Bring the auspicious wedding and engagement ring in style!

Though engagement rings are not in our custom, I insisted my dad that I buy a couple ring for my engagement ceremony. I was very choosy, tried and tested multiple shops before finalizing the best engagement ring!

Did I have time to plan the best way to carry my engagement ring to the center stage? NOOOOOO…

What I notice in most of the weddings and engagements?

  • The ring might be hidden in the groom’s shirt or pant pocket (the groom will start digging his pocket while the live recording is on but wouldn’t reach the ring sooner, maybe he is tensed or maybe he has a tunnel inside his pants)

  • Close relatives might keep the rings in their bag or purse (miraculously, that person will be missing when the priest or the pastor asks for the ring)

  • The bride or the groom might have the rings safe on their hands keeping their fists tightly closed (this would be seen visibly on all photos)

  • Bridesmaid or close relatives might wear the rings on their fingers so that they don’t lose it (would you like someone else wearing your precious ring?)

  • The rings might be kept on a plate and would be left on the center stage (the so-called decoration!)

  • In worst cases, they might have forgotten the rings at home and would panic for few minutes until they get it back.

I have seen this chaos and confusion in almost all weddings. Including mine! But I really wonder if these traditional rings should be brought in this way!!! Shouldn’t it have a stylish entry?

Here are some creative ideas that I can think of!

A big glass bowl

How about placing the rings along with their respective boxes inside a big glass bowl full of rose petals? You can also arrange a table in the center of the stage and place the glass bowl and keep the wedding rings inside them and when the time comes, you can put your hands in and search for the boxes, open it and exchange it with your partner.

Rose tray and wedding ring

You can fill a tray with roses and other colorful flowers and keep the ring box on both the ends of the tray. Stick the box so that it doesn’t fall off. Use glitter paper, ribbon and other creative items to decorate the tray.

Put them inside a balloon!

I’m not sure if this would be a great idea but you can try if you wish to! You can keep two identical balloons with the bride and grooms names written on it or their photos stuck on the balloon. Put the ring or the ring box inside the balloon and blow them, tie them at the centre stage where no one can reach and also appoint someone to have a close look at it. When the ceremony begins, you can burst the balloon and pick up the ring!

Gift wrap them

You can also wrap the rings using a glitter paper or a gift paper and place it on a tray and bring it to the ceremony. Quickly unwrap the gift and exchange the rings!

Keep it hidden in boxes

Choose few numbers of identical boxes and keep the rings in any of the two boxes and bring them on a tray to the ceremony. Let the couple open up each box and find the rings in any of the two boxes. This can be fun!

Surround it with chocolates and flowers

Pick a basket of chocolates and flowers and keep the ring box in the baskets and bring it to the ceremony.

Creativity does it all. You can think of funny and innovative ways to pick the ring at your wedding or engagement ceremony.

Note:  If you try any of these ideas, you must be very careful with your plan and appoint a reliable person to keep an eye on the ring! Take the help of a reliable person to plan this idea so that you don’t lose the rings!

Don’t you find these ideas to be interesting? Why do you want to follow the usual tradition every time, think of something innovative and creative for your wedding?

Do you have somemore ideas? Please comment below.

How to preserve your wedding costume from damages? Helpful tips to save your precious wedding attire!

Your wedding day reminds you a lot of memories behind that you can cherish for your lifetime. When you rewind back to your old days, you can remember the good celebrations you had, the nice costumes that you wore, the fun that you had with your family and friends, the food that was served and the guests who were invited. The wedding day is so much fun which leaves a lot of impressions that never fades away.

So, are your married for quite some time now? Maybe two or three days down the line? Do you remember the tireless effort that you took to decide your wedding costume? Does it remind you about the discussions you had with your designer to design the wedding attire and the ornaments? Now, at this point of time, can you imagine the condition of your wedding costume?

It might be shocking to realise the fact that it’s been years since you wore your wedding costume and it’s just sitting somewhere in your wardrobe with no attention at all!

It is expensive, it needs proper care and it is precious!

You wedding costume are precious. Forget about the expenses or the cost of your dress! Just remember the memories that it carries. Do you think it’s the right way to leave your wedding dress in a corner without taking proper care?

Quick and basic care for your wedding costume

These tips are applicable only for immediate care. It’s not for the ones that are lying in your wardrobe for few years or moths.
As soon as the wedding is over, follow the tips

·         Look for stains on your costume
·         Look for lipstick or makeup stains
·         Use the best detergent or method to get rid of the stain
·         Look out for any thread that keeps coming off
·         Check if there are any accessories that are sticking to the costume
·         Remove any unwanted material from the costume very carefully
·         Get rid of the perfume/ any kind of smell
·         Give it for dry cleaning and laundry

These are simple steps that you can follow immediately after the wedding to keep them safe.

Tips for those that are lying in your wardrobe for years together

Don’t dump them in the wardrobe – Once the wedding is over, you should not dump the clothes in the wardrobe and forget them. Leaving them in the wardrobe without giving proper attention can leave them in very poor condition. In worst cases, the dresses may even tear or fade.

Show it in sun/ Dry them in sun – Yes, you read it right. Once in a while, it is good to take your wedding clothes out from the storage and put them under that sun so that the foul smell from the fabric is removed. It is a natural way of cleaning them and preserving them.

Change the folding – Once it is sun dried, you need to change the folding of the dresses which will not damage the fold line of the dresses. Keep folding your dresses in different ways so that it does not tear.

Use moisture and air proof Cloth bags – There are many products available in the market to store expensive clothing. Choose the right moisture and air proof cloth storage bags that will keep your dresses fresh and away from molds and fungus.

Use cloth fragrance – There are many cloth fragrances available in the market that can also be used while putting them in the wardrobe. It will prevent the dress from smelling and it will leave a nice fragrance on your dress. Make sure you choose the right cloth fragrance that does not cause any stains. If you buy non-branded ones, you may be left with stained clothes.

Wear them occasionally – There is no point in keeping the dresses in the wardrobe for a long time. If you can’t wear them today, you can never wear them again. Look for opportunities to wear the dress of special celebrations and occasions at home. Think of crazy ideas to impress your partner by wearing the special dress and bring back the old memories alive.

Wear them to your close friends or relatives wedding- The best day to wear your grand dresses is on your close one’s wedding and special occasions. You can wear those grand dresses on your close one weddings and reception.

Wash them if required – If you feel that the dress smells bad, don’t hesitate to give it for washing or laundry. When you give it for washing, make sure you give it to the right person who can maintain the quality of the dresses and understand the life of the fabric and use the right method to wash them. Some need to be dry washed and the others cannot be pressed so make sure that the launder understands your requirement and does a good job.

Remember that you have spent a lot of time and money on buying your wedding costume and you need to take the responsibility in handling them as they are your memories and precious gift. Take good care of your dress which will leave a happy smile on your face every time you take them out of your wardrobe!

What are considered as good signs and bad signs- before, after and during the wedding?

Are you getting married soon? In Indian tradition there are many superstitions believed and here are some of the good and bad things that you should be aware of. There is no need to panic or worry about. This is quite interesting and you can consider the ones that are good and leave the bad ones aside!  And if you ask me for a proof, I would be helpless! These are traditions that have been told to us by our ancestors and so we say them too.

Watch out for the rain!

Do you pray that it should not rain during your wedding? Do you know that it is considered as a good sign to rain on your wedding? It brings longevity and prosperity. Should you not think of getting married in a rainy season?

Be cautious while boiling milk

This is something sentimental before and after marriage. You have to stop day dreaming especially when you are in the kitchen boiling milk. The milk should not spill over and make a mess which is considered as a bad sign before and after few days of marriage. Do not panic! Just keep an eye so that you can put the stove off on time.

Look for rainbow or black cat

Black cats are often mistaken for a bad sign, but if you spot a black cat during your wedding, it is considered as a good sign. If you see mild drizzle, look for a rainbow as it is also considered as one of the good sign for a happy marriage. Don’t be too curious in spotting a rain so watch your steps!

Get away from pigs and lizards

Lizards are commonly seen at home but you should not see the lizards or a pig during your wedding so why don’t you call the pest control to clean the lizards at home? Don’t see a pig on your way; just try to avoid the places where pigs are more common.

Left leg or right leg

You need to be very careful and watch your steps. When you enter the home make sure you put your right leg first which is considered as a good luck.

Sending sweet to bridegroom 

It is a tradition that the girl’s family have to prepare laddu and sweets and give it to the bridegroom’s family. This indicates that the girl brings home food and wealth and the house will be full of food and energy all the time

Colour of the mehendi

In few traditions, it is believed that when the mehendi is stronger, the marriage relationship lasts stronger. In order to have a strong mehendi, make sure you use a branded mehendi power where the color stays for and longer time and it thick and strong.

The secret behind knives

If is believed that a new bride is prone to evil spirits and elders recommend you to carry a knife when you go out after the wedding. It is also believed that when you carry a knife, you are away from evil things. Carrying a knife also give you a secured feel and it is also safe.

Rice used for blessing

Rice is considered as very auspicious and guests greet and bless us with rice which denotes fertility and abundance. It is considered as the couples will stay together to work better.

Tears and cry

If someone says crying is bad on good occasions, tell them they are wrong. In few traditions, it is understood that crying is important during the wedding and it is believed that when the bride cries before the wedding, she shed all her tears and is ready to start a new life.
Follow it or not, it is up to you! But did you enjoy reading it?

Honeymoon tips amidst the busy wedding preparations!

Honeymoon packing becomes less important when you still have a lot of arrangements for your wedding. Wedding plans and arrangements can be given to your relatives, family members but honeymoon arrangements should be done by you so spend a little time in between your busy schedule to plan and pack your things for your honeymoon.

The honeymoon is the special time for the couples to be together away from family and away from work tension and their daily routine. It is the time to enjoy and understand each other well. For me, the honeymoon was the perfect time to relax and rest!

De-stress your mind, body, and soul

If you are too much stressed, you can look dull and tired during your honeymoon so go for a spa, an oil massage and get your pedicure and manicure done that will help you to stay calm and relaxed. Have the best facial done, have a haircut (if you partner agrees), put on a sexy nail colour and get yourself groomed up!

Endless Shopping

Shopping before the honeymoon is very important for both men and women. Try out new outfits and lingerie. Buy nice perfume and deodorant. Make a list of other necessary things you need and buy them all.

Exercise and yoga

The wedding stress and tension may not give you a peaceful mind so do some exercise, have a healthy diet and practice yoga at least few weeks before going for a honeymoon.

Wear mild makeup- Do not overdo!

You can try out a very minimal makeup which is very light but still effective. Don’t forget to carry your foundation cream, powder, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, kajal, eyelash curler, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, lip gloss.

Dress like a queen

Choose the best dress that you have and wear them on your honeymoon. You need to make sure you wear a dress that is perfect so that your look is perfect. Choosing the right dress for your honeymoon is important so go for a shopping to pick those good and trendy ones

Take care of your smell

You can pick the nice and mild perfume and choose the best moisturiser. Make sure you don’t smell sweat!

Surprise your partner

Your honeymoon should be full of surprises. Go romantic and gift your partner a romantic gift or attire. Wear something that enhances the romance!

Follow  basic hygiene

Make sure you follow a basic hygiene by keeping your hands washed and clean. Carry a sanitizer and make sure you don’t have a bad breath. Carry mouth wash, mouth freshener, tissues and rolls.

Don’t be shy and enjoy the time

Talk to your partner, understand them and get to know each other. Cuddles together, go for long walks and late night talks which will boost the relationship.

Take rest

The honeymoon is the right time to take rest after tiring days of wedding preparation and celebration. So take good rest and begin a new life. Make sure you get ready for the best experience in your life!

Mangalsutra (Thali chain) The women’s identity!

Mangalsutra (Thali chain)

Being modern doesn’t mean neglecting the traditional values. Our education system has taught us to ask a question. So, if we are not clear with information, we ask questions. We look for reasons behind everything that we are asked to follow. Our grandparents and parents have followed the customs without knowing the reasons but we, youngsters need a reason behind everything that is taught to us!

It’s time to realize that today’s kids are active and they have the ability to ask questions and learn. Tell me ‘Don’t do this! And don’t do that!’ My next question will be ‘Why should I not do that? I demand an answer for everything that is imposed on me!
I’m married and my Mangalsutra is not extra jewelry that is hung around my neck. It has significance and it has a lot of meaning!

Mangalsutra and married women

Indian brides are the most beautiful brides in the whole world with a lot of decoration and ornaments on their wedding day. I miss seeing those grandeur brides in western countries! Though the bride wears a lot of jewelry in gold and diamond, the Mangalsutra always has its specialty.
On the big day, marked by the Pandit, the bridegroom ties the auspicious Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck accepting her as a wife. The bride and the groom fall into an everlasting relationship. The type of Mangalsutra differs from every state and religion but it signifies one special note to others who are eyeing on her that she is ‘married’.

How does a Mangalsutra look like?

Since India is a place with a lot of different languages, customer, and region, Mangalsutra is different from one region to the other. There are many different patterns of Mangalsutra used and there are few Christians who also tie a Mangalsutra to reveal their married identity. Almost all patterns of Mangalsutra are designed like a chain with a pendant. In few places, the chain is made with black beads and the other places they make it with a thread with turmeric. Red, gold, and white are the most common colors used for Mangalsutra design.

Mangalsutra and its significance

Mangalsutra is very auspicious and plays an important role in a married woman's life. A girl gets her identity as a wife with the Mangalsutra. The husband presents his love, dedication, trust, and dignity to his wife in the name of Mangalsutra. Gold represents prosperity and so the Mangalsutra depicts the prosperity and long living of the couple. A woman gets her power, energy and self- control with the Mangalsutra. She cares not just for her husband but carries a hold family in her heart which is represented by the Mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra tradition

Earlier it was the elders in the bridegroom family who would decide the design and pattern of the Mangalsutra but recently, due to the increase in crime rate and change of choice in all modern women, the Mangalsutra designs are chosen as per the choice of the bride. Especially a working bride prefers a thin and a simple design. Have we started looking for a comfortable one?
My mother never complained about her Mangalsutra though it was huge and heavy. 
I insisted my husband to make it small, thin and easy to wear. While comfort is a reason others give, I call it as a safety!

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