Warm welcome to the most beautiful Bridegroom - A typical south Indian wedding Aarathi Plates!

Do you wonder what these colourful plates are for? A typical South Indian wedding aarthi (welcome plates) to welcome the bridegroom. This was exclusively designed for my me and my sister for my wedding.

I was very sure that the plates should represent my likes and it should reflect my personality (to an extent).

A cute decoration with ceramic dolls that represent different stages of the girl. The couple doll represents the happiness in the wedding.

I always love wild animals (especially tiger) so this plate represents my love towards animals.

Girls are always crazy about cosmetics and accessories. The cute little barbie doll is getting ready with the different dresses, earrings and perfume. 

 The wedding is all about sharing and showing love. The love and bond between parents get stronger and the bride and the groom begin their love story on this special day. This heart is the representation of acceptance!

The Wedding is incomplete without flowers and these artificial flowers add a lot of glory to the trousseau!

This is a special decoration by my sister. She took a lot of effort to design the red carpet. Thats lovely isn't?

Elephants are strong so the bride and groom should develop a strong relationship as big as elephants! Well, that's a new story!

This is my favourite decoration. My craziness for nail polish and nail art is never ending and this plate defines my love for nail polish. 

Can we design a plant without the names of the bride and the groom?

Witness the minute detailing  I spent a lot for designer blouses so these are the remaining pieces that I used for the plate decoration. 

Yet another flower! A big artificial lotus.

Natural flowers on a beautiful plate. When I didn't have other ideas to decorate, I picked up a beautiful plate and filled it with flower. 

Rose bouquet. Natural roses would have been great but I fell in love with this bunch and picked it. 

Shall I name this as a rose basket? The fun part lies in this decoration! Bridegroom was welcomed with flower shower!

There are lot of interesting things during wedding preparation and this is one of the most interesting part of the wedding with I enjoyed the most!


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