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9 Useful Laundry Hacks to make your cleaning easy

Idea 1 – Drying your clothes, the best laundry hacks Is cold weather and rains bothering the piles of clothes? Having loads of clothes to dry causes a lot of inconveniences but here is a quick washing machine hack that will remove excess moisture from clothes. Once washing is done, spin you washing machine for 10 minutes (In dryer/spin mode) with a dry towel. The towel will suck the moisture leaving your clothes dry. Idea 2 – Messy, greasy, oil stains on clothes Oh, God! What would you do if your favorite shirt has oil stains? A piece of chalk comes to your rescue. Simply rub the chalk on the oil stain and wash them. The stains will disappear just like magic. Idea 3 – No more Inky, inky dresses! Ink stains on clothes are a big task for mothers. Use a hair spray or hand sanitizer on the stubborn ink stains, leave it for few minutes and wash them. The stains are just gone! Idea 4 – Did you hurt yourself? Why’s the blood stain? When there are stains o

9 Simple And Easy Household Cleaning Hacks that will make your day effortless

DIY Idea 1 - Get rid of that oil and grease stains on your stove! Add few drops of mineral oil/vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub it over the stains. The stains will disappear in a minute. Use a damp cloth and clean the stove. DIY Idea 2 - Cleaning your Tupperware and Signoraware From kids to Adults, everyone uses Tupperware and Signoraware products. However, cleaning them is a big task. Try this simple trick to get rid of the stubborn stains in your Tupperware and signoraware products. Take dish wash soap and water to the Tupperware/ Signoraware, add a pinch of baking powder and microwave them for 5 minutes. Wash them with regular water. DIY Idea 3 - The vodka trick Bringing in liquor home is not bad all time! Keep your mattress bacteria free with the vodka spray. Fill Vodka in an empty perfume bottle and spray them on the mattress and leave it aside for few hours. The bacteria-free mattress is yours now! DIY Idea 4 - No more nail polish st