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Who ties the knot today? Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Love story: Everything you must know about the beautiful couple

Pic Courtesy - YouTube 11th November 2015, a date to remember because it broke the hearts of several female fans but was a memorable day for the dashing Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh who got engaged to the model and actress Hazel Keech. Yes! This is the day when they both exchanged rings and got hitched. Their love story becomes an official announcement and the beautiful couple strengthened their long-term relationship in front of the media. Let's turn few pages of their life to know where their love story started and how they got committed in their relationship. The bridegroom Yuvraj Singh - What you must know? Yuvraj Singh, popularly called Yuvi by his fans was born on 12th of December, 1981, to the beautiful Punjabi couple Mr. Yograj Singh and Mrs. Shabnam Singhin Chandigarh, India. Yuvi's love for sports was seen noticed by his parents since his childhood days especially when he got his first medal for National Under-14 Roller Skating Championship during h

December 1, World AIDS Day - Raise Awareness- Don't forget the Red Ribbon!

Pic Courtesy -  Flickr Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) if left untreated can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Basically, it affects the body’s immune system (especially T cells) to fight infections or diseases. AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. Also, remember that HIV doesn’t always lead to AIDS. HIV is an incurable disease, so once you have HIV, you have it for a lifetime. But you can surely control it with effective care and medical treatment. So, the foremost thing we should all know how HIV virus gets spread so as to control it. Following are the ways it can be transmitted from an infected person: Also Read, HIV positive is not the end of your story ! Ways HIV Virus can be transmitted from an infected person Testing positive for HIV can be scary and depressing. Your life takes a standstill. It is a matter of concern not only for you but for your family and friends as well. But surely, you can fight with it and overcome this wi

Forget the Snooze button, Wake up early to enjoy its benefits!

Snooze the alarm! The alarm rings at 6’o clock in the morning and goes to “Snooze”, it again rings at 6.05 AM and I hit the snooze button again! And this routine goes on till 7.30 AM. Why till 7.30 AM? My husband leaves office at 8’o clock and I have to prepare breakfast and pack his lunch and all these happens in a hurry! Should we be thankful to the one who invented the snooze button on our alarms? How did our parents manage to wake up without the alarms??? My grandparents went to bed 8 o'clock at night and woke up as early as 4’o clock in the morning! How was it even possible? Those who wake up early in the morning are active, healthy and fresh throughout the day! We have got habituated to working late at nights and wake up late in the morning… Due to our work routine, our daily schedule has drastically changed! Due to the changes in our sleeping habit, even when we are idle, we keep ourselves entertained in front of television, gaming consoles, mobile ph

25 Funny things that we have learned from the movies

Pic Courtesy -  Wikimedia Commons 21st November is celebrated as World Television day . Television has become an integral part of our Living room. From entertainment to learning, it has become a versatile content delivery medium. Interactive programs help kids learn from television. Movies are also sometimes made with an important social message and so we can also learn from movies. However, more often than not, movies are made far from reality. So on the occasion of World television day, here are some funny things we learn from movies: Superpowers can be attained by lightning strikes, animal bites or science experiments went wrong. Humanity will be wiped out by comets, deadly viruses or zombies. If any calamity is going to hit earth, it’s going to start and end in New York. Ninjas and Samurais can stop bullets with their Katana. A single hero is enough for an army of villains. A single bullet to a gas tank will explode the gas tank into a giant fireball.

Men:The strong pillar in relationship

Appreciate the Sacrifices of Men The word- sacrifice, we always use as a synonym for women. Every television show is about women and the story revolves around the various sacrifices she keeps on making in her life. We always hear women saying what sacrifice she has made in her life - leaving her career, parents, managing both family and job, taking care of children and the list is unending. However, here we fail to acknowledge one person who’s silently making a sacrifice to maintain the relationship. It’s none other than “Men”. Yes, you heard me right. Simply because men don’t broadcast their sacrifices we fail to recognize and value them. Let us appreciate the sacrifices made by Men that too without even mentioning:    Family : It is true that women have to leave their homes and family to start a new life with the husband’s family. However, it is also the men who replace their mother with their spouse or girlfriend. He gives the same level of respect and love to his wife

Men Will be Men!!!

Men will be Men!!! November 19th was International Men’s day and I did nothing special on that day! How many of you join hands with me? Do we really understand men ? They say that women are difficult to understand. But there are plenty of things which women also fails to understand about men. The problem is both of their minds work completely different. So, let’s make some effort to understand men in a better way on this very International Men’s Day : Men can’t read your mind: Men don’t possess this ability to read one’s mind. So if you complain that he fails to reciprocate your hints, then it’s just not his fault. Go out and openly tell what you expect from him. Less Emotion : Well this is the darker side but men like to show fewer emotions as compared to women. It is because he’s expected to be strong in the relationship and protect his family whereas women are supposed to be in charge of maintaining social relationships. So whether he’s sad, or depressed he likes to

WhatsApp Video Call: One messaging app to rule them all!

WhatsApp - One messaging App to rule them all WhatsApp is very popular among its billions of users all around the world. Young and old nearly everyone is on WhatsApp nowadays. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and quickly rose to fame topping most downloaded app in Google play store. WhatsApp started off as a simple Internet messaging app. The ease of registration via a simple SMS code made it popular and widely preferred among users. As it faced competition from other messaging apps, WhatsApp started introducing new features. The Voice recordings and text along with Emojis and photos are loved by one and all. Just recently, it has added a new camera feature enabling its users to place Emoji stickers or draw anything on the photos and video recordings to express themselves. Also, WhatsApp started supporting animated and GIF images. The only feature that was lacking in WhatsApp was Video calling. Now, it has also added that feature with the introduction of ‘ WhatsApp Video