Who ties the knot today? Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Love story: Everything you must know about the beautiful couple

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11th November 2015, a date to remember because it broke the hearts of several female fans but was a memorable day for the dashing Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh who got engaged to the model and actress Hazel Keech. Yes! This is the day when they both exchanged rings and got hitched. Their love story becomes an official announcement and the beautiful couple strengthened their long-term relationship in front of the media.

Let's turn few pages of their life to know where their love story started and how they got committed in their relationship.

The bridegroom Yuvraj Singh - What you must know?

Yuvraj Singh, popularly called Yuvi by his fans was born on 12th of December, 1981, to the beautiful Punjabi couple Mr. Yograj Singh and Mrs. Shabnam Singhin Chandigarh, India. Yuvi's love for sports was seen noticed by his parents since his childhood days especially when he got his first medal for National Under-14 Roller Skating Championship during his school days. Along with skating Yuvi also loved to play Tennis. But his fate took him to a new path. His father wanted to see him in the stadium winning cricket matches and hence, he guided him for cricket and helped him to attend the training for it.
Yuvi's Acheivements

Yuvraj started his career in cricket at the age of 13 where he played for Punjab in the Punjab Under-16s team in the year 1996-97. His love for cricket encouraged him to play with more concentration to fulfill the dream of his father and hence he was also selected in the Punjab Under-19s team when he played a memorable match against Himachal Pradesh and scored 137 runs not out. His debut match was against Orissa in the year 1997-98, when he played the Ranji Trophy, but failed to impress with low performance. He was recognized by the public and the cricket team when he played a winning match of Under 19 Cooch Behar Trophy Final 1999 where he made 358 victory runs against Bihar.

Yuvi got his first international break in the year 2000 against Kenya when he was selected in the Indian squad for 2000 ICC Knockout Trophy. But as said, success cannot be enjoyed without having the taste of failure, Yuvi too faced failure when he was dropped out of the team after the Tri Series between India, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe, in 2000 where he made only 55 runs in 5 innings.

He made a grand come back in the year 2001 at the Coco-Cola cup held in Sri Lanka, where he showed his talent in batting as well as balling. His achievements include a match in which he was a wise captain too, held in 2007 in South Africa. The World Twenty 20 cup is still remembered by his fans where he gave 6 blasting sixes in one over against England in Durban and lead India towards victory which is also remembered as Yuvraj Singh's big day. It was a day of celebration for the Indian Cricket Team. He is also given the title of the fastest 50 cricketers in International cricket. Yuvi's love towards cricket gave him several ups and downs to struggle, with many memories and a huge friend list with a huge fan following with increasing numbers.

Shocking news about Yuvi

The fans of the blaster cricketer came into shock when he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the year 2011, but soon he recovered from cancer and was discharged from Boston in 2012 and returned back to a warm welcome from his fans in India. He is also a proud owner of Arjuna Award which was presented to him by the President of India, Mr.Pranab Mukherjee in the year 2012, and the Padma Sri Award which was given to him in the year 2014. His static career and cricket love has given him an honored place in the Indian team whether it is a world cup, ODI, Twenty 20 match and more

The bride Hazel Keech

Hazel Keech, also known as Rose Dawn, was born on 28th February 1987, in the beautiful city Essex of England. As her father was from British and mother from a Mauritius family, she is brought up with the cultures of both the families.She completed her education in Redbridge at Beal High School in London. While studying, she also developed her skills in the field of art and learned various dance forms like British dance, Indian classical dance, Western dance, contemporary dancing, etc. She also gave several successful stage performances while studying in the school.

The British Mauritian model performed on stages and television in her school days. Her very appreciated performance in British program Marple and Call The Shots, a BBC documentary show, showed her acting skills to the people. After that, she also joined Bombay Dreams for their musical promotions in London in the year 2002. She was also a choir singer in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She also gave appearances in the famous movie series Harry Potter.

Hazel - The Sexy Billa lady! 

At the age of 18, when she paid a visit to Mumbai, India, she received several movies and stage show offers. Hence she decided to live in Mumbai and start her career as a model and actress living in India. She has given several appearances in musical videos and TV advertisements which helped her to get recognized among the beautiful models in the film industry. She got her first breakthrough in a Tamil movie named Billa, in which she performed an item number in the year 2007. After that, she was seen in 2011 in the movie Bodyguard with the famous celebrities Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan.

The movie proved to be a blockbuster and she gained popularity for her performance in the movie. After this, she showed her dancing skills in the item numbers in the movies Maximum and Krishnam Vande Jagadguram, for songs A a Ante Amlapuram and Chal Chal Chal respectively. After that, she was seen in a popular reality show Big Boss in the year 2013, in its 7th season, but got eliminated in the first week. She also gave a guest performance in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhlaja.Apart from Bollywood, she has also shown her dancing skills in a dance number from a Punjabi movie Heer and Hero. She is henceforth not only a good dancer, actor, and performer, but also a good singer.

How did the love bloom between Yuvi and Hazel?

Cricket and movies are two glamorous fields which have been in touch with each other several times.We have heard a lot of actresses getting into a relationship with the cricketers but Yuvi and Hazel’s relationship proved to be the best as they have taken the next step in their relationship. Similar to other couples, Yuvi and Hazel were also spotted at many places together, but none of them declared their relationship till their engagement was announced. The story as revealed by the couple will surely make you fall in love.

As per the Yuvraj Singh, he tried for three continuous years to take Hazel for a coffee date. When he invited her, she would agree to his message as she didn't want to deny on his face, but wouldn't turn up at the date anytime and would switch her mobile off .But our Punjabi darling did not lose any hope and finally  they became friends through the social networking site. Finally, after a year, Yuvi met Hazel through a common friend. It was their first meeting after which Yuvi felt he was finally in love with her. But the reply was still pending from her side. When they made few more meetings and got to knew each other, Hazel finally accepted his proposal and love blossomed in their lives. When the couple was ready to accompany each other for the rest of their lives, Yuvi meet her parents and the relationship was blessed by both the families. And in this way, one more love story is jotted in the book of celebrity wedding!

The engagement day- A private ceremony!

After the proposal was accepted, the couple were seen at several places with each other which had given an idea to the people that they are dating each other. They were also seen together at the famous cricketer Harbhajan Singh's wedding after which a hint was passed by Yuvi that he would soon be giving good news. The twitter conversation between Harbhajan and Yuvi revealed the message as below;

Harbhajan had written, "you should come in a line and play straight now,"
to which, Yuvraj's response was, "yes mr @harbhajan_singhfrom Diwali onwards I'm going to play straight see you Tom night."

This message final came out true when Yuvi and Hazel got engaged on 11th of November, 2015 and a long love story finally turned to a lifelong relationship. They both exchanged rings in Bali, Indonesia, in a private function, on the day of Diwali. Hence it was a double celebration time for the couple and their families.

What did the couple wear for their engagement?

The bridegroom Yuvi was seen in a black neck suit with a handsome appearance on his engagement. It also included a white shirt which bid similar to that of a ball dance costume. While the beautiful bride Hazel Keech was seen in a backless and sleeveless off-white evening gown studded with diamonds around her neck. The blooming makeup and the long curly hairstyle added to the beauty of the gown making her look more attractive.

Unlike other cricketer weddings, this was a special wedding and the guests were limited. The engagement took place in a private ceremony and there was only Yuvi and Hazel who attended it. The secret engagement also didn't include the families of both the bride and groom and hence was a romantic and sensual engagement we have ever heard of.

But just as they exchanged rings, Yuvi confirmed the engagement news on twitter and also received several wishes and blessings in return from the Bollywood celebs and cricketers.

Yuvraj Singh's announcement:
Yes I am engaged cause I found a friend for life in
@hazelkeech as mom says a reflection of her

And Today, November 30th, 2016, the beautiful couple got married!

Stay tuned for their wedding news!

December 1, World AIDS Day - Raise Awareness- Don't forget the Red Ribbon!

World AIDS Day
Pic Courtesy - Flickr
Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) if left untreated can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Basically, it affects the body’s immune system (especially T cells) to fight infections or diseases. AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. Also, remember that HIV doesn’t always lead to AIDS. HIV is an incurable disease, so once you have HIV, you have it for a lifetime. But you can surely control it with effective care and medical treatment.

So, the foremost thing we should all know how HIV virus gets spread so as to control it. Following are the ways it can be transmitted from an infected person:

ways HIV Virus can be transmitted from an infected person
Ways HIV Virus can be transmitted from an infected person

  • Testing positive for HIV can be scary and depressing. Your life takes a standstill. It is a matter of concern not only for you but for your family and friends as well. But surely, you can fight with it and overcome this with the help of the following guidelines:
  • More than physical, one person experiences emotional trauma. Initially, we are shocked and in denial of the news. Getting angry, upset, furious or overwhelmed is obvious. At this stage, try to share your feelings with others. 
  • Understand that getting tested positive for HIV doesn’t necessarily means having AIDS. So understand your diagnosis. Consult with your Doctor your overall health and conditions of your immune system. Try to get as many details as possible to enable you to make better health decisions.
  • Try to get emotional, physical and financial support from your family, friends, colleagues, other HIV / AIDS infected person.
  • You can chat or form groups with other infected persons and get more insights about the disease. Family & friends can help you offer with doctor’s visit or any other work.    
  • Get information regarding the spreading of disease and the various medical options and other treatments available to prevent it. Use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • Sharing this news with others can prove really fruitful to help you cope up with the disease. So, it’s best to discuss with your spouse, sexual partner, any friend you deeply trust, or family doctor. 
  • Follow proper diet plan. Intake of herbs, vitamins and nutritious food to be increased. Do regular exercise
  • Make specific changes in your lifestyles either it is doing powerful yoga or changing job to make it less stressful.
  • Constantly monitor your health & immune system. Notice any changes in your body – good or bad and promptly inform your doctor.
  • Move on with your life. Pursue hobby and interest which makes you happy, get regular medical check-ups, Avoid smoking or alcohol.
So, on this World’s Aids Day, together let us support the people living with HIV and fight against such destructive diseases. Raise awareness by a wearing red ribbon and educate people through newsletters or speeches and spread more happiness.

Forget the Snooze button, Wake up early to enjoy its benefits!

Mobile Alarm Snooze
Snooze the alarm!
The alarm rings at 6’o clock in the morning and goes to “Snooze”, it again rings at 6.05 AM and I hit the snooze button again! And this routine goes on till 7.30 AM.
Why till 7.30 AM? My husband leaves office at 8’o clock and I have to prepare breakfast and pack his lunch and all these happens in a hurry!

Should we be thankful to the one who invented the snooze button on our alarms? How did our parents manage to wake up without the alarms???

My grandparents went to bed 8 o'clock at night and woke up as early as 4’o clock in the morning! How was it even possible?

Those who wake up early in the morning are active, healthy and fresh throughout the day!

We have got habituated to working late at nights and wake up late in the morning… Due to our work routine, our daily schedule has drastically changed! Due to the changes in our sleeping habit, even when we are idle, we keep ourselves entertained in front of television, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and computers and forget our sleep. We do not realize the physical, mental and emotional disturbances it leads to!

A famous thought says, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Waking up early in its own has many benefits. It leads to a perfectly healthy and energetic day. Below are some important reasons or benefits of waking up early in the morning.

Why should we wake up early in the morning?

benefits of waking up early in the morning
Wake up early!
Time to Exercise:

When you wake up early in the morning, you get time to exercise. Some regular exercise or a morning walk is important for today's life. It helps to maintain your body. Some people also do yoga while the sun is rising as it gives them a positive energy.

Plan a Better Schedule

When you wake up early you have plenty of time to schedule your routine work or plan for something important in between of your hectic schedule. This will help you to plan a relaxed schedule where you will not have to rush to any task completion.

Enjoy the Peaceful Morning

You become a poet, a writer or a good meditator when you wake up early in the morning. The calmness will induce the writer in you for sure!

Experience the Nature
The early sunrise and the dew drops on the leaves, chirping birds are a pleasant sight early in the morning which cannot be experienced during the busy hours!

Enough time to eat your Breakfast

When you wake up late, you need to rush your breakfast or sometimes even skip them. It is important to enjoy your first meal of the day that gives you the energy to work throughout.

Saves Traveling Time

Traveling time from home to office can be frustrating in metro cities but when you wake up early and plan your travel in advance, you can skip the busy roads and heavy traffic and reach your place well on time.

Self-Encouragement assured!

When you have plenty of time, you can encourage yourself to enjoy the day to the fullest by planning some time for your family and friends.  When you are on time and have plenty of time to plan and prepare for the day, it encourages you to achieve more!

Beneficial for Students

It is proved scientifically that when you study in the early morning, you get good grades. The reason is that when you study in the morning you are fresh after a good nap and the silence helps you to study without any disturbance.

I was always a night owl, maybe that’s why my grades were just average!

25 Funny things that we have learned from the movies

Police Line Do not Cross
Pic Courtesy - Wikimedia Commons
21st November is celebrated as World Television day. Television has become an integral part of our Living room. From entertainment to learning, it has become a versatile content delivery medium. Interactive programs help kids learn from television. Movies are also sometimes made with an important social message and so we can also learn from movies. However, more often than not, movies are made far from reality. So on the occasion of World television day, here are some funny things we learn from movies:

  1. Superpowers can be attained by lightning strikes, animal bites or science experiments went wrong.
  2. Humanity will be wiped out by comets, deadly viruses or zombies.
  3. If any calamity is going to hit earth, it’s going to start and end in New York.
  4. Ninjas and Samurais can stop bullets with their Katana.
  5. A single hero is enough for an army of villains.
  6. A single bullet to a gas tank will explode the gas tank into a giant fireball. That giant fireball will trigger more explosions.
  7. Complete strangers on the street will be able to dance with the main cast. Not only they know the same dance steps, they dance in perfect sync!
  8. It takes roughly 2 minutes to guess the password of a computer.
  9. Copying secret files from the computer to a USB flash drive will complete just before the bad guy enters the room.
  10. When chased by a villain, a heroine will always choose to run upstairs rather than out of the house and call for help.
  11. When tucked in bed, the baby always goes to sleep instantaneously.
  12. The hero will get beaten up for the whole movie, but somehow, he will find enough strength to beat up the villain to a pulp with his bare hands.
  13. Anyone can land an airplane or a helicopter just by following simple instructions on the radio.
  14. A door can be broken down by 2-3 quick blows of the shoulder.
  15. Almost any door can be opened by a credit card.
  16. Aliens exist and they have more advanced technology than us.
  17. Always at least one police officer will be corrupt.
  18. At the end of the movie, police will give free reign to the hero to take revenge for all the wrong he has done to him.
  19. Whenever an asteroid or a comet is going to hit the earth, only NASA will try to save the earth. Rest of the countries will watch the asteroid traveling towards the earth on large video screens.
  20. It’s undoubtedly the ring of the mobile phone which gives away the hiding place of the heroine when the bad guys are looking for her.
  21. Taking down glasses, getting a haircut and some nice clothes can transform an ordinary girl into a hottie.
  22. A serial killer can never be killed on the first attempt.
  23. Vampires, wolverines, and zombies are real.
  24. The hero will not even blink when he gets beaten up by the bad guys but will wince when the heroine tries to clean his wounds.
  25. The ventilation ducts of a building are the perfect place for hiding or going from one portion to the other without being noticed.

However unrealistic or impractical the movies might be, they have become our main source of entertainment and the television has become our source for movies. So on this World Television Day lets appreciate the invention of the Television.

Men:The strong pillar in relationship

Appreciate the Sacrifices of Men
The word- sacrifice, we always use as a synonym for women. Every television show is about women and the story revolves around the various sacrifices she keeps on making in her life. We always hear women saying what sacrifice she has made in her life - leaving her career, parents, managing both family and job, taking care of children and the list is unending. However, here we fail to acknowledge one person who’s silently making a sacrifice to maintain the relationship. It’s none other than “Men”. Yes, you heard me right. Simply because men don’t broadcast their sacrifices we fail to recognize and value them.

Let us appreciate the sacrifices made by Men that too without even mentioning:   

Family: It is true that women have to leave their homes and family to start a new life with the husband’s family. However, it is also the men who replace their mother with their spouse or girlfriend. He gives the same level of respect and love to his wife or girlfriend which he gives to his mother. Often, he has to distance himself from his family to make time for his partner. Men are also the ones who suffer from the complaints made by both his mom and partner. Any differences or disagreements between them would be diverted to Men. Since they both have equal value in his life, he’s unable to take a stand for anyone and silently has to gulp down the pain.      
Friends: When it comes to choosing over spending quality time with the partner or with good old friends, it is always the partner who wins. Rather than enjoying with their friends, they have to settle for going shopping with their partners.             
Career or Goal: Although women are career oriented and have started supporting the family; it is always looked upon men to provide basic needs and facilities to the family. A well-paying job or his desire for further studies is put on hold since it may mean going abroad and losing the relationship or putting more hours in traveling for going to the workplace so that is convenient for his partner or children. Sometimes, men also decide on getting married earlier and setting aside their career.  
Sports/Entertainment: When there is a debate between men and women for either to watch their favorite game or soap opera, they have to settle for soap opera. Since many women are not interested in sports; unquestionably it is always the men’s sacrifice.
Sacrificing hobbies: Men sacrifice their earnings which they saved for their hobby to fulfill needs for their family. Funds saved by them often get diverted to paying the mortgage for their home or children’s college education fund.

Hopefully, more women will understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by men. If we try then we’ll be surprised to know that understanding men are no big deal. Men operate in silence and it should never ever be taken for granted!!!

Men Will be Men!!!

Men will be men! Understanding Men
Men will be Men!!!
November 19th was International Men’s day and I did nothing special on that day! How many of you join hands with me? Do we really understand men? They say that women are difficult to understand. But there are plenty of things which women also fails to understand about men. The problem is both of their minds work completely different. So, let’s make some effort to understand men in a better way on this very International Men’s Day:

Men can’t read your mind: Men don’t possess this ability to read one’s mind. So if you complain that he fails to reciprocate your hints, then it’s just not his fault. Go out and openly tell what you expect from him.

Less Emotion: Well this is the darker side but men like to show fewer emotions as compared to women. It is because he’s expected to be strong in the relationship and protect his family whereas women are supposed to be in charge of maintaining social relationships. So whether he’s sad, or depressed he likes to show it mostly through anger.

Men are visually focussed: Men get attracted by what they see. The moment they see someone, the next thing on their mind is how to approach that person. So if you want to attract your prince charming, then catch his eyesight. Thus, Men prefer to see a map to remember things rather than read or heard.

More Competitive: Men like to win. Men are more competitive and they get the satisfaction only through dominating others. One may criticize this trait. But who cares?

Men are more interested in games and sports: Men like electronics and gadgets. You may find it weird but they love to spend hours playing video games. It syndicates their love for action films along with their love to compete with others.

Less interested in conversations: Don’t expect men to have detailed conversations with you just like you have with your friend or sister. Another thing, they always look out for the solution and fixing the problems. So whenever you have a problem go to your men and immediately they will offer you with solutions.

Remember fewer details: They may remember the match’s scores and also dialogues about their favorite movie, but don’t expect them to recollect birthdays or anniversaries.

Interested in fixing things: Sure, it’s very much easy to call an electrician or mechanic, but men have the habits of repairing or at least making an attempt to repair whatever is broken.

Less Multitasking: Women might be able to do a hundred things simultaneously, but men can focus only one thing at a time. No matter he gives his cent per cent and makes sure the thing gets done.

Men like appreciation and to be loved:If you think only women like flowers then you’re wrong. Next time take flowers and also don’t forget to appreciate since they like it. Men also crave for love. Men in a relationship also look for loyalty and companionship from their partners.

Once, you mastered this key of understanding the men, then you’re surely going to get an upper hand in the relationship and your love life will be rocking!!

WhatsApp Video Call: One messaging app to rule them all!

Whatsapp messaging app for video calling
WhatsApp - One messaging App to rule them all

WhatsApp is very popular among its billions of users all around the world. Young and old nearly everyone is on WhatsApp nowadays. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and quickly rose to fame topping most downloaded app in Google play store. WhatsApp started off as a simple Internet messaging app. The ease of registration via a simple SMS code made it popular and widely preferred among users. As it faced competition from other messaging apps, WhatsApp started introducing new features. The Voice recordings and text along with Emojis and photos are loved by one and all. Just recently, it has added a new camera feature enabling its users to place Emoji stickers or draw anything on the photos and video recordings to express themselves. Also, WhatsApp started supporting animated and GIF images.

The only feature that was lacking in WhatsApp was Video calling. Now, it has also added that feature with the introduction of ‘WhatsApp Video Calling’. So, Video Calling on Android, iPhone, and Windows users is now possible through WhatsApp. If you still have not received the Android update on video calls, then you can go to Google Play Store and scroll down to select the Beta sign up progress option for getting to join in early access. To activate WhatsApp Video Call feature on Android just go to Play store, Apple store or Windows phone store and update WhatsApp to the latest version in case you’re using the older version. Please note that there are links which allegedly claim to activate WhatsApp video calling feature are going viral on the WhatsApp. However, these links are fake and should not be used and considered as a Spam.
So, here are the steps to make Video calls:

Ø  Open WhatsApp
Ø  Select the Calls tab
Ø  Select Call Sign on top right corner
Ø  Each contact will be with two options i.e. calling option and video calling option
Ø  Select the Contact and choose Video Calling option and initiate free video calls

Another way to make Video Calls is to select the Contact icon of the person you wish to call. On the chat window select the call sign. A user then has the option to either initiate a Voice call of Video call.

When using the WhatsApp calling feature, you can switch between the front view camera and rear view camera. The second icon will be to mute and third red sign call icon will be to disconnect the call. As of now, Video Calls can be made only with individuals and not with groups.    

After introducing this feature it has surpassed other Apps in terms of features such as Viber, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. If we compare it to Apple Facetime which works on the just iOS device, WhatsApp can work on Android, iPhone and even Windows.  Another benefit of using WhatsApp is built in the end to end encryption, so all your messages and calls are secured and nobody can eavesdrop on your activity, not even WhatsApp!

Further, I would like to highlight another nice feature of WhatsApp Video Calling. When a user is in between Video Calls on Android and Windows SmartPhones, users can also chat with someone without even disconnecting the call. In the case of iPhone, the video call minimizes into a small bubble and floats on the screen while the user chats on WhatsApp. When the user touches the bubble, Video Calls screen will then expand again, and the user can continue with the video calls. For iPhone users, the video does not pause even while texting, and for Android and Windows Phone users, the video will pause until the user finishes with the text.

Let’s now discuss the WhatsApp video calling quality. It will depend upon the signal strength. In strong Wi-Fi connections, the call will be smooth and continuous, and the video was also clear. However, with mobile data, the video call quality is little bit interrupted. However, it is still satisfactory.

WhatsApp has also joined Facebook to implement track basic matrix and fight spam. Through WhatsApp, Facebook can also help suggest friends if a user has given permission to WhatsApp to share contacts with Facebook. WhatsApp also does not charge subscription fees and also has no third-party advertisements. So making free video calls is promising.

With this latest added feature, WhatsApp is now going to rule all the other Apps who were till now cashing in on the absence of WhatsApp Video Calling. It is going to be tough for its competitors as WhatsApp is the one-stop shop for messaging.

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