Thank you note from a woman to all the men

Women's Day Thank you note from a Woman to men

On this Women’s day, I would like to acknowledge the three best men in my life.

My Dad. Yes, his efforts have brought me to this world. More than a father, he was a guide, advisor, and a mentor. He gave me the best education that helped me standing on my own legs. His guidance has helped me pursue the best career that gave me strength and confidence. He is always my role model.

My Husband. He is my best friend and well-wisher who is readily available whenever I need a shoulder. He shares my pain and gain; without his support, encouragement, and trust, I would not be what I’m today.

My Father-in-law. I feel blessed to have him in my life who respects my idea and let me live in a way that makes me happy.

The education and the experience I have gained today is not possible without these three men in my life. When I look back, All I’m left with is freedom to pursue my dreams, constant encouragement, abundant love and complete trust from my entire family.

I would take this opportunity to thank all my brothers, friends, cousins, uncles, colleagues, managers and all the men I know. Thanks for treating me good and making me feel proud on this woman’s day.

I feel proud being a woman.

With love,
Maithily Arulraja

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