'BlackBerry' Episode Ends in 2016 - The Way Forward for BlackBerry

Blackberry Android based Phone PRIV with QWERTY keyboard

It’s a sad day for serious businessman standing next to you typing away emails on his BlackBerry phone while you hurl up the building in an elevator. In Late September 2016, BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced that BlackBerry will no longer invest in developing its own hardware for mobile devices. Like Nokia, BlackBerry has failed to hold its own ground against giants like android and iOS. According to estimates, BlackBerry was able to sell close to only 400000 handsets while it needed to sell at least 3 million handsets every quarter to stay afloat.

BlackBerry saw its rise to fame with iconic BlackBerry Bold phone model with emphasis on Security, Enhanced emailing functions and a big display. It was leaps and bounds ahead of the then market leader, Nokia. Like iOS devices, BlackBerry chose to keep its operating system limited to their own hardware. The masses also loved the QWERTY keyboard which was a revelation at that time in mobile devices. Then came the solid construction and exclusivity of buying a phone which was built for business. It was an Instant hit among the corporate sector.

What BlackBerry did not anticipate was the need to innovate, embracing new technology and evolving the time. Android although a late starter, had the benefit of being open source, light enough to run on old hardware while powerful enough to leverage processing of high-end hardware. It also catered to devices which were not made by google. This was the operating system which was free to use, modify and run on hardware of choice. Android became the choice of operating system for big names wanting to enter the mobile market and have a chunk of the mobile computing space revenue. By the time BlackBerry realized this, it was already too late to the party.

BlackBerry produced their first Android-based smartphone PRIV standing for PRIVACY and trying to lure consumers by the nostalgia of a full physical QWERTY keyboard along with an On-screen touch keyboard. What BlackBerry did not get right was the price. Other manufacturers were producing better hardware at a much lower price and offering the same features. From then on, BlackBerry's downward spiral started with devices which were not received favorably by consumers.

BlackBerry has realized that it now no longer is the leader for producing handsets which are cost effective and feature rich. So John Chen has decided to outsource the hardware division to OEM (original equipment manufacturers). BlackBerry will now only concentrate on software since software makes up for 50% of its quarterly revenue.

BlackBerry’s decision to shift to a Software only company is a prudent one and a step towards making it a profitable company again. They should concentrate on providing the same user experience, enterprise security and business capability on android phones. I am sure many would not mind to paying for a robust software suite and security patches for android phones which are more often than not, updated by the manufacturers. Some versions do not even receive security patches to patch critical security flaws. They can also innovate to run a secured version of android on existing android phones. Enterprise security and Enterprise email are other sections which BlackBerry should work on to improve their revenue.

BlackBerry is now at a fork. At one time it was the leader. Now, it has merely reduced to a company struggling to find its own footing and personality in the cut-throat market of mobile and mobile OS. We certainly hope that BlackBerry makes prudent decisions and saves itself from becoming a second Nokia!

Top 10 Horror movies of 2016

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Pic Courtesy - YouTube
This year was full of horror movies, whether sequels or remakes all made you jump out from your seats. They were scary, terrifying, mysterious and intensely thrilling. So, as the year comes to an end, turn off your lights and enjoy the power packed horror films which you probably might have missed!    

Here’s the list of the best Horror movies of 2016 which is worth watching if you love the suspense and thriller:

1.       Don’t hang up: Co-directed by Damien Mace & Alexis Wajsbrot, this film is about the drunken teenage pranksters and how their life became a nightmare when a mysterious stranger turns their own game against them.
2.       Split: After a birthday party three girls are kidnapped by a troubled Kevin who has a rare case of 23 split personalities and how the girls try to escape from him. Directed and Written by M. Night Shyamalan and actors like James McAvoy has given the best performance in this movie till date making the movie full of suspense and thriller.
3.       Train to Busan: This movie is about how the passengers struggle to survive in a train from Seoul to Busan when the Zombie virus breaks out in South Korea. The Zombies here are fast, deadly and merciless; and most of the action is in the bullet train which creates tension, drama, suspense among the audience.  
4.       The Conjuring 2: Under the James Wan direction, the sequel to the first part released in 2013 has been excellent and will make you jump out the seats! From camera work to the brilliant performances by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilsons, this movie delivers on all fronts. It narrates the story of the poor family in England which are tormented by the spirit and contacted Warrens to come to their assistance.
5.       The Wailing: This movie is about a mysterious stranger who comes to a small village in South Korea and the village is plagued by sickness. When the daughter of the Police Officer shows the sign of sickness, it becomes personal and forced to solve the mystery. Under the direction of Hong-Jin Na, the movie has humor, horror, and supernatural drama making it more engaging and interesting.
6.       10 Cloverfield Lane: A woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is involved in a car crash and finds herself in an underground bunker with Howard (John Goodman) and a farmer named Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) claiming that the outside world is affected by some sort of chemical disasters. It creates a claustrophobic experience among audience making it more intense and suspense thriller.
7.       Don’t Breathe: A group of teens plans to break a local Blind man’s house to steal his money not knowing that they’re not the predators but the victims!! What unfolds is full of thriller twist and turns. Directed by Fede Alvarez, the film is purely cinematic with fewer dialogues and more on visual storytelling is worth watching.  
8.       Green Room: This movie directed by Jeremy Saulnier is fantastic, tense and entertaining. A group of poor friends made a band and unknowingly performs at neo-nazi commune and witnesses a murder making this movie violent and grim!  
9.       Under the Shadow: A woman and her child lives alone in Tehran in the later years of Iran-Iraq war and just before they experience the bombing, a mysterious malevolent supernatural force enters their home. The filmmaker has crafted intensely terrifying and emotionally charged nightmare for the audience and it’s a must watch!
10.   The Autopsy of Jane Doe: The film is about the Cox and Hirsch coroners who play the role of father and son. They receive mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death and the autopsy discloses weird and creepy secrets about Jane Doe make this movie a well-crafted cinematic masterpiece.

Saturday! New Year Eve! Where to Party?

Two more days to go for the great New year party! All party lovers, here are interesting parties hosted across Chennai. Get your passes and enjoy the Saturday night party to welcome 2017.

Where? Vaibhav Villa, Babbar Farms, Golden Beach Bay View Resort, Chennai
How much?
VIP couple pass : Rs. 4499
Couple pass:  Rs. 3150
Stag: Rs. 2499
Ladies: Rs. 1349
Children: Rs. 499
Who is the Dj? DJ Kishy
What is Special? All the categories will be provided with buffet dinner, unlimited liquor and unlimited bar snacks. Other facilities like games, dance performances, separate kids play zone, photo booth, and much more are also available.
Where and whom to contact?
Tickets available at: +91 75022 21333, +91 44 48521133
Added inclusive: Apart from all this, you will also be able to enjoy dance performance from a limited dance company Limited Edition, Thrill Veera - A Guinness world record holder and M.C - Angel Mark.

Where? Fortel Hotel, Mixx Pub, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore, Ansari Estate, Chennai
How much?
Stag: Rs. 2500
Couple: Rs. 3500
Angel: Rs. 1500
Who is the DJ? DJ BOSSZ, DJ SANZ and DJ NESZ
What is Special? Enjoy unlimited domestic liquor or draught beer, unlimited veg and non veg starters, unlimited mocktails or canned juice followed with mineral water and soft drinks also. Apart from this you can also enjoy live performances with dance styles like kuthu, bollywood, hip hop and much more for a perfect New Year 2017 party.
Where and whom to contact?
Tickets available at: 9176142421, 8148974297
Added inclusive: Apart from a party, you can also win amazing gifts and the new year countdown by “Romba Sumar Munji Kumar”, a well known actor. The dress code to followed according to the pub rules.


Where? Hotel V7, Porur, Opp to Ramachandra medical college, Chennai
How much?
Stag and Couples: Rs. 2999
Girls: Walk in for free
Who are the Djs? DJ Maddy, DJ Rukman and DJ Smith
What is Special? Have great fun with unlimited liquor and unlimited veg and non veg starters.
Where and whom to contact?
Ticket available at: 7823970617, 7823970619, 7823970615
For Girls free entrance, message to:
Cheers 2k17 Your Name to 9551955735
Added inclusives: With all the amazing unlimited menus, you can also win amazing gifts like holiday vouchers, free tattoos and the best dressed boy and girl would get a free photo portfolio shoot by Mike Settu Studios.

Where? Bella Ciao, Lakshman Perumal Nagar, Kaveri Nagar, 4 Shree Krishna Enclave, Kottivakkam, Chennai
How much?
Couple: Rs. 3500
Stag: Rs. 2500
Lady: Rs. 1000
Who are the Djs? DJ Uddhav and K.I.D.D
What is Special? The New year 2017 party allows you to have Italian and Thai dinner buffets where Thai buffet is served with live cooking. Along with this, you are also given complimentary drinks and goody bags.
Where and whom to contact?
Tickets available at: 044 24511130
Added inclusives: The event also includes other attractions like firecrackers, mid night lucky draw, all night dancing, open air dancing and much more.

Saturnalia - New year 2017 party

Where? Elixir Lounge Bar, Express Avenue, Royapettah, Express Estate, Chennai
How much?
Early bird offer till 25th dec -
Stag: Rs.2999
couple: Rs. 3999
After 25th Dec
Stag:Rs. 3499
Couple: Rs. 4999
Girls: Walk in free
Who are the Djs? DJ D-nash and DJ gouty
What is Special? Guests would be served with unlimited domestic liquor and unlimited starters, while the girls would also be served with unlimited drinks.
Where and whom to contact?
Tickets available at:
9884284007 and 9600014314
Added inclusive: Other attractions are live music, LED walls, red carpet photography, free props, countdown, lucky draws and much more.

Madrazi Swag 2017

Where? VGP Golden Beach Resort, Injambakkam, Chennai
How much?
Price: Couple: Rs. 4999
Stag: Rs. 2999
Female: Rs. 1999
Who are the Djs? DJ Hussy and DJ Ajay
What is Special? The new year 2017 party bash brings for you unlimited liquor along with unlimited starters followed by buffet dinner.
Where and whom to contact?
Tickets available at:
9962229966, 9940489096, 9840106688
Added inclusive: You can also enjoy a separate area for couples and female for dancing. Items like live music, fire dance by Limbo Kesavan and other performances by Raack academy.

Panthers Year 2K17 - the biggest new year 2017 party eve

Where? Hotel Dee Cee Manor, T Nagar, Parthasarathi Puram, 90, G.N.Chetty Road, Near Jeeva Park, Chennai
How much?
Couple: Rs. 3499
Stag: Rs. 2499
Girls: free entry
Who are the Djs? DJ Herk, DJ Darren and DJ Psytron - the DJ warriors
What is Special? Enjoy the night with unlimited liquor and veg or non veg starters, limited shots for girls and couples and unlimited veg and non veg dinner with the clashing DJ music.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
Added inclusive: Live music and dancing an dc much more to entertain with the biggest new year event.

Where? Quality Inn Sabari, ZERO DEGREE, T Nagar, Parthasarathi Puram, Chennai
How much?
Couple : Rs. 4000
Angel: Rs. 2000
Stag: Rs. 2500
Who are the Djs? DJ Loke, DJ Esan and DJ San
What is special? The new year 2017 party allows serves you with unlimited domestic liquor and unlimited veg and non veg starters followed by a buffet dinner.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
044 4904 3030
Added inclusive: Lice music and dance floor, games to win, exciting red carpet, photo shoot for the best dresses and much more.

Cheers - new year 2017 party

Where? Hotel Grand Palace , No.257, G.S.T. Road, Near MIT Gate, Chrompet, Chennai
How much?
Single rate for everyone - Rs. 2499
Who is the DJ? DJ Prajen
What is Special? The party serves you with unlimited liquor and cocktails and hot drinks followed with buffet dinner.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
8939380380, 9994020866, 9940322437
Added inclusive: Dance on the music along with various games and other entertainment programs.

Where? 154, Velachery Main Road, Velachery, TN Police Housing Colony, Chennai
How much?
Couple: Rs. 5999
Single Lady: Rs. 2999
Who are the Djs? DJ KNJN with VJ Rochelle
What is special? The new year 2017 party here allows you unlimited liquor which includes Morpheus brandy, Bacardi White / Old cask, Absolut vodka, Jacob’s Creek wine, beer etc. You are also allowed 2 veg and 2 non veg starters along with a buffet dinner. There are also exclusive rooms provided for party guests.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
8608 55 1111, 8608994444, 7448901111
Added inclusive: The event also entertains you with live music and several games to win.

Mashup 2K17

Where? 55/31, Marina Inn, Egmore, Chennai
How much?
Couple: Rs. 2599
Stag: Rs. 1699
Girls: Rs. 1099
Who are the DJs? DJ Magh and DJ Baleey
What is special? The party serves unlimited drinks, liquor and veg and non veg starters to the pass holders. After this, a lavishing buffet dinner will also be available. All the party people would be also given glow sticks.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
9940857291, 9677218580
Added inclusive: The event provides you with live music mashup and fusions from selective songs from Bollywood, Kollywood and Hollywood.

Where? Hotel Abu Sarovar, Portico, Purasaiwakkam, Chennai
How much?
Price: Couple: Rs. 2499
Single entry: Rs. 2499
Family entry: Rs. 3999 ( 2 adults and 2 kids)
Girls: Walk in free with prior registration
Who are the DJs?: DJ Krishna, DJ Kunal, DJ Raja and DJ Rineesh
What is special? The new year 2017 party provides you with not only amazing music but also with unlimited food and beverages.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
044 6625 2525
Added inclusive: The event also offers live visuals, live dhow and a separate play area for your children.

Hottest NYE PARTY 2017

Where? Kipling Cafe 16, L Jey Avenue, Akkarai, East Coast Road, Chennai
How much?
Price: Stag: Rs. 4500
Couple: Rs. 6500
Who are the DJs? DJ Navz and DJ Deepika
What is special? The event gives you the privilege of unlimited liquor and starters. The Fire cracker show, Photo both, Private cabanas are followed with a delicious buffet dinner for all the guests.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
Added inclusive: You can get amazing experience of audio visual performance, musics on hip hop, bollywood, Hollywood and other regional folks along with videos. The event venue also gives you an amazing sea face roof view for private celebrations up to 40 people.

Insomnia 2017
Where? The Pride Hotel, 216 E V R Periyar Salai, Near Sangam Cinema, Kilpauk, Chennai
How much?
Price: Couple: Rs. 1999
Stag: Rs. 1999
Single girls: Rs. 999 (early bird discount available)
What is special? The guests would be served with unlimited liquor, unlimited starters and unlimited food followed by a melodious musical DJ night.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
9884663663, 9677210647, 9176585626
Added inclusive: Along with fabulous music, the viewers will get the benefit of fashion show, pool side view, cake cutting, eager full countdown, delightful fireworks and much more.

Carnation NYE 17
Where? Feathers -A, Radha Hotel,Chennai
How much?
Price: Couples: Rs. 3499
Stag: Rs. 3499
Girls: Rs. 1999
Who are the DJs? DJ Zen, DJ Gowtham, DJ Amjad and DJ Yogi
What is Special? The new year 2017 party would serve you with beverages like Ballentines Whisky, Absolut Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Beefeater Gin, British Empire Brandy, Jacob's Creek Red & White Wine, British Empire Beer and much more. Along with this you would also be able to have the mouth watering veg and non veg starters ending with a buffet dinner.
Who and where to contact?
Tickets available at:
91 9791196708, 9791196712, 9791196751
Added inclusive: Along with all this, the guests will also be able to enjoy the professional dance performance, LED visuals, countdown, etc.
With just two more days to go, if you have not booked the party passes yet, book them now!

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