Cooking basics for beginners, Your first visit to the kitchen

Cooking is an art. Nobody is born with it but it can be learned and mastered over time. So, in case you are an absolute beginner and if it’s your first kitchen visit, numerous thoughts will come to your mind…This cooking basics for beginners will help you prepare for your cooking experiments.

How to cook?

Will I be able to cook? Can I learn the art of cooking and start cooking like my mom? Will I be able to impress my husband and in-laws with my cooking skills? And when you want to start cooking, you will come across questions. This Cooking basics for beginners will give you answers to all the unanswered questions and it will help you prepare for you your first visit to the kitchen. I learned cooking 4 years back which was just after my marriage! Initially, it was a bit tough but later it became my passion! To put a full stop to all your questions and help you overcome your concerns, I bring to you some cooking basics for beginners

Be well prepared

Always concentrate on the preparations. Always plan in advance. Decide what to make, how to make and what ingredients are required to make it. Get the vegetables, spices and other ingredients from the store in advance. It’s a good idea to prepare sauces, stocks, ‘chutney’ or paste and keep them in the refrigerator for future use. This will save you time while cooking. Being prepared means less chaos and more good food.


While cooking, always pay attention to safety measures. While Frying or sauté, be extra careful so as to not get burnt. Make sure you put off the flames after the use. Use knife carefully while cutting or peeling the vegetables. Don’t keep flammable objects near the stove. Put on the exhaust fan while cooking. Keep a first aid kit in the kitchen.

Slow and steady is the key to success

For the absolute beginners, don’t try to match the speed with your mom or mother in law. Concentrate on the quality and not the speed. At first, do things one by one, once you get that confidence, try to do tasks parallel. Till then relax and focus. Don’t read, just keep cooking Cooking is an art which can be mastered only through practice. So just don’t go on reading recipes, but make it. Not once, but twice, thrice... until you get it right. Unless you make an attempt, you won’t know whether you can make the dish or not.

Use your intuition and judgment

Many of us who start cooking have this habit of following recipes blindly. Follow the recipes but also don’t forget your taste, likes, and dislikes. You can always make a variation to suit your taste. Keep on cooking and tasting the food, you’ll yourself come to know what should be added and what not. As you keep on cooking you’ll know the various types of spices and their flavors.

Be with someone who knows how to cook

Even though you’re not cooking at least be with your mom or sister who’s cooking. Observe them how they cut the vegetables, what are the spices added by them, how much quantity is to be taken, how much preparation to be done, how to present and serve the food. There are various minute details required to be known to get that perfect dish. Observe them, Make notes if required and you’ll be amazed to know that world’s best food comes from every home kitchen.

Don’t make experiments

For all those absolute beginners, make tried and tested recipes when cooking for special guests and don’t experiment both with new recipe or ingredient at the same time. Don’t get disheartened Whenever one starts cooking, and offer the food to spouse or siblings, chances are there they may criticise your food and your efforts. At this point, don’t lose hope. Remember, everyone has different taste buds and hence you might not be able to please everyone at the same time.

Go on with your efforts and sooner or later you’ll get success. Hopefully, these cooking basics for beginners will prove fruitful for all the absolute beginners and next time you might get praised by your friends and family for the delicious food you make!


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