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A Weekend in Poovar Island Resort, Thiruvananthapuram


If you are charmed by backwater cruise, high tide beaches, you like wandering amidst green gardens, watch the night sky and feel like you have a special connection with nature, then here is a Romantic weekend getaway idea. Recently, we (Me & husband, My friend and his wife) had been to Poovar Island Resort, Trivandrum for an absolute romantic getaway for couples. This resort has superior land cottages and floating cottages that float on backwaters, facing the sea. The resort is accessible only by a boat ride on the river.

How to Spend a Weekend in Poovar, Kerala?


A weekend [2 days and 1 Night] in Poovar Island resort, Trivandrum is not enough! However, it’s better than not having a weekend in this peaceful town in Kerala.

Whether you want to embrace the weather or escape to a backwater island, this romantic trip is the best way to spend with your loved one. As one of the interesting and serene Weekend getaways in Kerala, it is the perfect way to relieve the stress of long working hours! Expect to find honeymoon couples, family and people who love to get away from the busy city life. A weekend in Poovar Island Resort will give you enough reasons why it’s a perfect destination for couples!

How do we get to Poovar from Chennai?

Poovar Distance: There is no direct flight or train from Chennai to Poovar. The nearest airport is Trivandrum. The aerial distance from Chennai (MAA) to Trivandrum (TRV) is 629.97 KM. While the road distance between Chennai to Poovar is 748.3 KM.  You can take a train from Chennai (MS) to Trivandrum Central (TVC). By train, it is 798 KM. The minimum time a train takes to reach Trivandrum is 14:50 hours. From the railway station or airport, cabs can be hired to reach Poovar.

How to Reach Poovar Island?

The nearest railway stations:
  • Trivandrum Central (TVC) is 30.4 Km
  • Neyyattinkara (NYY) is 13.2 KM
  • Parassala (PASA) is 13.2 KM
We took Ananthapuri Express from Chennai to Neyyanttinkara (the shortest distance) and hired a cab to reach the Poovar Island Resort Boat service. A less than an hour drive. Along the way, you’ll pass by the town of Pozhiyoor which is the coastal border of Kerala and TamilNadu. This drive is refreshing (especially for city-born) as it offers a green landscape with rivers and streams!

The Train Tickets in 3-Tire AC cost: 1113.25 INR Per Person
The Cab from Neyyathinkara to Poovar Resort cost: RS 600 INR (per trip/ 4 Pax / Non-AC Indica)

Upon reaching Poovar Island resort’s boat service, we were welcomed with a sudden shot of rain! Let’s face it, we thought! It was nature’s surprise. What a better way to take advantage of the rain on a honeymoon trip (LOL).

What is the Weather in Poovar, Kerala?

Poovar weather: Winter is from November to February and it is the best time to visit Poovar. Summer is from March to May and the average high temperatures 28 and 37 Celcius. June marks the beginning of monsoon which lasts till September. Periodic rains and cold breeze will be a great relief from the scorching heat. You must be ready for surprise rains during the monsoons and you’ll not feel disappointed!

Where to Stay in Poovar?

We choose Poovar Island Resort which is the venture of Floatels India Private Limited. They offer various price points to suit all budgets. Superior and premium land cottages and the most impressive floating cottages are the options available.

Poovar Island Resort Cost

Check the Poovar island resort floating cottage tariff on MakeMyTrip or TripAdvisor. We booked cottages on MakeMyTrip and paid 3287 INR (inclusive of taxes) for one cottage.

Getting Around Poovar Island Resort


The waiting time for the boat service was pretty longer than we expected. They stopped the service due to rain and wind but did not resume (IMMEDIATELY) even after the situation got better. Despite the chaos, the boat ride to the resort was amazing! Life jackets are mandatory!

Around noon, we reached this beautiful space facing the backwaters and the sea. You should aim to walk as much as possible to enjoy the greenery around. The hammocks and swings amidst the coconut trees were my favorites!

Day 1 of A Weekend in Poovar Resort (Saturday)

In the Afternoon

After check-in, we refreshed in our room and had lunch at Tiffin’s Restaurant. It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves buffet and Ala Carte. After lunch, you can wander through the garden gazing at the beautiful trees, flowers and picturesque backwater. After that, take a quick massage/ ayurvedic therapies (at extra cost) at their spa. You can also visit their indoor activity area to play chess, carrom, table tennis, hand football, Ludo and other interesting games. They also have an interesting corner for book lovers with few collections of fiction and nonfiction.

In the Evening

Spend some time in the super-clean swimming pool. Get back to your room to have a hot cup of coffee or tea watching the calm backwater from your room. They have hammocks outside every room. Relax and listen to music, while you lay down on the swing. Stay just long enough to watch the sunset. End the night with candlelight dinner (at extra cost) amidst the garden.

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Day 2 of A Weekend in Poovar Resort (Sunday)

In the Morning

Go for an early morning work around the resort. You can avail the boat services and visit the beach. Swimming on the beach is not allowed due to high tides. Participate in meditation and yoga session(Free). Have a complimentary breakfast at Tiffin’s Restaurant.

In the Afternoon

Play cricket, volleyball, tennis. Before sitting down for lunch, go for swimming until the hunger pains begin to kick in. Check out their gift shop (Very Expensive). They have some collections of antique, fragrances, stoles, idols, spices and other essentials. Check-out the resort around 12.00 noon and it’s the end of a successful weekend in Poovar Resort.

We spend some time at the resort after check-out as our train was scheduled at 16:36. Had our lunch, sat by the pool-side and clicked some pictures.


What are the Top USPs of Poovar Island Resort?

  • Floating cottage
  • Peaceful Ambience
  • Eco-friendly surroundings
  • Super Clean Swimming Pool

What are the Top Amenities (Facilities) at Poovar Island Resort?

  • In-room, Tea/Coffee
  • Writing table and stationery
  • Safe
  • Laundry service
  • Lounge Chair
  • Hammock
  • Toiletries
  • And the other usual stuff…

My Experience, Feedback, and Rating

Swimming Pool: 5/5

It was super clean, fresh and well-maintained.

Room: 3/5

It was spacious. Expected a much cleaner room. The rooms were not cleaned properly. It had cobwebs and a little dusty. The room freshener did not work. The outside private space was dirty and the furniture was dusty. The electric kettle was not clean.

Room Service: 4/5

Very slow. Expected a shorter wait time but it took more than 40 minutes for a cup of coffee.

Food Taste: 3.5/5

The food taste was average. Definitely recommendable! Breakfast (buffet) was excellent.

Food Service: 2/5

Pathetic service. We preferred Ala Carte and the restaurant staffs did not show any interest at all. They were not sure about the portion/quantity. Too slow, and too confused. Longer wait time.

Activities: 4.5/5

Had a good range of activities for kids and adults. DJ night could have been a better add on!

Hospitality: 3.5/5

Long wait time during check-in and check out. The hospitality could have been better.

Worth for Money: 4.5/5

Definitely, a better place to spend your weekend. With many activities, comfortable rooms and lovely greenery around.

Overall Experience: 4/5

Apart from the unwanted long wait time, unclean rooms and food service, the overall experience was good.


We took the boat service to reach the Poovar Island Resort Parking where our cab driver was waiting. We did a little bit of shopping in the small town (Chips and cookies) and took the train from Neyyattinkara to Chennai.

A break from regular routines, work culture and responsibilities will improve the overall life satisfaction levels. Weekends can be a great chance to travel with friends, fellow travelers, and interact with your partner in a different environment. Travel can retain the ‘spark’ in a relationship. And for those who want a little extra motivation: research proves that travel creates a strong family bond. Couples who are looking to spice things up should consider a Romantic weekend getaway to Poovar Resorts.

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