Are we missing BIGG BOSS 2 contestants

Picture Courtesy - Vijay Television

BIGG BOSS 2 Tamil is an entertainment show that kept us hooked to our televisions from 9.00PM to 10.30 PM every day for almost 100+ days.

With just 1 day left for BIGG BOSS 2 Finale, are we missing the contestants already?
Aishwarya Dutta, Riythvika, Janani Iyer and Vijayalakshmi Feroz have made it to the finale and the results will be out on Sunday.

Are we going to miss the contestants?

Not really! Tune in to Vijay TV and we’d see them all! Here's what BIGG BOSS 2 contestants would do after the finale! 

Ananth Vaidyanathan

We would see him in Super Singer seasons as a voice expert anyways!

Ramya NSK

Can we expect her to be one of the judges or special panel or trainer for Super Singer seasons?

Janani Iyer

Ahan! Let’s watch her 'Thegidi' movie in repeat mode!


She’d be the judge in dance reality shows. What do you say? Occasionally, we may even see her in Vijay TV's cooking shows?

Daniel Annie Pope

Can we forget ‘Romba sumar moonji Kumaru’? Vijay TV will telecast 'Idarku thane aasaipatai balakumara' atleast 2 times a week? Am I missing a count here?

Thadi Balaji

We can see him as a judge in Kalaka povadhu yaaru and he will show his face in all comedy shows on Vijay TV. 

Nithya Balaji

She may not need an appearance in the television but Thadi Balaji would talk about her in all the shows.


The ‘tamil ponnu’ can be seen in the famous movie 'Madras'. And of course, in repeat mode! Let's wish she signs a lot of character roles in the future!

Mamathi Chari

Famous for her speech, can we see her in Neeya Naana as a special guest? And we’d see her in Success celebration, Diwali Celebration, and Bigg Boss celebrations and other events too! Do you think she would even host one or two events? 

Aiswarya Dutta

Let’s see our favorite Aiswarya in ‘Tamiluku enn ondrai aluthavum’. Tune in to Vijay TV and Super Vijay to watch Aiswarya as Harini in the famous social thriller. 


He’d be a special guest in ‘Kalaka povadhu yaru’ and we may even see him in ‘adhu idhu edhu’. Oh wait, wait, wait, How did I miss 'Moodar Koodam'? You can watch it in Hot star, Vijay super of course!

Mahat Raghavendra

He’d be busy signing new movies so let’s watch his ‘Chennai 28 II’ What do you say?

Vaishnavi Prasad

She’d be the participant in almost all shows - Divided, Neeya Naana, Adhu idhu edhu, Kalaka povadhu yaru, and did I miss anything?


Can we see him in a new season of Achcham thavir reality show? Or we could even accept him as a judge for comedy reality shows for his good sense of humor!  

Shariq Hassan Khan

He’d appear in dance reality shows, music reality shows and even in comedy shows. And aren't we waiting to sign a new movie sooner? 

Yashika Aannand

Having won the hearts of the audience, she’d be the special guest on every show. From Adhu idhu edhu, Sagala Vs Ragala, dance and music reality shows and more... Let's watch NOTA for our favorite lady!


Let's watch her movies Kattradhu Kalavu & Chennai 600028 II in Hot star and Vijay Super. But, can we see the ‘Nayagi’ famous actor in a new serial in Vijay TV?

Ooty Holiday | Chennai to Ooty | Things to do in Ooty in July


A much-needed break for us (Me and my husband)! We were excited about our first trip to Ooty. I took the responsibility to plan the entire trip and managed the finances (Uffff… such a great relief for my hubby). I did a little bit of research in Wikipedia and read some reviews and knew that the Ooty temperature and Ooty climate wouldn’t cooperate with us in the month of July! Considering the lesser number of tourists, we booked our Ooty trip through MakeMyTrip.

Why did we choose MakeMyTrip?

  • Easy planning
  • Amazing offers and best deals
  • Total package
  • Easy to customize
  • Good customer service
  • Trouble-free planning
It would have been easy to manage our travel from Chennai to Ooty but we choose MakeMyTrip to manage our travel and plan the things to do in Ooty. We were impressed with the offers and discounts provided by MakeMyTrip on the overall tour package. They gave us the best deals on good hotels in Ooty. They took care of the flight booking and made arrangements for the cab and hotel. It was nice to hand over our itinerary to MakeMyTrip and have them manage it on our behalf. To make it simple, we wanted our trip to be flawless and free from any interruption!

How did we travel?

We opted for Air travel to save a lot of time. Traveling from Chennai to Coimbatore via train would take 10 hours (Approx) and 8 hours by bus. We took SpiceJet from Chennai to Coimbatore and our travel agent from Cholan Travels was waiting at the Coimbatore airport. We traveled from Coimbatore to Ooty via Coonoor. Our driver Saleem informed about the most happening things to do in Ooty and Coonoor. We reached Coonoor in the afternoon and went to Dolphin Nose Viewpoint. had an awesome Chinese lunch at Orchid Square Boutique Hotel in Coonoor and Visited SIMS park. Later we headed to our hotel.

How did we find the best places to stay in Ooty?

Keeping our budget in mind, we wanted to choose a 4-star hotel on day 1 and budget hotels on day 2.
Glyngarth Resort Ooty

Glyngarth Resort 10 Km away from Ooty

After browsing through numerous hotels and resorts, Ooty room booking in MakeMyTrip we choose the best place to stay in Ooty, Glyngarth Resort which is one of the 4-star hotels in Ooty. The hotel was 10 km away from Ooty and had beautiful views, amazing amenities, and excellent hospitality. We choose their expensive room Mountain view with Jacuzzi (approx 7500 INR per night)


  • Amazing views
  • Excellent food
  • Private rooms
  • Best amenities
  • Quick room service
  • Fully equipped room
  • Excellent power backup
  • A lot of indoor and outdoor activities


  • Roads to reach the resort is not proper
  • Window blinds/curtains could have been more proper
  • Insect control

La Flora Amberley Resort, Ooty

While looking at a budget hotel in Ooty, we came across La Flora Amberley Resort which was less than half a kilometer from Ooty Lake. We expected the hotel to have the nice view and nice ambiance but the reality was terrible. We had a horrible experience on reaching the Resort. La Flora Amberley Resort was a 15-year-old property with no proper maintenance. They had no power backup and the rooms were smelly, dusty and totally unclean. The toilets were broken and had insects all around the place. If you are looking for hotels in Ooty near the lake, you can please exclude this as a choice! And do not be misguided with the pictures posted on the internet! They are not the latest ones and the resort clearly needs renovation!

Hotel Sarkar Palace, Ooty

We took the help of our local guide (our driver) and looked for hotels in Ooty city. Considering our budget <3000, he suggested Sarkar Palace, Ooty. It was located in the heart of the town and has access to restaurants, local shops, cafe and more. They have a decent room service and a large supermarket that stocks chocolates, tea, coffee, spices, sweaters and more. They have various choice of rooms from Deluxe, ultra deluxe, royal and suite rooms. We choose the Royal room which had a window overlooking the beautiful mountain. We paid 2788 INR slightly overpriced for the season and the amenities provided.


  • Quick access to shops/cafe/eateries
  • Heart of the city Safe and cozy rooms
  • Quick room service
  • Over-priced
  • Food below average
  • Hot water available only during specific hours 
  • No Fan 
Please Note: If you are looking for beautiful views, this is not the best place!
Ooty Picture

What’s in our itinerary?

Ooty places to visit in 2 Nights and 3 Days trip

If you are here to know the places to visit in Ooty, here’s the list

Day #1

Dolphin NoseView point

Day #2

Wax Museum
Tea Factory
Ooty Lake/Boathouse
Botanical Garden
Rose Garden
Thread garden

Day #3

Main Bazzar
Doddabetta Peak

Sims Park Ooty
SIMS Park, Ooty

We knew July was not the best time to visit Ooty however, we were occupied with a lot of sightseeing in our 2 nights and 3 days trip. With non-stop drizzle, we had to roam around with our umbrella all the time and had to safeguard our Water IR-RESISTANT camera all the time. We couldn’t take a lot of Ooty pictures!

On day 1, we visited Coonoor and Day 2 we visited Wax museum, botanical garden, Doddabetta tea factory where we did a lot of tea and chocolate shopping, visited Cauvery silks art and crafts emporium (Government authorized) and bought some clothes (without GST), essential oils and incense sticks. After a quick lunch at The paradise at Hotel Galton Manor we want to the Ooty Boat House which was closed due to non-stop rains. We visited the World’s first Thread garden, a 30-year-old art that definitely needs some attention!

On day 3, we were planning to visit Doddabetta peak but due to rain, we did not visit the place and reached Coimbatore via Kotagiri. We had our lunch at Sree Annapoorna and boarded the evening IndiGo flight to Chennai.

Kiwifruit and fresh mango smoothie shake to make at home

Kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie

Hello, you lovely people!
It’s quite some time since I blogged and today, I decided to share a delicious shake recipe that I made at home.
It’s good to eat fruits in summer and I love to make healthy shakes with fruits. Today, I had 3 kiwi fruits and few mangoes in my kitchen so I decided to make refreshing kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie.

Why Kiwi fruit in summer?

Kiwifruit and fresh mango smoothie

Kiwi is low in calories, fat, and sugar. They are fiber-rich fruit enriched with vitamins and minerals. They are good for diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and it decreases the risk of obesity.

Kiwifruit is highly recommended for

    Healthy looking skin
    To improve sleep
    Reduce the risk of kidney stones
    Lower blood pressure
    Prevent constipation

What are the healthy ways to add mangoes to your diet?

The fruit is rich in fiber. They can be added to your morning salad or you can make fresh juices or smoothies. This tropical fruit is free from fat, sodium, and cholesterol. They have more than 20 vitamins and minerals making it the best superfood.

Kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie

Kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie -Healthy shake to make at home


3 fresh kiwi fruits
1 cup fresh mango pulp
Sugar (required quantity)
1 glass milk (approximately 200 ml)
Chocolate ice cream (Optional)

Peel the kiwi fruits and cut them into pieces
Add kiwi fruit, mango pulp and required quantity of sugar in a juicer mixer (you can use a blender too) and mix well
Add milk (I used frozen milk)
Finally, add chocolate ice cream scoop and blend it once.
Delicious Kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie is ready to be served
You can add chopped almonds, crushed kiwi fruit, and finely chopped mangoes.

This is a delicious smoothie shake that’s easy to prepare at home. I’m sure this answers your question of how do you make a fruit smoothie at home. If you don’t want to use mango, you could try the same recipe with bananas or apples. The kiwifruit dominated the taste and it was yummy and healthy.

Click here to read our Cooking basics for beginners

Dear Writers, Know your Worth

blogging as a career

Today, Episode of Experience turns 2.
I always feel that words are the best way to express emotions. I write when I’m happy, I write when I’m sad and I write when I’m depressed. Writing according to me is a great stress buster.
Writing has now become my habit! I started writing diaries in the year 2005 and started blogging in the year 2010 where I had no idea of what actually blogging is.
So, do I have an idea now?
Well, not really!
I’m one of the luckiest person to pursue my dream! Yes, I have made my passion as my career. Yes, I have chosen blogging as a career.  As a content writer and blogger, I feel more responsible and expressive.
What’s the role of writers in today’s society?
Today, Yesterday or Tomorrow, Writers play a very important role in everyday life. There’s a writer behind every news that we read or hear, There’s a writer behind every brochure or pamphlet that we read. There’s a writer behind everything that goes viral on the internet.
Internet would have been nothing without writers. We appreciate Google and Wikipedia for throwing us amazing information for everything we search but do we realize the hard work of the writer or appreciate them for a minute?
What I’ve learned?
  • To be more responsible
  • To be more expressive
  • To be more creative
Episode of Experience is the outcome of my confidence. It’s a platform to prove my worth!
We are all writers!
The status we post on social media, the discussion we have on communities, our never-ending chats on messaging apps is a proof that we are all writers.

Author’s Note: I look forward to all your support to make Episode of Experience a place to talk, express and collaborate. In the coming months, you can expect a new episode of ‘Episode of experience’
Thanks for your support

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