoration! Bridegroom was welcomed with flower shower!

There are lot of interesting things during wedding preparation and this is one of the most interesting part of the wedding with I enjoyed the most!

A visit to Science Express. An exhibition on Wheels!

Science Express at Mangalore, my first experience of such kind! Yes, I'm talking about the exhibition on trains!

I was surprised by the efforts taken by the Government to bring out such wonderful exhibitions to educate people. 'Climate Change' was the main concentration and there were interesting ideas, suggestions, activities that reflected the importance of Climate change. The exhibition conveyed the importance efficiently!

My question is "how effective is it going to be?"

Simple announcements were made to keep our mobile phones "switched off"while we enter the train and photography were strictly prohibited and was under surveillance!

Most of the educated people, students and children just ignored the 'Simple' instruction and kept clicking pictures and to the worst case there were even people who answered phone calls and kept talking at the top of their voice.

The Science Express was educational and there were many school children and college students who walked in without a notepad and pen (Aren't we supposed to take notes during educational trips?) There were few children who were arguing with the volunteers to click a picture (which was against the rule) for their project work.

If we educated human beings cannot follow simple rules, what are we going to do towards helping the nature?

The Science Express had a lot of simple adaptation methods for making our earth a better place to live, but how many of us (including me) are going to follow?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Common situations in arranged marriages! Smart ways to handle them!

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Well, arranged marriage has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of surprises and suspense on one hand and there are misunderstandings and fights on the other hand! The beauty of arranged marriage is to learn about your spouse, adjusting with their likes and dislikes and loving them endlessly.  

It takes a lot of time to understand your spouse and new people so fights are common but if you handle it well, there are no further complications in the relationship.

Who pays for the wedding?

In arranged marriages, money plays a major role. There are endless arguments about who pays for what. The bride and the groom family have non-stop discussions over spending money for the wedding.

How to handle?

It is important to share the expenses and you must be careful not to burden the expenses on a single person to spend their entire money for the preparations. You must talk about your finances and start saving before and after your marriage.

Working at nights?

Do you work at night? Oh my God!!! This was the first reaction from my husband when I told him I was at work at 10.00PM in the night. He was shocked! Having no idea about rotational shifts in Information Technology, my husband was confused what I would do at the office in late nights! Though I have explained him about my ‘love towards work’, working at nights was a big shock to the entire family.

How to overcome the situation and handle the issue?

I was patient enough to explain them my work pattern, my clientele and the nature of the job. I explained them the procedure and informed them about my safety. They understood just because I was patient enough to explain. Though my career was important, I consulted my husband and in-laws about my future job progress and schedule and adjusted accordingly.

Back to back family function!

With no personal time for yourself, you have to attend all the family functions back to back! Your in-laws are eager to introduce you to the entire family so you are expected to attend the functions all time with a big smile on your face.

How to handle?

Are you engaged with other works and cannot attend an important function? Talk to your husband, explain your work schedule. Help him understand the importance of your work and the family function and let him decide!

What did you cook today?

Oh, well! That can be the most irritating question when you are away from your in-laws? You are not going to starve! When there are no other questions to be asked, people end up asking about food. Older generations ladies had to spend their time in cooking all time. Even when they are sick, they have to cook before they take rest.

How to handle?

In-laws are of different generations and they do not understand the way you cook. Do not be disrespectful. Explain them your situations and they will surely understand.

Do you need time for yourself?

Are you getting bored of being accompanied by your spouse all time? If you are unhappy about being with your spouse all time, you need to discuss it with your spouse immediately. When you get married, the time you spend for yourself and with your friends are restricted due to unavoidable reasons. If you want to maintain your friends while you enjoy with your spouse, you need to talk to them.

How to handle?

Allow your spouse to spend time with their friends and take permission from them to spend time with yours. Take rest for a day, skip cooking and take a break from your daily routine. It is better to discuss everything with your spouse before they point out any difference in your behaviour.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Top 10 questions to ask your interviewer that'll give you an EDGE in an Interview

In a gangling hunt for a Job, when there are hundreds of equally proficient brains in the track, how do you hit smack on the Job?

   A smart outlook ?
   A good body language?

But there is something you can actually do without much struggle to get an edge of your competitors.

   Yes. The trick is questioning them back!

You can get this done with a little preparation & a whisk of confidence.
So how do you do it?

When you put forth a question, make sure it deliberately portrays your keenness to the profession.
    Your questions can be based on,

·       nature of work you are about to take up
·       significant regulations of the company
·       long and short-term goals of the company
·       perks of working with them
·       training methods
·       expectations from the employee

Before you could frame your set of questions, to know the Do’s and Don’ts will help you get a clear shot.

       The DO’s:

·       Sound Confident
·       Be cordial
·       Stay Passive

       The DON’Ts:

·       Strictly No smell of over confidence
·       No Arrogance
·       No Authoritative notion

      The questions fragmented below will give you a deeper insight on how exactly you deliver it.

Ø “What do you feel is the best thing about working here?”
Ø “What kind of deliverance is expected from the employees?”
Ø “How flexible is the administration?”
Ø “What kind of training will I undergo once I start working here?”
Ø “Are there any preparations that I should do before joining in?”
Ø “Is there any significant dress code I have to follow in the premises?”
Ø “Will I be asked, in peculiar cases, to work beyond my usual time?”
Ø “What is the core target of the company?”
Ø “Where can I see myself after 5 years of working with you?”
Ø “Is there a training period before I actually start working?”

You can go pre-planned with the questions and limit them based on the nature of the interview. This trick will give you a great level of confidence and help you make a greater impact to get your hands on your Dream Job! Cheers!