Are we missing BIGG BOSS 2 contestants

BIGG BOSS 2 Tamil is an entertainment show that kept us hooked to our televisions from 9.00PM to 10.30 PM every day for almost 100+ days.

With just 1 day left for BIGG BOSS 2 Finale, are we missing the contestants already?
Aishwarya Dutta, Riythvika, Janani Iyer and Vijayalakshmi Feroz have made it to the finale and the results will be out on Sunday.
Are we going to miss the contestants? Not really! Tune in to Vijay TV and we’d see them all! Here's what BIGG BOSS 2 contestants would do after the finale! 
Ananth VaidyanathanWe would see him in Super Singer seasons as a voice expert anyways!
Ramya NSKCan we expect her to be one of the judges or special panel or trainer for Super Singer seasons?
Janani IyerAhan! Let’s watch her 'Thegidi' movie in repeat mode!
MumtazShe’d be the judge in dance reality shows. What do you say? Occasionally, we may even see her in Vijay TV's cooking shows?
Daniel Annie PopeCan we forget ‘Romba sumar moonji Kumaru’? Vijay TV will telecast 'I…

Ooty Holiday | Chennai to Ooty | Things to do in Ooty in July

A much-needed break for us (Me and my husband)! We were excited about our first trip to Ooty. I took the responsibility to plan the entire trip and managed the finances (Uffff… such a great relief for my hubby). I did a little bit of research in Wikipedia and read some reviews and knew that the Ooty temperature and Ooty climate wouldn’t cooperate with us in the month of July! Considering the lesser number of tourists, we booked our Ooty trip through MakeMyTrip.
Why did we choose MakeMyTrip?Easy planningAmazing offers and best dealsTotal packageEasy to customizeGood customer serviceTrouble-free planning It would have been easy to manage our travel from Chennai to Ooty but we choose MakeMyTrip to manage our travel and plan the things to do in Ooty. We were impressed with the offers and discounts provided by MakeMyTrip on the overall tour package. They gave us the best deals on good hotels in Ooty. They took care of the flight booking and made arrangements for the cab and hotel. It was …

Kiwifruit and fresh mango smoothie shake to make at home

Hello, you lovely people!
It’s quite some time since I blogged and today, I decided to share a delicious shake recipe that I made at home.
It’s good to eat fruits in summer and I love to make healthy shakes with fruits. Today, I had 3 kiwi fruits and few mangoes in my kitchen so I decided to make refreshing kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie.
Why Kiwi fruit in summer?
Kiwi is low in calories, fat, and sugar. They are fiber-rich fruit enriched with vitamins and minerals. They are good for diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and it decreases the risk of obesity.
Kiwifruit is highly recommended for Healthy looking skinTo improve sleepReduce the risk of kidney stonesLower blood pressurePrevent constipation What are the healthy ways to add mangoes to your diet? The fruit is rich in fiber. They can be added to your morning salad or you can make fresh juices or smoothies. This tropical fruit is free from fat, sodium, and cholesterol. They have more than 20 vitamins and minerals making it the b…

Dear Writers, Know your Worth

Today, Episode of Experience turns 2. I always feel that words are the best way to express emotions. I write when I’m happy, I write when I’m sad and I write when I’m depressed. Writing according to me is a great stress buster. Writing has now become my habit! I started writing diaries in the year 2005 and started blogging in the year 2010 where I had no idea of what actually blogging is. So, do I have an idea now? Well, not really! I’m one of the luckiest person to pursue my dream! Yes, I have made my passion as my career. Yes, I have chosen blogging as a career.  As a content writer and blogger, I feel more responsible and expressive. What’s the role of writers in today’s society? Today, Yesterday or Tomorrow, Writers play a very important role in everyday life. There’s a writer behind every news that we read or hear, There’s a writer behind every brochure or pamphlet that we read. There’s a writer behind everything that goes viral on the internet. Internet would have been nothing without…

Must- have Chrome extensions and apps that will improve your Google Chrome Browser Experience

Chrome today has taken up a considerable portion of our attention today in such a way that we cannot think of a single day without using chrome. We are in front of the computer and not using chrome is something we cannot think about. In such a situation remaining updated with a user-friendly browsing experience condition to remain most updated and advanced in your searches. Chrome is ever advancing with a variety of useful extensions to make your work smoother and easier which is the main purpose of a PC.
What are extensions?
Extensions are nothing but small software applications that provide the developers and designers with enhanced and modified the work experience of the chrome browser. Here are some very useful extensions to make your Chrome browsing experience a remembering one.
With this extension, you can easily measure your screen dimensions at a go. You can simply activate the extension and start measuring. You can make the most out of this extension since it is packe…

What your lip shape says about your personality

Till date you have heard that eyes speak about your nature, your smile determines the kind of person you are but have you ever come across the fact that lips are a great ‘personality describer’?

Yes, it's true. According to researchers, there are 6 different types of lips which speak about 6 different personality traits in humans. Feeling eager to know about them? Let’s check’ em out.

Full lips

One with fuller lips might feel proud, which is very obvious since she is blessed with one of the most envied lip types. The possessor of such lips abreast of being very generous and confident is also quite charming and go getter in their particular field. They value relationships and tend to put them forward in any condition even sacrificing their own side. They are ones who can be easily counted upon in times of need. It is also said that full lipped women make good mothers.

Thin Lips
Who doesn’t want to be self-sufficient in their lives? How if this trait is God blessed in some people? Those …

9 Useful Laundry Hacks to make your cleaning easy

Idea 1 – Drying your clothes, the best laundry hacks

Is cold weather and rains bothering the piles of clothes? Having loads of clothes to dry causes a lot of inconveniences but here is a quick washing machine hack that will remove excess moisture from clothes.

Once washing is done, spin you washing machine for 10 minutes (In dryer/spin mode) with a dry towel. The towel will suck the moisture leaving your clothes dry.

Idea 2 – Messy, greasy, oil stains on clothes

Oh, God! What would you do if your favorite shirt has oil stains? A piece of chalk comes to your rescue. Simply rub the chalk on the oil stain and wash them. The stains will disappear just like magic.

Idea 3 – No more Inky, inky dresses!

Ink stains on clothes are a big task for mothers. Use a hair spray or hand sanitizer on the stubborn ink stains, leave it for few minutes and wash them. The stains are just gone!

Idea 4 – Did you hurt yourself? Why’s the blood stain?

When there are stains of blood on your clothes, do not use a dete…

9 Simple And Easy Household Cleaning Hacks that will make your day effortless

DIY Idea 1 - Get rid of that oil and grease stains on your stove! Add few drops of mineral oil/vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub it over the stains. The stains will disappear in a minute. Use a damp cloth and clean the stove. DIY Idea 2 - Cleaning your Tupperware and Signoraware From kids to Adults, everyone uses Tupperware and Signoraware products. However, cleaning them is a big task. Try this simple trick to get rid of the stubborn stains in your Tupperware and signoraware products. Take dish wash soap and water to the Tupperware/ Signoraware, add a pinch of baking powder and microwave them for 5 minutes. Wash them with regular water. DIY Idea 3 - The vodka trick Bringing in liquor home is not bad all time! Keep your mattress bacteria free with the vodka spray. Fill Vodka in an empty perfume bottle and spray them on the mattress and leave it aside for few hours. The bacteria-free mattress is yours now! DIY Idea 4 - No more nail polish stains on the floor Do not panic if your drop the …