Monday, August 7, 2017

Must- have Chrome extensions and apps that will improve your Google Chrome Browser Experience

Chrome extensions

Chrome today has taken up a considerable portion of our attention today in such a way that we cannot think of a single day without using chrome. We are in front of the computer and not using chrome is something we cannot think about. In such a situation remaining updated with a user-friendly browsing experience condition to remain most updated and advanced in your searches. Chrome is ever advancing with a variety of useful extensions to make your work smoother and easier which is the main purpose of a PC.

What are extensions?

Extensions are nothing but small software applications that provide the developers and designers with enhanced and modified the work experience of the chrome browser. Here are some very useful extensions to make your Chrome browsing experience a remembering one.


With this extension, you can easily measure your screen dimensions at a go. You can simply activate the extension and start measuring. You can make the most out of this extension since it is packed with the all new graphical UI mock-up.  So enjoy the handiest and easiest tool ever:
  • It can easily measure all kinds of images, buttons, elements, input-fields, videos, gifs, text and icons seamlessly.
  • You can also add a Keyboard shortcut to enable and disable Dimensions at the end of the extensions.
  • Dimension is a Github Hosted Open Source.

Page Ruler

When you need some help with margins and padding, a must have measurement is highly substantial despite all the rems and ems. Gauging the height, width, and position of the page is very easy by just pulling out a ruler on the page with the help of the Page Ruler extension.
  • By dragging of the ruler you can place it anywhere on the page and measure the uniformity of the length, position, and width.
  • You can resize the page by dragging the ruler edges.
  • Manual updating option available for the ruler.
  • Customization in over 10 languages.
Window resize

Work perfectly on one aspect with this single functional extension. In order to follow various kinds of resolutions on the browser window this extension reserves the capacity to resize it.
  • These layouts can be easily tested on varied browser resolutions by the web developers.
  • List of fully customizable resolutions available.
  • You are also open to Customized Global Key shortcuts.

Robots Vs Humans

Viewing robot texts and human texts are made easier with the help of this extension which allows them to scrap for extreme superiority.
  • The presence of robot text or human text in a website is easily pointed out.
  • Shows you the human texts and robot texts files.

Extensions like these smoothen the browsing and management experience in Chrome very much. They are tested for performance to best suit practical functioning and suitability factor. In the due course of development, every extension is modified based on the need faced by experienced designers and developers to influence the smoother functioning of Google Chrome for your projects.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What your lip shape says about your personality

Lip Shape

Till date you have heard that eyes speak about your nature, your smile determines the kind of person you are but have you ever come across the fact that lips are a great ‘personality describer’?

Yes, it's true. According to researchers, there are 6 different types of lips which speak about 6 different personality traits in humans.
Feeling eager to know about them?
Let’s check’ em out.

Full lips

One with fuller lips might feel proud, which is very obvious since she is blessed with one of the most envied lip types. The possessor of such lips abreast of being very generous and confident is also quite charming and go getter in their particular field. They value relationships and tend to put them forward in any condition even sacrificing their own side. They are ones who can be easily counted upon in times of need. It is also said that full lipped women make good mothers.

Thin Lips

Who doesn’t want to be self-sufficient in their lives? How if this trait is God blessed in some people? Those with thin lips tend to be self-sufficient in their lives. They complete every drop of thing that they undertake with ultimate dedication as well. Another important trait that these people carry is being capable of managing things by themselves perfectly without being attached to or clinging to anybody. They balance well between relationships but don’t become over engrossed with them.

Lips with defined cupid bow

People with this type of lip shape are absolutely great in communicating with others and can easily captivate you with their super creative skill. But they tend to sometimes land in trouble due to their unnecessary talking in different situations which need to be checked. Side by side to these qualities the cupid bow lip people are extremely romantic and glamorous. Intelligence and quick wit is something that these people possess naturally.

Lips with undefined cupid bow

How emotional you are can be marked from your lip type since those who have no defined cupid bow tend to be very emotional and even to that extent that they lose the capacity of drawing lines and putting limits. Not to conclude that they jump into a decision without considering the good and bad. But worthy to mention that these people tend to be highly responsible in whatever they undertake.

Middle lips plumper

People of this lip type are top to bottom performers. This statement won’t be wrong at all while you define the Middle lips plumper category of people. They always love to be in the spotlight and end up doing so in every situation. They are highly dramatic in relationships and never like to be alone.

Wide lips

Wide lips actually reflect the brightness of the smile and the openness of their mind. These types of people tend to bring brightness in the room with their glowing smile. They are the friend in deed whom everybody actually needs in this complicated world. They are highly optimistic and the center of attraction since they can take up the conversation to really captivating level.

Started gazing at the mirror to match your lips with your personality trait? Whatever your trait is you should never forget to carry it with a smile since smile could bring wonders to the relationship in any situation.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

9 Useful Laundry Hacks to make your cleaning easy

Laundry hacks Washing Machine hacks

Idea 1 – Drying your clothes, the best laundry hacks

Is cold weather and rains bothering the piles of clothes? Having loads of clothes to dry causes a lot of inconveniences but here is a quick washing machine hack that will remove excess moisture from clothes.

Once washing is done, spin you washing machine for 10 minutes (In dryer/spin mode) with a dry towel. The towel will suck the moisture leaving your clothes dry.

Idea 2 – Messy, greasy, oil stains on clothes

Oh, God! What would you do if your favorite shirt has oil stains? A piece of chalk comes to your rescue. Simply rub the chalk on the oil stain and wash them. The stains will disappear just like magic.

Idea 3 – No more Inky, inky dresses!

Ink stains on clothes are a big task for mothers. Use a hair spray or hand sanitizer on the stubborn ink stains, leave it for few minutes and wash them. The stains are just gone!

Idea 4 – Did you hurt yourself? Why’s the blood stain?

When there are stains of blood on your clothes, do not use a detergent! Instead, wash your clothes with bathing soap and soak them in cold water and the stains and the smell are gone completely.

Idea 5 – Red wine stains

How was your last night party? Did you spill wine on your clothes?
React immediately as you cannot let the wine dry!
Use this simple laundry hack to get rid of the red stains of the wine. Make a paste with salt, milk and club soda. Gently apply the paste covering the stains, rub them, leave it aside for few minutes, and wash it off.

Idea 6 – How did you manage to have acrylic paints on your clothes?

If you aren’t sure of these laundry hacks, managing laundry at home would have been a nightmare. If your clothes are stained with acrylic paints, you need to simply use alcohol to remove the stains.

Apply a generous amount of alcohol on the stains and wash them clean.

Laundry hacks Washing machine hack

Idea 7 – Washing machine hack that will keep your clothes as fresh as new

Regular washing makes the shirt’s life shorter. In order to avoid this, sprinkle some vinegar on the shirt, allow it to dry and then wash your clothes in the washing machine.

Idea 8 – Fragrance on your clothes

Do you hate the smell of detergents? If you want to improve the fragrance of the clothes, you can add few drops of lavender oil (Choose your favorite oil) on clothes after washing them.

Idea 9 – Fresh laundry hacks

The towels, napkins, socks, pillow cover, bedspreads need regular washing so that you can get rid of the nasty smell. Whenever you wash these daily essentials in your washing machine, ensure you add a cup of white vinegar. This would deep clean the clothes and will also leave a beautiful aroma behind.

If you have missed our previous post on household cleaning hacks, please click here
Post your comments and views in the comment section below.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

9 Simple And Easy Household Cleaning Hacks that will make your day effortless

DIY Idea 1 - Get rid of that oil and grease stains on your stove!
Add few drops of mineral oil/vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub it over the stains. The stains will disappear in a minute. Use a damp cloth and clean the stove.
DIY Idea 2 - Cleaning your Tupperware and Signoraware
From kids to Adults, everyone uses Tupperware and Signoraware products. However, cleaning them is a big task. Try this simple trick to get rid of the stubborn stains in your Tupperware and signoraware products.
Take dish wash soap and water to the Tupperware/ Signoraware, add a pinch of baking powder and microwave them for 5 minutes. Wash them with regular water.
DIY Idea 3 - The vodka trick
Bringing in liquor home is not bad all time! Keep your mattress bacteria free with the vodka spray. Fill Vodka in an empty perfume bottle and spray them on the mattress and leave it aside for few hours. The bacteria-free mattress is yours now!
DIY Idea 4 - No more nail polish stains on the floor
Do not panic if your drop the nail polish on the floor by mistake. Pour a generous amount of nail polish remover on the stains and rub them with a paper towel. You can also use hair spray to remove the stains. But you need to be real quick to make this household cleaning hack work.
DIY Idea 5 - Water rings on the tables
The water rings on the table make your furniture look old and worn out. Use a blow dryer to dry the water marks on the furniture. It will not only make the furniture look perfect but extends its life too.

DIY Idea 6 - Cleaning hacks to remove oil stains on wall
Any stain on walls can be easily removed with chalk pieces. Rub chalk piece over the stains and leave them for 5 minutes. Clean the wall with a damp cloth and the stains are removed instantly.
DIY Idea 7 - Household cleaning hacks to get rid of messy drinking glasses
Water stains and beverage stains make drinking glasses dirty. The easy cleaning hack to remove such stain is to use white vinegar. Sprinkle few drops of vinegar and wipe the glass with a paper towel.
Your old glasses will shine as good as new!
DIY Idea 8 - Monsoon house cleaning hacks
Welcome rain but keep away from bad odor and molds. Couches, beds, sofas, and chairs often smell bad during monsoon season. Sprinkle some baking powder and clean it dry with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth.
DIY Idea 9 - Clean your Microwave oven quickly
Baking, frying, grilling, and toasting is quickly done using Microwave. But you need to agree that they get messy after every use. Make this magical paste that will help you get rid of the stubborn stains.
Mix 5 tablespoon of baking powder, 4 tablespoon of white vinegar and few drops of dish wash liquid. Make a thick paste with the ingredients. Use a sponge to apply the paste on the stains and grease. Leave it for 15 minutes and wipe them dry.
Do you wish to learn more cleaning hacks?
Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Best Emotional loving Mother's special TV Ads commercial collections

It’s this time of the year to celebrate, love and support mothers. Every mother sacrifice her life to make her child’s life better. Every year, the second Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother’s day and this day emerges a lot of emotions and enhances the bond shared by mother and son or daughter.

Here are some of the beautiful Indian special TV Ads commercials which have touched my heart. I’m sure it will touch yours too!

Biba - This mother's day gift your mom her dreams

The video explains that change is beautiful. Mothers have left their dreams and passion for the welfare of her family and kids. Gifting her dreams is the perfect Mother’s day gift for any mom. Appreciate her passion and respect her dreams.

Cello - Mother is the true companion of life

Mother-Daughter relationship is the best relationship in the world. Mothers teach us to love, sacrifice, care and she have every emotion within her. Watch this wonderful video that depicts the journey of mother and daughter.

Jabong - Mom's can!

Spend time with your mother no matter how busy you are in your life. She has left her life to take care of you, protect you and make you what you are today. She taught you to stand in the place you are right now.

Dettol - She gets the world ready for the little one

It’s the video of promises. The little one is precious in the family and the mother takes utmost care to get the world ready for the tiny tot. Watch the video where the mother promises the little one with too much of love and care.

Pillsbury India - Who all will you wish this mother's day?

Mothers are not just mothers they play the role of a friend, advisor, sister, grandmother, teacher, motivator, leader etc. Every woman is a mother from within. So, send your mother’s day wishes to your sister, friend, teacher and every woman you know.

A mother plays an incredible role in everyone’s life. Why miss a chance to thank her! Call her, talk to her and share your feelings to make her day more special on this Mother’s Day.

Mother's day wishes; 14 May 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Episode of experience turns ONE

Celebrating one year of blogging

Celebrating one year of blogging! Today is a special day. Yes, it is the first anniversary of Episode Of Experience. I can hardly believe that it has been one year already. It has been a fantastic year with a lot of learning.

I started Episode of experience a little over a year ago. It was dream come true! Have I achieved anything big? No! Episode of Experience has given me a chance to learn and to blog. It gives me an opportunity to share a piece of my world with others.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my readers, friends, family members, my dad, sister and my husband who motivates me to write. My college friends are my earliest readers they patiently entertain me to write on various topics.

Here are some of the most popular post of the year

Blogging is definitely my passion and I hope to learn a lot this year. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thank you note from a woman to all the men

Women's Day Thank you note from a Woman to men

On this Women’s day, I would like to acknowledge the three best men in my life.

My Dad. Yes, his efforts have brought me to this world. More than a father, he was a guide, advisor, and a mentor. He gave me the best education that helped me standing on my own legs. His guidance has helped me pursue the best career that gave me strength and confidence. He is always my role model.

My Husband. He is my best friend and well-wisher who is readily available whenever I need a shoulder. He shares my pain and gain; without his support, encouragement, and trust, I would not be what I’m today.

My Father-in-law. I feel blessed to have him in my life who respects my idea and let me live in a way that makes me happy.

The education and the experience I have gained today is not possible without these three men in my life. When I look back, All I’m left with is freedom to pursue my dreams, constant encouragement, abundant love and complete trust from my entire family.

I would take this opportunity to thank all my brothers, friends, cousins, uncles, colleagues, managers and all the men I know. Thanks for treating me good and making me feel proud on this woman’s day.

I feel proud being a woman.

With love,
Maithily Arulraja

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Leadership battle has just begun in Tamil Nadu politics! Here are interesting facts about O PanneerSelvam

O Panneerselvam, OPS
Pic Courtesy - Wikimedia Commons

O Panneerselvam (also known as OPS) was stand-in chief minister of Tamil Nadu twice when Dr. J Jayalalithaa was not allowed to hold public office because of litigations against her. He was sworn in as the Chief Minister on 6th December when Jayalalithaa died on 5th December 2016 after a major cardiac arrest.

Later, he tendered his resignation for the third time from the post of Chief Minister citing personal reasons paving way for Sasikala Natarajan. Whereas, on 7th February 2017 he took Tamil Nadu’s political spectrum in a storm when he declared on Marina Beach that he had been forced to resign by a section of AIADMK. He further stated that they want Jayalalithaa’s close aide and party’s general secretary, Sasikala Natarajan to become the Chief Minister. In a quick response, Sasikala expelled OPS from the post of treasurer of AIADMK.

  • It will be surprising to know, that as a matter of respect, O Panneerselvam refused to sit on Amma’s chair during the last two terms. He’s famous among his senior leaders for being a man of patience and one who never desperately tried for any position. It is for these reasons, that he was favored by the late Chief Minister herself as the best person suitable for the role of CM.

  • As this leadership battle has just begun in the politics, here are some of the interesting facts you all would be interested to know about O Panneerselvam, a people’s leader:

  • The 66 years old O Panneerselvam was born to Ottakara Thevar and Palaniammal Naachiar in Periyakulam in Theni district, Tamil Nadu on 14th January 1951. Hailing from a middle-class family, he owned agricultural land and started to work as a tea stall owner of ‘PV canteen’ (Now called as Rosie Canteen).

  • At the age of 18, he became the political worker of DMK party. He has studied Bachelor of Arts at Karutharawuthar College in Uthamapalaiyam up to class 12. It was his close friend Salvunddin from tenali who encouraged him into politics.

  • O Panneerselvam is married to P. Vijayalakshmi and together they’re blessed with three children.

  • In 1973, after moving away from Karunanidhi headed DMK, he joined AIADMK soon after Tamil Nadu chief Minister M G Ramachandran formed it.

  • He became chairman of Periyakulam Municipality in 1996. After five years, i.e. in 2001, he won his first assembly elections as AIADMK candidate from Periyakulam constituency. He was offered the post of Revenue Minister in Jayalalithaa’s cabinet.  

  • He became Interim Chief Minister for the first time on 21st September 2001 when Jayalalithaa was convicted in the TANSI land scam. On his first serving for 6 months period, his government was widely criticized as a ‘puppet government’ managed by Jayalalithaa.

  • After 6 months i. e on 1st March 2002, he took the position of the Public Works, Prohibition & Excise in Jayalalithaa’s cabinet.

  • In May 2006, after AIADMK lost the elections to DMK, he served as a leader of AIADMK legislature party and Leader of Opposition in the assembly briefly for about two weeks as it was Jayalalithaa’s decision of not attending the assembly. After the suspension of all the AIADMK legislators by the speaker, Jayalalithaa had to change her decision. OPS thus handed over the charges back to her.

  • In 2011, when AIADMK was back in power, he was selected as Finance Minister in Jayalalithaa’s cabinet.

  • Became the interim Chief Minister for the second time on 29th September 2014 when Jayalalithaa was the main convict in the disproportionate assets case. As a matter of respect for his mentor Jayalalithaa, he refused to sit in CM’s room and also denied for any undue police security.

  • On 22nd May 2015, she was acquitted in the case by the court and thus OPS again had to make way for his mentor. Thereafter, O Panneerselvam joined the finance and public works department.

  • He was then appointed as the Finance Minister in Jayalalithaa’s cabinet in 2016.

  • O Panneerselvam was the first chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from ‘thevar’ community which is considered as one of the largest and most loyal vote banks of AIADMK.

  • On 7th February 2017, he took Tamil Nadu’s political spectrum in a storm when he declared on Marina Beach that he had been forced to resign by a section of AIADMK. Sasikala expelled OPS from the post of treasurer of AIADMK

  • After meeting the Governor Vidyasagar Rao, OPS have said that – “the right thing will happen. Justice will be delivered and the truth will prevail”.

Now, the supreme court verdict in Jaya asset case have accused V.K.Sasikala, J. Ilavarasi and V.N. Sudhakaran, let us see how this political drama unfolds!