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Smart Ways to Find Jobs Online (Tried and Tested)

Good news for every job seeker! The old days of ways of seeking jobs are gone. Yes, the advent of new technology has an enormous impact on the ways of finding jobs. Nowadays, technology has brought drastic changes in techniques, sources and strategies to find jobs. Job seekers no longer need to create and polish resume for applying for every job. Now you can find jobs online easily and in smart ways. Here are 5 Smart Ways to Find Jobs Online 1. Search Online Jobs From Home through Social Media LinkedIn is an ideal platform for professionals. Besides, Facebook and Twitter are the Social Media platforms, where companies post their job requirements. You may use these social media platforms to find work online. The greatest advantage of using social media platforms for seeking jobs is that you can search them at the comfort of your home, interact with the recruiter and check if the job requirement is suitable for your skillsets. Job Search Etiquette to follow Use you

Struggles of Bloggers [Beginners, You Are Not Alone]

Congratulations!!!! Glad you are a blogger or want to become one! Unlike other jobs, blogging is for passionate souls who love writing and reading. Blogging is a creative field that involves a lot of research, patience, dedication, and interest. Blogging is a challenging job. It needs your dedication, creativity, determination, patience, marketing skills, and commitment. If you think it is an easy job with just two posts a week, you need to rethink it! If you are just a beginner, you will be able to relate to these struggles you are/have gone through. Struggles of bloggers start from the day they decide to become a blogger! Lack of ideas, distraction, writer’s block, finding the niche, knowing the audience, no appreciation, absolutely no income, writing the first blog, and a lot more! I’ve put together some of the blogging problems faced by every blogger. 1. Finding a Clear Niche and Topic For Your Blog Should you write on technology, fashion, travel, news

5 Common Myths Of Working From Home [Debunked]

'Working from home' seems to be a job for lazy people or a much easier one than a regular office job. Many people don't consider remote work as a real job. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has proved to some extent the importance of 'working from home'. Yes, when almost the whole world is locked down, the corporate and MNCs have declared to continue the work from home. This remote work makes countries possible to boost up their economies even during times of crisis. Now, is the time to understand the significance of working from home. Myths of Working From Home 1. Easy to Maintain a Work-Life Balance [Not as Easy As You Think] The regular office demands 8 to 9 hours of productive hours but work from home is different. You need to be available around the clock to complete the project and extend whenever possible just because you are in the comfort of your home! In a regular office, you can turn off your office stress/deadlines/tension/task