Fashion tips for the bride’s best friend to attend your best friend’s wedding in Style!

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While the bride gets busy with deciding her wedding costume, Sangeet dresses Mehandi outfit and Reception attire, the best friend of the bride gets busier with her choice of dresses! Attending the best friend’s wedding is a tricky task; you need to find the theme and style of the wedding before you could plan your attire. The most of all, you must not overdo the bride on her big day and you cannot under do as it is your best friend’s wedding!!!

Decide the venue, the number of people who is expected at the wedding, the style of wedding, the time and season of the wedding before your decide your clothing. The dress that you choose, should match the occasion and hence you need to get the information about the proceedings at the wedding venue.

Sarees does not lose their fame!

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Sarees are all time favourite and with so many new designs and coming up, you can choose a saree that suits your well and that makes you look beautiful. Ensure that you choose the right colour that goes with your complexion! Matching jewellery adds more beauty to the look. They are the first preference for best friend’s wedding.

Look Grand, with lehenga

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If you want to look grand in the crowd and if you want to be recognised as the bride’s best friend, you can stick to heavy work lehenga of suitable colour. Don’t forget your bangles and antique pieces that will make you look beautiful.

Anarkali All time

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This is the best option for those who do not feel comfortable with sarees and lehenga. There are a lot of Anarkali suit available in different patterns designs and colours. Choose something that talks good about your complexion and structure. After all, you want to look best in your best friend’s photo albums, don’t you?

Are you tired of Sarees, Lehenga and Anarkali suits? Do you want to take a fashion step forward? 

Are you the one who loves to try and test new fashions and styles? If you have real love towards getting dressed up in a unique way, here are some quick ideas that you can implement to have a lot of eyes on your at your friend’s wedding!

Try the latest design of lehenga – The crop top!

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While the normal lehenga had bored you, this will definitely be the best choice. Look bold, confident with the crop top lehenga on your best friend’s wedding. Create an aura of fashion at the wedding ceremony! These are best for reception and other evening function! And if you dare to, you can wear this for the morning function too!

Anarkali suit with a jacket!

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Don’t you feel the style and fashion behind this attire? While you are fed up with the normal attires, give a new twist by trying something new. Get the jacket stitched for your old Anarkali and lehenga and give it a new makeover. Fashion is decided by you and creativity is allowed! Match it with the best sandals and accessories for a stunning look.

Salwar Kameez, Patiala, kurtas for a simple family gathering
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You don’t have to think hard if it is just a small meeting or party at your best friend’s home before or after her wedding. Pick any salwar kameez, kurtas or Patiala and match it with a set of bangles, earrings and sandals which will look neat on you.

Pallazo Kurtha

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This is something new in the market. Of late, it has found a lot of lovers and if you are confident and tall choose this for your best friend’s reception or Mehandi function. There are different designs and ranges available so choose the best one according to your budget! Do you really need any accessories to match the outfit? Not necessarily!

The Peplum Lehenga – A combination of western in a traditional way!

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Do you want all the eyes to stare at you? This is the best choice of attire that you can try for your friend’s wedding! What is the big deal about it? The latest trend, the true fashion and it’s a blend of western and traditional outfit that makes you look traditional yet stylish! Have you tailor design it the best way and choose the best colour that suits your skin tone!

Peplum gowns

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Should you attend a cocktail party? Has your best friend invited for a get together in the evening? Pick up a peplum gown of your favourite colour and walk into the venue with your heads up! It is perfect for evenings when you girls spend some time for yourselves teasing and mocking at each other!

Best friend’s wedding is the time of fun, enjoyment and entertainment. When the bride is busy choosing her dress, the best friend also gets busy with designing her dresses to look beautiful on her friend’s marriage! Fashion and style are not restricted, if you have new ideas, try it and enjoy your friend’s wedding!

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