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Wedding favours why? Who? What? Where? Explained!

The whole world is aware of the wedding favour and its tradition This tradition was followed centuries ago to thank the guests who have blessed them during the special occasion. In olden Hindu’s mythology, it is said that guests are considered as God’s who come down to the earth to bless the couple and hence, few auspicious gifts were given to them as a favour for their blessing and the time. Mostly, traditional items like flowers, coconut, turmeric and kumkum were preferred as auspicious return gifts. Later, the concept of return gifts and wedding favours has changed and people started looking for expensive and artistic items for return gifts. The tradition of wedding favours does not stick only with the Indian Mythology but it has a major role in European culture too.  Guests in France and Italy received Sugar delicacies which represent the symbol of wealth and royalty. The sugar delicacies were placed in trinket boxes which were expensive and made of metal or porcelain

Take your wedding preparations to the digital world! Mobile Apps to plan your wedding!

You can do almost everything with the mobile devices, why not plan and make arrangements for your wedding using mobile apps? The developers have come up with exciting applications that help  you to plan your wedding in a digital way! Wedding preparations, planning the budget can be one of the hardest tasks ever but if you have an application that works as a guide with every step, it will be easy for you to plan and make changes as and when needed. Every girl’s dream wedding is possible with the wedding application that is available in apple stores and play stores. There are different applications that have different features and all the applications help you to simplify the wedding preparations. There are also mobile games related to the wedding that you can play and enjoy which will help you to stay relaxed during the busy preparation. Here are few android apps that will help you to plan your wedding the digital way! Our wedding planner This is a simple applicati

Why should you take bath after attending a funeral? Revealing the myth and the truth!

During summer vacations, I used to visit my grandparents who lived in a small village near Tirunelveli. My grandfather’s house is well ventilated with a big garden where fruits and vegetables are grown and it also has a cowshed and a hen shelter. Most of the vegetables were grown at home and the milk is fetched from our own cow! The kitchen was isolated from the bedrooms and the bathroom and toilet were located at the rear end of the house which had two separate entrances, one from inside the house and the other from the road. So, one need not come inside the house to access the bathrooms! I often asked my granny about the kitchen and she used to say that the smoke shouldn’t get into the bedroom and that’s why it is isolated! She had a point! I understood! When I asked about the double entry for the bathroom she said “Grandpa uses the separate entrance after attending a funeral”. She always says that the spirit of the dead comes along with the person who attends their funeral

Packing My Bag with a Stranger's Dress

   "Do you want this suitcase?" My dad asked, pointing at a suitcase displayed at the store. I nodded in acceptance! A brown Safari suitcase, huge enough to carry dresses for a month, easy to pull, drag, and roll. It comes with 5 years of warranty! Though the fear of moving to a new location kept me haunting, the fun of shopping didn't let my energy level drop! Suddenly my dad spoke loud, "Did we come here to buy a suitcase? This is not in our today's list. We can't carry it home in our Two-Wheeler". "The suitcase seems to be perfect for my needs", I told my dad. Finally, we asked the shopkeeper to reserve it for the next day and thankfully he agreed! The next day, I went along with my friend to buy the same brown Safari suitcase! It was my wedding time, everyone at home was busy with preparations. Dad was busy with distributing the wedding invites, mom was busy with her planning and sister was getting her clothing and accessor

When should we have a baby? who decides it?

Who decides when a newly married couple should give birth to the baby? Is it decided by the wife's parents? Should it be decided by the husband's parents? Or should the society, relatives and neighbours decide it? Don't you feel it is the decision of the husband and wife? Ask me, "when I'm going to have a baby?", I'm not writing an examination to tell you the result as 'positive' or 'negative'. The next question goes "Did you check with the doctor?", don't you feel bad to ask someone this question? The problem is in the mindset of people which has to be changed!  The decision lies with the couple! It's entirely the decision of the husband and wife which should not be interfered by anyone. Parenting is not simple and it is not the same for everyone!  Let the husband and wife be ready! When you have a baby, you become responsible! Are you ready to take the responsibility? The responsibility of the husband

Why breakup happens in a relationship? Understand the opposite sex better!

Is our life full of drama? Even for a small misunderstanding with our spouse we talking about 'divorce'. Do we know law? Are we lawyers? Divorce is not a joke! Divorce is an end but recently, a lot of young couple talking about breakups and divorce.  I have seen my aunts and uncles leading a happy life even after a lot of misunderstanding. I haven't heard the word 'divorce' from them even when they are hyper! We, younger generation are prone to talk about breakups and divorce due to the freedom given by our parents. Is our education misleading us? So what causes breakup in a relationship? Why should I adjust with you? The ego plays a vital role. Couples deny to adjust with thier partner and startup silly fights. Fights are good for strengthening your relationship as long as you know to get back to normal at the earliest. Couples start the fight for silly reason and involve their family and hence create a big damage to their relationship and final

Having a successful life after marriage is never difficult! It depends on how you deal with your spouse!

When I was ready for marriage, I heard shouts and cries from my married friends regarding their 'life after marriage'. One friend complained about losing her freedom where other friend complained about losing her own self after marriage! The stories from my friends gave me a nightmare but my wedding was not too far. I had to accept the reality and get married to someone before the society starts looking down on me. I married at the right age (though I feel it's a bit early) The day one, after my wedding, was entirely new. I felt I was born again with the same name, same place, to the same parents with the same figure but with a different "character"! I had to lower down my volume (voice). Secondly, I had to eat whatever was served to me on my plate. Thirdly, I had to smile at strangers though they din't respond to me with a smile. I had to sleep only after evenone slept (though I was dying to sleep). I had to wake up early in the morning before anyone