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13 Top Freelancing Websites to Earn from Home

 Top Freelancing Websites to Earn from Home

It’s been 6 years since I started working from home! When I say ‘I work from home’, people ask me if I get paid! Does anyone work for free? Where there is a will there is a way! Getting into freelancing is not simple, you must have the passion and keep trying till you succeed! Freelancing is suitable for all those who want to get rid of their laziness and learn something new every day! The work involves patience, hard work, dedication, and knowledge! Are you ready for it? Are you a student, working professional or homemaker? Everyone gets an opportunity to work. You will definitely find a job from the top freelancing websites listed below. 

Here Are the Top Freelancing Websites That Will Help You to Find a Part-Time Job!

  1. Upwork
  2. Upwork, popularly known as oDesk, has been providing such work for full time and part-time workers for many years. It also offers you with hourly or periodic work. It is one of the top freelancing websites that have more than twelve million freelancers and clients.  

  3. Toptal
  4. If you are looking for a professional platform, Toptal is the best choice. They conduct test interviews before selection and working with this will give you a lot of exposure and your knowledge improves. It is listed as one of the top websites for freelancing. 

  5. Freelancer
  6. While working with the freelancer, you get a chance to enter a competitive world, where you have to show your skills in writing unique and the best. If you have confidence in your writing ability and other skills, this is a great platform to attract more contractors. It is one of my favorite freelancing websites that's easy to bid and find clients on various domains. 

  7. Guru
  8. This company provides you with an easy and daily job. With your past experiences, you can easily work with this company and grab good opportunities. It provides you with the utmost flexibility to work.

  9. 99designs
  10. This is the best platform for designers. You can submit your designs and get feedback from various clients who select the best ones. It is the best place for designers who are masters in their field.

  11. People Per Hour
  12. If you are having mastery in Web development, SEO, Web designing, etc. this is the best website for you. It provides you with the best price for your work and talent. It's a freelancing platform that helps freelancers and clients find the right project and professionals in minutes. The artificial intelligence system helps find matching jobs for all skills. Pay Per Hour is a unique way to find a job as a freelancer.

  13. Demand Media
  14. This is a vast medium not only for the writers but also for filmmakers, photographers, producers and more. It is the best place where you can attract many contractors or audience by your talent.

  15. College Recruiter
  16. If you are a college student looking for top freelancing websites, you have come to the right destination. This website allows college students to earn some pocket money! There are a bunch of opportunities for fresh talents!

  17. Project4hire
  18. Project4hire provides you with hundreds of categories to earn from. The work you submit doesn't have to pass through various scanning programs or posts. This is a great place to work for coders, designers, writers, etc.

  19. SimplyHired
  20. SimplyHired is working with various fields and hence, provides work in various categories. Their blogs are interesting and informative and will help anyone who is looking for easy work at home job!

  21. Freelance Writing Gigs
  22. This website gives you a vast space to develop your skills. The company keeps on updating the writers with new opportunities in the field of content writing and blog writing. You have choices to write in academic content, professional writing, content writing on topics related to lifestyle, fashion, health, food, and nutrients, etc.

  23. Textbroker
  24. As the name suggests it works as a broker between the contractor and the writer. The signing is free for everyone here, but you need to clear a test before you get registered and start working.

  25. Accountemps
  26. Accountemps is the best field for the people engaged in accounting and administration. It helps the large or mini-companies to find perfect candidates for data entry, auditing, taxation, etc. It provides projects which are fixed for some time like a month, week, year, etc.
    Freelancing also helps people to earn extra income and for a few of them, it works as a good time pass! Married women, college students, and other part-time job seekers looking for a freelancing job to work from home so that they can spend their time usefully. 
     Put in your effort, choose the right skill and improve your bank balance! I hope these top freelancing websites will help you find your dream job and get some financial stability. 
     Read about how work-from-home options help you to continue your career!

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