Making your sweet home a ‘smart’ home! Smart Water heater by V-Guard!

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Do you know Internet of Things are the recent trends and there are a lot of inventions happening across the globe?

One Such invention is the Smart Water heater by V-Guard. The Verano!
Do we call it as a revolutionary device in the Indian market? The Water heater can be easily controlled and used through your smartphone or an RF remote.

So, you don’t have to get up early to switch ON the water heater in the morning! Just Switch ON the heater while you are still on the bed! Secondly, you don’t have to waste time waiting for the water to get heated! Turn ON the heater when you are travelling back from work! And do the kids at your home complaint of not being able to reach the Switch due to height problems (LOL)? Never mind, wherever you are you can quickly Switch it ON through your SmartPhones.

We call it as an intelligent water heater, that follows your command even when you are not around! So, it is time to relax and this advanced technology is definitely a boon in making your sweet home a smart home!

Why should you go for it??
  • Schedule the water heater from anywhere just through a click!
  • It’s fully automatic and hence Turn OFF when the water reaches the heating point!
  • It is built with Anti-Corrosion tank which is suitable for hard water
  • The heating is faster and it lasts for a longer duration
  • As per its name, the water heater identifies functionality problems and reports to you through the water heater app installed on your smartphone
  • You can also get alerts about the temperature and the power consumption instantly.

Isn’t this really an exciting invention in the recent years?

Buying Tips - 25 Liters - Rs.17,500 INR and 15 Liters - Rs.16,000 INR


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