Are we missing BIGG BOSS 2 contestants

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BIGG BOSS 2 Tamil is an entertainment show that kept us hooked to our televisions from 9.00PM to 10.30 PM every day for almost 100+ days.

With just 1 day left for BIGG BOSS 2 Finale, are we missing the contestants already?
Aishwarya Dutta, Riythvika, Janani Iyer and Vijayalakshmi Feroz have made it to the finale and the results will be out on Sunday.

Are we going to miss the contestants?

Not really! Tune in to Vijay TV and we’d see them all! Here's what BIGG BOSS 2 contestants would do after the finale! 

Ananth Vaidyanathan

We would see him in Super Singer seasons as a voice expert anyways!

Ramya NSK

Can we expect her to be one of the judges or special panel or trainer for Super Singer seasons?

Janani Iyer

Ahan! Let’s watch her 'Thegidi' movie in repeat mode!


She’d be the judge in dance reality shows. What do you say? Occasionally, we may even see her in Vijay TV's cooking shows?

Daniel Annie Pope

Can we forget ‘Romba sumar moonji Kumaru’? Vijay TV will telecast 'Idarku thane aasaipatai balakumara' atleast 2 times a week? Am I missing a count here?

Thadi Balaji

We can see him as a judge in Kalaka povadhu yaaru and he will show his face in all comedy shows on Vijay TV. 

Nithya Balaji

She may not need an appearance in the television but Thadi Balaji would talk about her in all the shows.


The ‘tamil ponnu’ can be seen in the famous movie 'Madras'. And of course, in repeat mode! Let's wish she signs a lot of character roles in the future!

Mamathi Chari

Famous for her speech, can we see her in Neeya Naana as a special guest? And we’d see her in Success celebration, Diwali Celebration, and Bigg Boss celebrations and other events too! Do you think she would even host one or two events? 

Aiswarya Dutta

Let’s see our favorite Aiswarya in ‘Tamiluku enn ondrai aluthavum’. Tune in to Vijay TV and Super Vijay to watch Aiswarya as Harini in the famous social thriller. 


He’d be a special guest in ‘Kalaka povadhu yaru’ and we may even see him in ‘adhu idhu edhu’. Oh wait, wait, wait, How did I miss 'Moodar Koodam'? You can watch it in Hot star, Vijay super of course!

Mahat Raghavendra

He’d be busy signing new movies so let’s watch his ‘Chennai 28 II’ What do you say?

Vaishnavi Prasad

She’d be the participant in almost all shows - Divided, Neeya Naana, Adhu idhu edhu, Kalaka povadhu yaru, and did I miss anything?


Can we see him in a new season of Achcham thavir reality show? Or we could even accept him as a judge for comedy reality shows for his good sense of humor!  

Shariq Hassan Khan

He’d appear in dance reality shows, music reality shows and even in comedy shows. And aren't we waiting to sign a new movie sooner? 

Yashika Aannand

Having won the hearts of the audience, she’d be the special guest on every show. From Adhu idhu edhu, Sagala Vs Ragala, dance and music reality shows and more... Let's watch NOTA for our favorite lady!


Let's watch her movies Kattradhu Kalavu & Chennai 600028 II in Hot star and Vijay Super. But, can we see the ‘Nayagi’ famous actor in a new serial in Vijay TV?

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