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'BlackBerry' Episode Ends in 2016 - The Way Forward for BlackBerry

It’s a sad day for serious businessman standing next to you typing away emails on his BlackBerry phone while you hurl up the building in an elevator. In Late September 2016, BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced that BlackBerry will no longer invest in developing its own hardware for mobile devices. Like Nokia, BlackBerry has failed to hold its own ground against giants like android and iOS. According to estimates, BlackBerry was able to sell close to only 400000 handsets while it needed to sell at least 3 million handsets every quarter to stay afloat. BlackBerry saw its rise to fame with iconic BlackBerry Bold phone model with emphasis on Security, Enhanced emailing functions and a big display. It was leaps and bounds ahead of the then market leader, Nokia. Like iOS devices, BlackBerry chose to keep its operating system limited to their own hardware. The masses also loved the QWERTY keyboard which was a revelation at that time in mobile devices. Then came the solid constructi

Top 10 Horror movies of 2016

Pic Courtesy -  YouTube This year was full of horror movies, whether sequels or remakes all made you jump out from your seats. They were scary, terrifying, mysterious and intensely thrilling. So, as the year comes to an end, turn off your lights and enjoy the power packed horror films which you probably might have missed!     Here’s the list of the best Horror movies of 2016 which is worth watching if you love the suspense and thriller: 1.        Don’t hang up : Co-directed by Damien Mace & Alexis Wajsbrot, this film is about the drunken teenage pranksters and how their life became a nightmare when a mysterious stranger turns their own game against them. 2.        Split : After a birthday party three girls are kidnapped by a troubled Kevin who has a rare case of 23 split personalities and how the girls try to escape from him. Directed and Written by M. Night Shyamalan and actors like James McAvoy has given the best performance in this movie till date making the

Saturday! New Year Eve! Where to Party?

Two more days to go for the great New year party! All party lovers, here are interesting parties hosted across Chennai. Get your passes and enjoy the Saturday night party to welcome 2017. Madras Masti New Year Eve 2017 Where? Vaibhav Villa, Babbar Farms, Golden Beach Bay View Resort, Chennai How much? VIP couple pass : Rs. 4499 Couple pass:  Rs. 3150 Stag: Rs. 2499 Ladies: Rs. 1349 Children: Rs. 499 Who is the Dj? DJ Kishy What is Special? All the categories will be provided with buffet dinner, unlimited liquor and unlimited bar snacks. Other facilities like games, dance performances, separate kids play zone, photo booth, and much more are also available. Where and whom to contact? Tickets available at: +91 75022 21333, +91 44 48521133 Added inclusive: Apart from all this, you will also be able to enjoy dance performance from a limited dance company Limited Edition, Thrill Veera - A Guinness world record holder and M.C -