Monday, August 7, 2017

Must- have Chrome extensions and apps that will improve your Google Chrome Browser Experience

Chrome extensions

Chrome today has taken up a considerable portion of our attention today in such a way that we cannot think of a single day without using chrome. We are in front of the computer and not using chrome is something we cannot think about. In such a situation remaining updated with a user-friendly browsing experience condition to remain most updated and advanced in your searches. Chrome is ever advancing with a variety of useful extensions to make your work smoother and easier which is the main purpose of a PC.

What are extensions?

Extensions are nothing but small software applications that provide the developers and designers with enhanced and modified the work experience of the chrome browser. Here are some very useful extensions to make your Chrome browsing experience a remembering one.


With this extension, you can easily measure your screen dimensions at a go. You can simply activate the extension and start measuring. You can make the most out of this extension since it is packed with the all new graphical UI mock-up.  So enjoy the handiest and easiest tool ever:
  • It can easily measure all kinds of images, buttons, elements, input-fields, videos, gifs, text and icons seamlessly.
  • You can also add a Keyboard shortcut to enable and disable Dimensions at the end of the extensions.
  • Dimension is a Github Hosted Open Source.

Page Ruler

When you need some help with margins and padding, a must have measurement is highly substantial despite all the rems and ems. Gauging the height, width, and position of the page is very easy by just pulling out a ruler on the page with the help of the Page Ruler extension.
  • By dragging of the ruler you can place it anywhere on the page and measure the uniformity of the length, position, and width.
  • You can resize the page by dragging the ruler edges.
  • Manual updating option available for the ruler.
  • Customization in over 10 languages.
Window resize

Work perfectly on one aspect with this single functional extension. In order to follow various kinds of resolutions on the browser window this extension reserves the capacity to resize it.
  • These layouts can be easily tested on varied browser resolutions by the web developers.
  • List of fully customizable resolutions available.
  • You are also open to Customized Global Key shortcuts.

Robots Vs Humans

Viewing robot texts and human texts are made easier with the help of this extension which allows them to scrap for extreme superiority.
  • The presence of robot text or human text in a website is easily pointed out.
  • Shows you the human texts and robot texts files.

Extensions like these smoothen the browsing and management experience in Chrome very much. They are tested for performance to best suit practical functioning and suitability factor. In the due course of development, every extension is modified based on the need faced by experienced designers and developers to influence the smoother functioning of Google Chrome for your projects.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What your lip shape says about your personality

Lip Shape

Till date you have heard that eyes speak about your nature, your smile determines the kind of person you are but have you ever come across the fact that lips are a great ‘personality describer’?

Yes, it's true. According to researchers, there are 6 different types of lips which speak about 6 different personality traits in humans.
Feeling eager to know about them?
Let’s check’ em out.

Full lips

One with fuller lips might feel proud, which is very obvious since she is blessed with one of the most envied lip types. The possessor of such lips abreast of being very generous and confident is also quite charming and go getter in their particular field. They value relationships and tend to put them forward in any condition even sacrificing their own side. They are ones who can be easily counted upon in times of need. It is also said that full lipped women make good mothers.

Thin Lips

Who doesn’t want to be self-sufficient in their lives? How if this trait is God blessed in some people? Those with thin lips tend to be self-sufficient in their lives. They complete every drop of thing that they undertake with ultimate dedication as well. Another important trait that these people carry is being capable of managing things by themselves perfectly without being attached to or clinging to anybody. They balance well between relationships but don’t become over engrossed with them.

Lips with defined cupid bow

People with this type of lip shape are absolutely great in communicating with others and can easily captivate you with their super creative skill. But they tend to sometimes land in trouble due to their unnecessary talking in different situations which need to be checked. Side by side to these qualities the cupid bow lip people are extremely romantic and glamorous. Intelligence and quick wit is something that these people possess naturally.

Lips with undefined cupid bow

How emotional you are can be marked from your lip type since those who have no defined cupid bow tend to be very emotional and even to that extent that they lose the capacity of drawing lines and putting limits. Not to conclude that they jump into a decision without considering the good and bad. But worthy to mention that these people tend to be highly responsible in whatever they undertake.

Middle lips plumper

People of this lip type are top to bottom performers. This statement won’t be wrong at all while you define the Middle lips plumper category of people. They always love to be in the spotlight and end up doing so in every situation. They are highly dramatic in relationships and never like to be alone.

Wide lips

Wide lips actually reflect the brightness of the smile and the openness of their mind. These types of people tend to bring brightness in the room with their glowing smile. They are the friend in deed whom everybody actually needs in this complicated world. They are highly optimistic and the center of attraction since they can take up the conversation to really captivating level.

Started gazing at the mirror to match your lips with your personality trait? Whatever your trait is you should never forget to carry it with a smile since smile could bring wonders to the relationship in any situation.