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Bring the auspicious wedding and engagement ring in style!

Though engagement rings are not in our custom, I insisted my dad that I buy a couple ring for my engagement ceremony. I was very choosy, tried and tested multiple shops before finalizing the best engagement ring!
Did I have time to plan the best way to carry my engagement ring to the center stage? NOOOOOO…
What I notice in most of the weddings and engagements?
The ring might be hidden in the groom’s shirt or pant pocket (the groom will start digging his pocket while the live recording is on but wouldn’t reach the ring sooner, maybe he is tensed or maybe he has a tunnel inside his pants)

Close relatives might keep the rings in their bag or purse (miraculously, that person will be missing when the priest or the pastor asks for the ring)

The bride or the groom might have the rings safe on their hands keeping their fists tightly closed (this would be seen visibly on all photos)

Bridesmaid or close relatives might wear the rings on their fingers so that they don’t lose it (would you like someon…

How to preserve your wedding costume from damages? Helpful tips to save your precious wedding attire!

Your wedding day reminds you a lot of memories behind that you can cherish for your lifetime. When you rewind back to your old days, you can remember the good celebrations you had, the nice costumes that you wore, the fun that you had with your family and friends, the food that was served and the guests who were invited. The wedding day is so much fun which leaves a lot of impressions that never fades away.
So, are your married for quite some time now? Maybe two or three days down the line? Do you remember the tireless effort that you took to decide your wedding costume? Does it remind you about the discussions you had with your designer to design the wedding attire and the ornaments? Now, at this point of time, can you imagine the condition of your wedding costume?
It might be shocking to realise the fact that it’s been years since you wore your wedding costume and it’s just sitting somewhere in your wardrobe with no attention at all!
It is expensive, it needs proper care and it is p…

What are considered as good signs and bad signs- before, after and during the wedding?

Honeymoon tips amidst the busy wedding preparations!

Honeymoon packing becomes less important when you still have a lot of arrangements for your wedding. Wedding plans and arrangements can be given to your relatives, family members but honeymoon arrangements should be done by you so spend a little time in between your busy schedule to plan and pack your things for your honeymoon.
The honeymoon is the special time for the couples to be together away from family and away from work tension and their daily routine. It is the time to enjoy and understand each other well. For me, the honeymoon was the perfect time to relax and rest!
De-stress your mind, body, and soul
If you are too much stressed, you can look dull and tired during your honeymoon so go for a spa, an oil massage and get your pedicure and manicure done that will help you to stay calm and relaxed. Have the best facial done, have a haircut (if you partner agrees), put on a sexy nail colour and get yourself groomed up!
Endless Shopping
Shopping before the honeymoon is very important fo…

Mangalsutra (Thali chain) The women’s identity!

Being modern doesn’t mean neglecting the traditional values. Our education system has taught us to ask a question. So, if we are not clear with information, we ask questions. We look for reasons behind everything that we are asked to follow. Our grandparents and parents have followed the customs without knowing the reasons but we, youngsters need a reason behind everything that is taught to us!
It’s time to realize that today’s kids are active and they have the ability to ask questions and learn. Tell me ‘Don’t do this! And don’t do that!’ My next question will be ‘Why should I not do that? I demand an answer for everything that is imposed on me! I’m married and my Mangalsutra is not extra jewelry that is hung around my neck. It has significance and it has a lot of meaning!
Mangalsutra and married women
Indian brides are the most beautiful brides in the whole world with a lot of decoration and ornaments on their wedding day. I miss seeing those grandeur brides in western countries! Though…