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7 Good Qualities of the Best Teacher

7 Good Qualities of the Best Teacher The skills of the best teacher involve more than just academic experience. A great teacher is someone who can interact with the students, help them understand the different perspectives of life, and look at the world in a new way. Teaching is not an easy job! Though there are many different ways to effective teaching, most of the most common qualities of a good teacher include a positive attitude, innovative teaching strategies, passion, and so on. A great teacher is a role model and they show enthusiasm and commitment towards their students. Do we remember all our teachers? Certainly not! Only the special ones are unforgettable over time. Let’s find out what makes them memorable. Passion for Profession A passionate teacher is not only confined to the syllabus instead acts as a mentor & grooms their personality as well. Love for the Subject This is what will induce oneself into a simplified and conceptual explanation of the

Travel to south India and explore the best destinations to chill out!

Vacations, holidays and honeymoon can never be boring. We are sure you must be ready for it any time of the year! This time, why don’t you explore southern India? There are interesting honeymoon destinations and holiday destinations down to the south of India and if you haven’t visited them yet, this summer is the best time. For newly wedded couples honeymoon brings a lot of memories and it is the time where they get out of their busy schedule and indulge in understanding relationships much better. The honeymoon is not restricted to the newly wedded couple but everyone can plan for a honeymoon once or twice in years which will strength the relationship. Planning a holiday to best destinations this summer is also a great idea where you get time to spend with your parents, spouse, children, relatives and friends. Here are the most interesting and best destinations in South India that are at its best during this summer. Ooty – Tamil Nadu Honeymooners from every part

The jaw-dropping and expensive Bollywood celebrity wedding!

Rich and grandeur venues, high profile guests accommodated in five-star and seven-star hotels, security, designer jewellery, customized clothing, expensive food and excellent arrangement. Do you wonder what we are talking about? Yes. You guessed it right! It’s the celebrity wedding we are talking about. Weddings are expensive and do you want to know how your Favourite Bollywood celebrities arranged their big day? ‘To get married’ is an awesome feel and here are few celebrities who have taken creative efforts to make their wedding ceremony unique and different from others. There are a lot of creativity and uniqueness involved in the wedding preparations and arrangements as the budget goes higher. Here are few of your favourite B-Town couples and their awesome ideas for a grand wedding. Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan The celebrity couple got married in the year 2007 and it was the most exciting and most awaited wedding in the Bollywood industry. Thought th

Warm welcome to the most beautiful Bridegroom - A typical south Indian wedding Aarathi Plates!

Do you wonder what these colourful plates are for? A typical South Indian wedding aarthi (welcome plates) to welcome the bridegroom. This was exclusively designed for my me and my sister for my wedding. I was very sure that the plates should represent my likes and it should reflect my personality (to an extent). A cute decoration with ceramic dolls that represent different stages of the girl. The couple doll represents the happiness in the wedding. I always love wild animals (especially tiger) so this plate represents my love towards animals. Girls are always crazy about cosmetics and accessories. The cute little barbie doll is getting ready with the different dresses, earrings and perfume.   The wedding is all about sharing and showing love. The love and bond between parents get stronger and the bride and the groom begin their love story on this special day. This heart is the representation of acceptance! The Wedding is incomplete without flowers and

A visit to Science Express. An exhibition on Wheels!

Science Express at Mangalore, my first experience of such kind! Yes, I'm talking about the exhibition on trains! I was surprised by the efforts taken by the Government to bring out such wonderful exhibitions to educate people. ' Climate Change ' was the main concentration and there were interesting ideas, suggestions, activities that reflected the importance of Climate change. The exhibition conveyed the importance efficiently! My question is " how effective is it going to be ?" Simple announcements were made to keep our mobile phones " switched off "while we enter the train and photography were strictly prohibited and was under surveillance! Most of the educated people, students and children just ignored the 'Simple' instruction and kept clicking pictures and to the worst case there were even people who answered phone calls and kept talking at the top of their voice. The Science Express was educational and there were many school c

Common situations in arranged marriages! Smart ways to handle them!

Well, arranged marriage has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of surprises and suspense on one hand and there are misunderstandings and fights on the other hand! The beauty of arranged marriage is to learn about your spouse, adjusting with their likes and dislikes and loving them endlessly.   It takes a lot of time to understand your spouse and new people so fights are common but if you handle it well, there are no further complications in the relationship. Who pays for the wedding? In arranged marriages, money plays a major role. There are endless arguments about who pays for what. The bride and the groom family have non-stop discussions over spending money for the wedding. How to handle? It is important to share the expenses and you must be careful not to burden the expenses on a single person to spend their entire money for the preparations. You must talk about your finances and start saving before and after your marriage. Working at n

Top 10 questions to ask your interviewer that'll give you an EDGE in an Interview

In a gangling hunt for a Job, when there are hundreds of equally proficient brains in the track, how do you hit smack on the Job?    A smart outlook ?    A good body language? But there is something you can actually do without much struggle to get an edge  of  your competitors.    Seriously?    Yes.  The trick is questioning them back! You can get this done with a little preparation & a whisk of confidence.    So how do you do it? When you put forth a question, make sure it deliberately portrays your keenness to the profession.     Your questions can be based on, ·        nature of work you are about to take up ·        significant regulations of the company ·        long and short-term goals of the company ·        perks of working with them ·        training methods ·        expectations from the employee Before you could frame your set of questions, to know the Do’s and Don’ts will help you get a clear shot.        T

Kitchen Quote! Funny cooking quote