Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yes, you are a writer and you must believe it!

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Yes, you are a writer and you must believe it!

Good or bad, I always love writing and I feel pen is the best way to express my feelings, my love and my anger. My hands think faster than my mind and I start scribbling on the papers with the new ideas that pop-up my mind!

I write, so I’m worth to be called as a “Writer”!

Are you one among the crowd who panic about expressing your thoughts with your writing? Does it make you shiver when you are asked to write something? Or just to hold a pen?  Do you prefer the term ‘writing phobia’ to express your hatred towards writing?

Well, don’t worry! If you really want to attempt writing, there are a lot of ways to develop your skills with some effort and hard work!

So, can we wake up the writer in you?

Get rid of your past experiences!

Were you laughed at during your school days for your poor vocabulary? Did your classmates and teacher make fun of you? Do you still remember the embarrassment? Don’t worry about the bad experiences, you can start all over again!

Take a pen and a notepad and start writing

If you really want to start writing, you must do it right now! Forget about your past and start it fresh! Start writing few lines or maybe half a page about anything that is in your mind right now! Do not worry about the grammar or the mistakes! What is there in your mind right now? Write them down on a piece of paper!  Do this every day. Whenever you are bored or when you feel like writing, start writing without worrying about anything else. Once you practice writing, you can’t stop it!

What is blocking you from writing?

Do you want to become a writer? Or maybe a blogger? You must be ready to write about anything. If you are not sure where to get the ideas from, there are simple techniques that will help you!

Creative writing - How to start writing about a new topic?

  • Draw a circle in the middle of the page
  • Write the topic inside the circle
  • Draw small circles around the big one
  • Use different colours to differentiate the circles
  • Write related words regarding the topic and join the small circles to the big one!
  • Start forming sentences with the ideas you have collected

Keep your writing tool ready!

You may not know when you will get new ideas to write, so you must be ready with your writing tool (pen, paper, notepad, mobile notes) all the time. You may get creative ideas to write when you are at work, while travelling or while cooking. Reach your writing tool quickly and make a note of your ideas. This is the best way to bring out the writer in you! Practically it sounds funny but it really works!

How do you start writing?

Before you start writing, you must know why you write? Is it just to express your feelings or do you want others to read and understand your feelings? As a writer, your main aim is to make you reader understand your thoughts. You must consider your reader in mind! Who are your readers? Are you targeting kids, adults, or old people? Change the style of writing that will impress the readers. Look into the perception of your readers and start writing it that way! Plan your ideas and put them into words.

Do your homework! Yes, learn about your topic!

Your readers should be benefited by your writing so you must involve in research and find out more about the topic that you wish to write. You should never assume or provide wrong facts and information to your readers.

Proofread your article or content!

You must read what you have written, correct the mistakes and edit wherever necessary before submitting or publishing your work. Read it more than one time to find out minor mistakes and errors.

Do you want your writing to be recognised? Be yourself!

The writer loses their originality when they try to copy the ideas of others. It is also important to be yourself and express your ideas and view through your writing. Using hard vocabulary, idioms, and phrases do not bring you popularity. The writer is recognised for his ideas and the view and not for the choice of words. You must be bold enough to express your feelings in your own words which are easily understandable. Do not try to imitate or use jargons that are not readable!
You are allowed to play with words, try innovative ideas to express yourself and start reading a lot more than you write. A good writer is the one who reads the most and a good writer should also be a patient listener.

Writing may not be your hobby or a passion but when you look deep inside, everyone is a good writer by themselves. Do you remember the time when you wrote a love letter to your husband? Or scored a full 10 marks for your composition during your school days? Do you remember the emails that you write to your client every day?

Yes, you are a writer and you must believe it! Let us start conveying our inner feelings through words!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Let's say 'Hello' to the new Google Allo!

Google Allo, Allo App,

Well, Google’s new messaging app is the talk of this season! Allo is powered by Artificial intelligence which is an exciting feature of this messaging app! With too many messaging apps already occupy your phone’s memory, should you really try this Allo? WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Hike and many other messaging apps connect you to your loved ones but Allo is going to be more personalized with a new feel!

You may wonder if it is a replace of Google Hangout, but it is not a replacement of Hangout but it is similar to Whatsapp but with more personalisation! The end-to-end encryption, exciting sticker patches, voice messages and the Google Assistant will surely grab the attention of everyone!

How Google Assistant is going to help you?

You can now get contextual information through text and chat messages through Google Assistant. The Google assistant will work along the app and it will keep you updated with the information that you may need. You can check the weather, find out restaurant around you or learn about the events and happenings through the Google Assistant.

Allo connects through your mobile number!

Signup using your mobile number. It’s simple! You can chat and send messages to the contacts who have installed Allo on their phones. This app synchronizes your Gmail, calendar, meeting and contacts so, managing your emails are going to be very simple and easy! Unlike Whatsapp, this app is currently available on mobiles and cannot be used on web portals.

Shhh!!! Private chat facility!

You have got more privacy with Allo! Do you want some chats to be private? Use the incognito mode for private chats and it also allows you to use funny emoji when you cannot express it in words! Isn’t that exciting?

Stay connected with your friend even when you are away!

If you are travelling abroad, you can use Allo on your same mobile even if you switch the sim cards. You need to make sure that the main sim card is not connected to any other device that has Allo on it! Else, it should perfectly work even when you are out of the country!

Shhhh and Blah Blah Blah!! Whisper or shout!

The are a lot of fun elements added in this app that makes texting more fun! Do you want to vent your anger while chatting? Type your text and drag your finger upwards and downwards to change the size of the font! It’s that simple! Express your feelings in the right tone! So, you can avoid multiple exclamation and punctuation to express your feel!

What stickers do I have?

It is said that artists from all parts of the world have contributed to the sticker pack to keep your chat session entertained! So, no more boring emojis but you have got a lot of new ones!

Undoubtedly, Google’s Allo is going to rock and keep us entertained! But, will it give us the possibility of making a video call? Currently, the facility is not available! Can we expect Google to implement it anytime soon?? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Top 15 Freelancing websites - Taking you close to the world of online job opportunities!

Working from Home, Online jobs
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It’s been 3 years since I started working from home! When I say ‘I work from home’, people ask me if I get paid! Will anyone work for free? Where there is a will there is a way! Getting into freelancing is not simple, you must have the passion and keep trying till you succeed! Freelancing is suitable for all those who want to get rid of their laziness and learn something new every day!

The work involves patience, hard work, dedication, and knowledge! Are you ready for it?

Are you a student, working professional or homemaker? Everyone gets an opportunity to work. Here are the most famous and popular websites that will help you to find a part-time job!

Upwork, popularly known as oDesk, has been providing such work for full time and part time workers for many years. It also offers you with hourly or periodic work.

If you are looking for a professional platform, Toptal is the best choice. They conduct test interviews before selection and working with this will give you a lot of exposure and your knowledge improves.

Elance is an easy way to start working as a freelancer. Your payment is secure and you can start the work immediately after creating a profile.

While working with the freelancer, you get a chance to enter a competitive world, where you have to show your skills in writing unique and the best. If you have confidence in your writing ability and other skills,  this is a great platform to attract more contractors.  

This company provides you with an easy and daily job. With your past experiences, you can easily work with this company and grab good opportunities. It provides you with utmost flexibility to work.

This is the best platform for the designers. You can submit your designs and get feedback from various clients who select the best ones. It is the best place for the designers who are masters in their field.

If you are having mastery in the Web developing, SEO, Web designing, etc. this is the best website for you. It provides you with the best price for your work and talent.

This is a vast medium not only for the writers but also for filmmakers, photographers, producers and more. It is the best place where you can attract many contractors or audience by your talent.

This website gives an opportunity for the college students to earn some pocket money! There are a bunch of opportunities for the fresh talents!

Project4hire provides you with hundreds of categories to earn from. The work you submit doesn't have to pass through various scanning programmes or posts. This is a great place to work for coders, designers, writers etc.

SimplyHired is working with various fields and hence, provides work in various categories. Their blogs are interesting and information and will help anyone who is looking for an easy work at home job!

This website gives you a vast space to develop your skills. The company keeps on updating the writers with new opportunities in the field of content writing and blog writing. You have choices to write in academic content, professional writing, content writing on topics related to lifestyle, fashion, health, food, and nutrients etc.

As the name suggests it works as a broker between the contractor and the writer. The signing is free for everyone here, but you need to clear a test before you get registered and start working.

Accountemps is the best field for the people engaged in accounting and administration. It helps the large or mini companies to find perfect candidates for data entry, auditing, taxation, etc. It provides projects which are fixed for some period of time like a month, week, year etc.

Similar to other websites, this site also provides you with a large platform for the writers, designer, accountant, programmer, architects, etc. Get registered and search for a suitable job!

Freelancing is highly adopted by the people today due to its flexibility. Freelancing also helps people to earn extra income and for few of them, it works as a good time pass! Married women,college students, and other part-time job seekers look for a freelancing job to work from home so that they can spend their time usefully.

Put in your effort, choose the right skill and improve your bank balance!

Read about how work-from-home options help you to continue your career!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Top 7 Funny excuses by employees to skip work

Top 7 Funny excuses by employees to skip work

     Amidst all the tiresome targets, hectic workload and the difficult to achieve targets, everybody would like to take a day off just to go on a tour or just sit back home and relax. Convincing the HR or the Team manager to grant you a holiday takes great skill and wit. Here are some excuses that are proposed often to escape work for a day or two.

1. Gracious Grandmothers
    Grandmothers have been graciously providing day off’s since the beginning of industrialization. By default death of grandmothers, irrespective of whether dead or alive has been put forth as an excuse. “Sir, my Grandmother has passed away unexpectedly”. Some workers don’t mind even hosting cremation ceremonies for them time and again literally killing them in periodic intervals.

2. Unmarried Uncle
    There is always an Uncle/Cousin in their family who will get married during the week and certainly not within the limits of the town. The possibility of verifying the marriage being nil, the leave is always granted without even knowing the existence of such a relative. “Sir, my cousin is getting married in cochin this Wednesday. Can I please…” is the most sort after excuse of all.

3. High Temperature Mothers
     Health issues are never negligible. Most employees seem to have realized this and bring in the emotional drama to skip work for a day or two. “Sir, my mom isn’t feeling well, I have to take care of the routines” The very fact that if they would ever help their parents when they are seriously ill is questionable.     

4. Broken Bikes & crashed cars
    When they stay pretty far from the workplace, especially when their kind of work requires the utilization of automobiles, then this is the best excuse. “Sir, my bike/car broke down on my way to work, it is already 10.30am, can I …” Some workers even perform this modulation right from their couch with much expertise and some atmospheric noise.

5. Festival @ Native
    India being a land of diversity and celebrations, we have our employees from versatile communities and places. Taking into account that not everybody is aware of all the festivals and celebrations in the nook and corner of the country, the festivals at their natives is the best escape mechanism. “Sir, we have our special annual spiritual festival at our native. So please…” There are rarely any means to verify the occurrence of such celebrations giving it a high probability to succeed in the process of convincing.

6. Hot n Cold
    Workers put themselves through the stake when they realize they have run out of excuses. This is like the trump card, once they decide to stay back home they call up their boss and pretend like “Sir, My temperature has shot up incredibly! The thermometer reads 103 degrees, what should I do now?” This will leave the HR helpless and cornered. They can hardly do anything but grant them leave.

7. Brand New House
    When they realize the administration has rarely got anything to correspond to their residence they cast this spell. “Sir, we are shifting our residence from ABC to XYZ this week. I must be there for certain.

Are you ready with your excuse now???

Read Top 8 funny dialogues by teachers.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Recipe #4 Follow 7 steps to make tasty Jowar and Tomato Chila (Pan Cake)

Jowar and tomato chila
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A healthy and nutritious breakfast gives you the energy to work the whole day with enthusiasm and strength. So, don’t you think the first meal should be healthy enough to give your complete family to stay strong and active the whole day?

Here is the Jowar tomato Chila a nutritious recipe which is rich in proteins and Vitamin A. This dish is low in carbohydrates so it is easy to digest. Chila is the Indian name for pancakes. So, here is a quick recipe to make the healthy dish!

  • 1/4 cup of Jowar flour (white millet)
  • 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup of maize flour (makai flour)
  • 1/4 cup of thin and small chopped onions
  • 1/2 cup finely diced and chopped tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp nicely chopped coriander leaves
  • 2 tsp chopped green chillies (can also use green chilli paste)
  • Salt as per taste
  • 11/4 tsp of oil

Step 1 - Take a bowl and mix all the flours to make a batter by adding right amount of water

Step 2 - Once the batter is ready, Add the rest of the ingredients to it.

Step 3 - Take a non-stick tawa and heat it on medium flame.

Step 4 - Take some batter in a ladle and pour it on the tawa. Spread it gently on the tawa making a circular Chila. Do not make it too thick.  

Step 5 - Spread some oil around the Chila and wait till it turns golden brown.

Step 6 - Turn the Chila and wait for it to cook.

Step 7 - Serve Jowar and Chila with tamarind chutney.

You can also add vegetables to the Chila batter.
You can also add other flours such as bajra, ragi, saamai etc.
The millet is high in fibre hence these pancakes are favourable for the diabetes patients.

Friday, September 23, 2016

How “WORK FROM HOME” helps you to continue your career? Especially after your marriage?

work from home, freelancing, work desk at home
My work table at home. Messy isn't? But who cares? I'm the boss!!! :D

Marriage is an important phase in everyone’s life. But, it is always the women who are under the question of continuing her passionate career after her marriage. Not every woman is lucky to continue her career after marriage. Women are ready to accept the changes in her life. They are ready to keep their career aside and focus on their family! However, for all passionate women, who wants to shine like a star even from home, the WORK-FROM-HOME option is a boon.

The priorities of a woman change after her wedding. The family takes the top priority, relatives and relationships, household chores and finally comes her passion and career (Though this is not applicable for all women, the majority belongs to this category)! Woman spend her time taking care of the family, nursing her kids and her day ends with this same routine.

The Work @ Home option is convenient for every woman who wants to continue her career without skipping her responsibilities at home. There are a lot of work from home opportunities available for married women. This gives her the space to build her confidence and stand on her own foot without being depended on her husband!

So, here is why work from home is highly recommended for those who cannot afford travelling to office due to personal and family commitments!

Flexible Timing

Time is the major problem for married women. Managing home and office at the same time can be very challenging so freelancing is the best option to avoid time-related troubles. You can choose your favourite time and start working accordingly. You can pause your work when the kids are at home and resume it when you get free time.

Creating a happy work environment at home to reduce stress
If you have a tough time managing your work at an office and at home, choose a freelancing work from home option that allows you to manage the household works and your professional work easily. Create an office atmosphere at home and start working effectively and feel the difference. You will feel proud of yourself.

Increased Time for Family
When working at an office, you have to reach and leave office according to the working hours of your company. Holidays are a big problem and applying for leaves are not easy. But working as a freelancer helps you to spend more time with your family. You need to work only when you are free. Hence you have plenty of time to spend with your family members

Saves your Travelling Time
While working at offices, one has to travel a lot. At metro cities, your travel time will be more than 2-4 hours which also makes you tired. When you work at home, you don’t have to run behind the busses and autos and you don’t have to dress up!

   Productive Work
When you are forced to work at a target fixed environment, it leaves you bored and you will get tired easily. But when you work at home, you are in a comfortable position, the work hours are decided by you. You can fix your target which improves your productivity! When there are no rules set, you are motivated to work hard!

If you have been spending boring time at home after your marriage, get involved in a productive work that helps you to develop your talents. Spend your time in a useful way. Take a freelancing job and become  the star of your home without compromising your routine!

I’m a proud freelancer, taking care of my family and my work simultaneously! I never feel bored or low! Start working from home and enrich your knowledge!