Android 9 Pie update on Samsung S9+ Plus - India

I just got my Samsung S9+ updated to the latest Android 9 pie today and I’m all excited! The first remarkable change is the New user interface. I see a new icon for ‘Call’, ‘Contact’, ‘Message’, ‘Bixby’, ‘Camera’, ‘Gallery’ and more…

Navigation has also become easy and it’s fun to explore the new changes. All I could see is the new icon and new interface after the Samsung software update.

Here are some of the features that are included in the recent Android 9 update.

    Adaptive battery
    Dark Mode
    Easier text selection
    Android Pie gesture navigation
    Easier screen rotation
    Customized notification settings
    Improved DND settings
Android 9 is easy to use and the experience gets better once you start using them!

Adaptive Battery

I've never had issues with the battery backup of Samsung s9+. The battery is good for more than 24 hours with minimal usage (Mobile Data ON). It lasts for 8-12 hours with an average usage of media and phone call.

With the Adaptive battery feature, you can just manage your phone with a single charge. It understands the apps and battery usage. It ensures your apps don't OVER use the battery!


Just as the name, it allows you to view the favorite part of your favorite apps.

Interactive navigation

You can just switch between screens and apps by using gestures instead of buttons.

Mobile Dashboard

How often do you use your smartphone? What do you do? Are you on Facebook, Do you watch a movie or read a book? You can now get notifications on how much time you spend on each application on your phone with the dashboard feature.

Set Timer for your Apps

Do you want to control your mobile usage or specifically 'App usage'? You can set daily time limits for mobile apps. The app icon grays out when you exceed the limit.

Android-9-pie-camera  Android-9-pie-camera

Camera Update

I noticed two new options with the Android 9 update on Samsung s9+ plus. There is 'Pro' mode with ISO, 1/90 f1.5, standard, AF, Auto options. There is a 'Photo' mode with amazing focus.

Notification settings for messages

With smart replies in the notification, you can respond to messages, WhatsApp in a tap.
Improved privacy and security settings, Usability enhancements like volume controls, screenshots, Slices, rotation, navigation and more

Have you got the new Android 9 pie on your Samsung S9+ Plus smartphone? What are the features that you love?

Easy and Basic Homemade Rasmalai Cake Recipe For Beginners


Do you buy a rasmalai cake from the cake shop? Do you want to bake one at home? An average rasmalai cake price (1 kg) is Rs. 1,800 INR. I’m sure this rasmalai cake recipe wouldn’t cost you this much!

What is the easiest cake to bake at home? That’s the question of every beginner, and I’m a beginner too. This recipe is tried and tested at home. I’ve used store-bought rasmalai and very basic ingredients that are readily available at home. This is a simple and one of the best cakes to bake at home. Moreover, this is a non-cream cake! This is a simple eggless sponge cake or tea cake enriched with rasmalai flavor.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 40 minutes

You’ll need

Rasmalai - 4 pieces (3 - for batter, 1- topping)
Rasmalai milk - ¼ cup*
Unsalted butter - 50 gm
Wheat flour - ½ cup
Maida - ½ cup
Sugar- ½ cup
Baking powder - 1 Tsp
Saffron - few strands
Cashew -finely chopped
Pista - finely chopped
Almonds - finely chopped


I didn't add eggs; if you want, you can include 1 egg and reduce the amount of rasmalai milk.

Method of preparation

Add butter (room temperature - not melted) in a large mixing bowl
Add 1 egg (skip this step, if you want eggless rasmalai cake)
Add sugar and beat until creamy
Add rasmalai milk, saffron strands and mix the ingredients
Now, add the rasmalai pieces and blend it properly
Sieve baking powder, wheat flour, and maida and mix it without lumps
Add chopped nuts and mix
It will be creamy and not watery
Grease the baking pan and pour the batter


To bake

Preheat the Microwave in convection mode 180 degree
Bake the cake for 40 minutes
When done, insert a toothpick, and it has to come out clean.


Bring the cake to room temperature
Add the excess rasmalai milk and chopped rasmalai pieces and serve it cold.
You can also eat the plain cake

There you go! You have made one of the best tasting cakes at home! As promised it is simple easy to make cake recipe. If you are looking for a basic cake for beginners, this is the perfect one!

Do you like this cake? Try it at home and share your experience.

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