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Tailoring is the most important part of every wedding; Make it interesting and easy for your tailor to design your wedding blouse. Here are mind-blowing blouse ideas from Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone!

Few months before my wedding I started browsing through fashion magazines, papers and booklets to decide the best wedding blouse. It is every girl’s dream to have a perfect wedding blouse stitched and so as mine! Having overloaded with so many arrangements, we hardly spend time in deciding the best wedding blouses. Do we get time to finalize a blouse design? I really doubt! Sarees are mandatory for weddings as they talk about our culture and custom but choosing the right blouse design makes it look trendy and neat.  I say “Sarees are the sexiest attire for a woman that reveals her perfect figure”. Do you agree? I’m sure most of you would! When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding blouse, you need to decide them by yourself as your personal choice of fashion differs from others. When I was searching for trendy blouse ideas, I thought of choosing fashion and lifestyle of my favorite Bollywood diva, Deepika Padukone. She is widely known in Bollywood for her dress

Are we killing our humanity in the name of social media publicity?

Social media is overloaded with personal pictures, group pictures, selfies and memes. Age doesn’t really matter to be on social networking sites. School kids, college children, teenagers and even senior citizen have been crazy about social media. I wake up from bed by checking the number of notifications and friend request on the famous social media! All our day to day activities are updated as status on social networking platform. It didn’t matter to be until recently! It was during the time of Chennai floods, I realised how helpful these social media’s are and on the other hand it also made me realise how we are killing humanity in the name of social media publicity. Sites like Facebook and Twitter were the only point of contact to get help when the mobile networks were down throughout Chennai. There were people who really worked hard to help the victims and to provide them with best assistance that they could! While that is something we need to feel proud of! It was du

Sharpen you cooking skills! It helps you to impress elders at home!

Just like my husband, his friends at the office were also craving for home cooked food so whatever I prepared was always loved by everyone! I would admit that my cooking is not worst! Due to the appreciations and applauds received, I learnt different dishes and never hesitate to try anything new anytime. My husband always feels happy about home-made food so I kept improving my cooking skills day after day! I never had passion towards cooking until I got married and had to manage food for myself and my husband. Having stayed away from home for almost eight years, my husband never complains home food! So, he never complains my cooking, in fact, I receive a lot of appreciation for my ‘trial’ cooking from my husband and his office mates. I hardly get an opportunity to cook food for my in-laws as we stay away from them but luckily I got a chance when they stayed in our place for few days. Though I was a bit scared to prepare food, I had no other choice as they were my guests an

Has anyone realized the fights that happen during your wedding? The Silly fights before and during the wedding! There are even ideas to avoid the fights!

Raise your hands if your wedding was full of tension and confusion! It’s not just you, but almost everyone has a hectic preparation for their big day. Some walk with a cool head but most of them (including me) turn everything upside down! The wedding has a lot of things to do, you need to plan, prepare, understand, discuss and do a lot more things. Wedding preparations are not done by a single person. It involves more than one person. For my wedding while my mom took the role of the planner, my dad was the financier and executor, my sister was the designer and I took the role of a purchaser!!! I don’t know why I had so many silly fights during my wedding preparations. It might be because of my short temper or fear of getting married. I’m sure most of you might have experienced the same fear and would have fought with your close one! Here is a list of fights that are common (Just for laughs)!!! The first fight begins with your boss – You definitely need at

Best wedding guest!!! Is it necessary to be the ‘best wedding guest’? Do you want to be a perfect wedding guest?

Photo Courtesy - Aren’t you surprised with the term ‘Being the best wedding guest’? When the wedding organizers take efforts to make a wedding a grand occasion, we the visitors/guest/attendees of the wedding should also take care of us to be the best wedding guest! This helps the organizers to have a happy time! The main of being the best wedding guest is to win the hearts of people around you. In fact, you may not know who is watching you! If you have been thinking that wedding is only for sexy outfits, flirting, having fun, showing off your new jewelry and costumes, you need to change your mind and think of others who are ‘eyeing’ you! Be a good wedding guest and win the hearts of bride and groom family. Accept their invitation and please respond Due to time constraints most of them prefer posting the invitations through post office (I think, we remember post office only during special occasions). Others even prefer courier and speed post which

Temple Dress Code: What it Means to You, Exploring the Reasons Behind the Rule!

Is it important to discuss the debate in making 'temple dress code' a mandate in temples across Tamil Nadu? This debate started in 2005 when Sri Arunagirinatha Paramacharya Swami , the spiritual leader from Madurai Adheenam, expressed his views on proper temple dress code for women visiting temples. According to him, following a dress code would bring Bhakti (spiritualism) in their minds. When PMDS (Pashchim Maharashtra Devashtan Samiti) made it a mandate to visit Mahalakshmi Temple in a proper temple dress code, it urged the association members of temples across India to implement the same rule. Later, Mumba Devi temple in Mumbai also followed a dress code. But do clothes have any relevance to spirituality? This story has two sides. While few of them encourage temple dress code, others don’t. Here are some interesting answers to the questions that you more often hear. What Dress Codes Are Preferred in Indian Temples? Traditional attire respec

Have you got a crazy shopping habit? Here’s how to save money and shop wisely (Conditions Apply)

Heading to the nearest shopping mall had been my hobby for almost 3 years. Interestingly, instead of making a ‘list of things to buy’, I would make a ‘list of things NOT to BUY’! And obviously, there is no question of HOW to SAVE MONEY? Today, I have controlled my shopping habits, saved more and I have also bought a new House. Crazy shopping habits - A burden for the wallet Though my husband insists me to prepare a list and buy ONLY the things I needed, I end up buying everything that’s attractive, adorable and most importantly NEW. I don’t stop adding things to my shopping cart till the last item on the cart is billed. Thanks to the smartly designed cash counters in all shopping malls and supermarket. The sweetest and cutest things are kept near the counter so that shopaholics like me pick one or two items randomly without a second thought! I remember the days I’ve mistaken flavoured condoms for chewing gums (picked up 3 packs). And dog biscuit for imported cookies. And my ti

5 Years Married and Not Pregnant: Don't judge a woman on her ability to get pregnant

The first year goes on without many questions... Then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5 years completed and still no signs of pregnancy! Many questions unanswered and most questions ignored! Hiding away from reality, managing it wisely. Free advice and pregnancy tips from everyone who meets the eligibility criteria (Eligibility: get pregnant immediately after marriage or after multiple failed attempts). That’s my life for the past FIVE years in the eyes of others… To me, my life is happier, compatibility with my husband has increased, lots of love, new friends, new job, a lot of appreciations, new responsibility, my own dream home and a lot of savings. And this goes unnoticed because I’m still not pregnant! Nothing has changed in the past few years I’ve known a lot of my friends and cousins who got married and got pregnant immediately after their wedding. I’m invited to a lot of baby shower functions and first birthday parties! I visit most of them and avoid a few of them! Intentionally

What to take to the beach vacation

B-E-A-C-H!!! Since my childhood, I have woke up to the sound of noisy waves and the smell of the sea. Having lived in Chennai for almost 25 years, I can randomly judge if the sea is rough or normal by the noises I hear. My house is just a few meters away from the sea and a quick jump to my terrace would give me a clear view of the beautiful, calm sea in the morning! To me, Going to THE BEACH is just a casual occasion and not a BEACH VACATION! Whenever there are guests at home, we take them to the beach. And not to forget the homemade sweets and savouries. What to take to the beach? I've never thought about it! A casual visit to the beach would include a can of fresh drinking water, a napkin, a blanket, some beach toys, snacks and that's all! I can just visit the beach every morning and evening and sometimes even at nights! The fresh morning rays, the waves, the purest sand and the cold evening breeze is soothing and relaxing. Is Beach vacation your dream? Do yo