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The truth about Jallikattu and Spanish Bullfight

Who said Jallikattu and Spanish Bullfight are somewhat of the same nature? In reality, both are far different from each other. Let’s have a deep understanding of both these sports so we can understand the difference between these two sports: The Jallikattu is a bull taming sport which is typically practiced across certain villages in South Tamil Nadu and followers of the sports claim that it is an integral part of Tamil Culture. In ancient times, it was called as Yeru-thazhuvuthal which means bull embracing. Another name Manju Virattu signifies bull chasing. It is carried out on Mattu Pongal Day, 3 rd day of Pongal celebrations. The term Jallikattu has derived from Tamil words “Salli” or “Jalli” symbolizing Gold or Silver coins and “Kattu” means bag. So, the coins are tied to bull’s horns which are also the prize money for the winner. The sport involves releasing a bull into a public arena and the players must hold onto the hump of the bull for some particular time or d

Ways to maintain friendship after marriage

Post Marriage, every one of us might have come across this dilemma - how to balance both i.e. our married life and maintain a cordial relationship with our good old friends. Often, we complain that so and so a friend has changed after marriage and not giving due importance to the friendship . Since, after marriage everyone’s life, gets changed with the arrival of new family member and relatives in the house. It becomes important to nurture the new relationship; attention should also be given to maintaining friendship with your good friends so that they also don’t feel neglected. Let’s have some look at the nine innovative ways to maintain friendship post marriage… Prioritizing : As we grow older, our responsibilities increases and often we have to prioritize things. After marriage and kids, chances are there we might not be able to give enough time to our good friends which we once used to give. We might not be able to hang out with them like we did in our School/College

Sweet Pongal Recipe:Easy to cook at home

Today is my favorite festival and I prepared sweet pongal. It is a traditional dessert of Tamilnadu made with rice and jaggery.From cashew to cardamom, rice and jaggery, the preparation of sweet Pongal are too tempting for anyone to resist. Just as the name says, the Pongal festival is celebrated by preparing Pongal (a sweet dessert) at home. Marking the importance of harvest and to worship the Sun God, the Pongal is prepared with newly harvested rice along with ghee, jaggery, cashew nuts and more. Sweet pongal also known as Sakkarai pongal or Chakkara pongal is prepared at everyone’s home in Tamil Nadu during Pongal festival. Here is how I prepared the sweet pongal Cooking time: 60 minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients: Raw rice - 200 grams Jaggery- 400 grams Water - 2 cups Milk - 1 cup Elachi - 5 pieces Cashew - 10-15 Ghee - 100 ml Saffron ½ gram The method of preparation: Take a thick bottom pan Boil water and add washed raw rice to i

Homemade Chicken Zafrani

Restaurant food is my inspiration! Yes, I need outside food at least once in a week to keep my taste buds alive! Recently, tried the Chicken Zafrani at Punjabi Dhaba which inspired me to try a homemade version of it. I used the ingredients easily available at home. Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Cooking Time: 45 Minutes Marinate Time: 2 hours Cuisine: Punjabi Taste : Spicy S erves: 2 Ingredients Boneless chicken - 250 gms Milk - 250 ml Curd - 100 ml (50 ml to marinate and 50 ml for cooking) Ginger garlic paste - 30 grams Bay leaves - 2-3 leaves Onions - 2 large Almond - 25 grams Cashew - 25 grams Saffron Ghee Turmeric powder Red chili powder Garam Masala Salt To Marinate: Wash the chicken pieces and marinate it with turmeric powder and curd and leave it for 2 hours You can add vinegar too (but I used only curd) To Soak: Soak the Almonds

7 tips to help you buy a smartphone

The Smartphone market is an extremely competitive one. With Manufacturers coming up with a new device every other week, the choice of buying a new smartphone can be very confusing for the average Joe. Here are a few handy tips, in no particular order, to simplify the tech mumbo jumbo and help you to buy a Smartphone for your needs. Here is what you should look for before you buy a smartphone : 1. The Display : Look for the Resolution and size of the display. The higher the resolution, the better the screen will be to look at. Size is subjective. Some people a small screen for single hand use while some want a larger display to enjoy movies and photos on the go. Also, pay attention to the Display type. Display type can be LCD or AMOLED. IPS LCD will give accurate colors, while you can choose a phone with AMOLED display if you like punchy colors and high contrast. 2. The Processor : The increasing pixel count in a smartphone display also means that the p