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5 Common Myths Of Working From Home [Debunked]

5 Common Myths Of Working From Home

'Working from home' seems to be a job for lazy people or a much easier one than a regular office job. Many people don't consider remote work as a real job. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has proved to some extent the importance of 'working from home'. Yes, when almost the whole world is locked down, the corporate and MNCs have declared to continue the work from home. This remote work makes countries possible to boost up their economies even during times of crisis. Now, is the time to understand the significance of working from home.

Myths of Working From Home

Myths of working from Home Easy to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

1. Easy to Maintain a Work-Life Balance [Not as Easy As You Think]

The regular office demands 8 to 9 hours of productive hours but work from home is different. You need to be available around the clock to complete the project and extend whenever possible just because you are in the comfort of your home! In a regular office, you can turn off your office stress/deadlines/tension/tasks after your login hours. You get ample time in the evenings and weekends to spend with your family. You can have a clear line between your professional life and work life.

However, working from home doesn't know any schedule except that projects which follow time-deadline. You have to work at night; you can work at the weekend after managing all your household works. So working from home gets tougher. It seems easier to keep in touch with family- needs while working at home. When you have to complete your project within a certain time as well as when you need to meet the demands of the family simultaneously, remote work becomes challenging.

2. Work Whenever You Want [You Need to Follow a Proper Schedule]

Myths of working from Home -Work Whenever You Want

Working from home is just similar to your regular full-time job. The exception is that you can work from home without traveling to an actual office. Can you work whenever you want? Though you can opt for flexible schedules, there are few restrictions. Timeline and deadline commitments are essential and you cannot play around with the project submissions. If you are working as a team, you need to follow a calendar, schedule the meetings, and be available for all the team discussions that happen over Skype. Planning your timing and scheduling your task is essential even if you work from home.

3. Work At Home is Not A Real Work [Really!?]

Myths of working from home Work At Home is Not A Real Work

Are work from home even real? Of course, it is! People earn $30,000 to $50,000 or even more from home depending on the job role/project. Work at home is real and people are definitely earning dollars! Talking about productivity, people are more productive when they work from home! At an office, you park yourself to the chair for 8-9 hours but does it really mean you are productive? The reality is different. Anyone who works from home is able to manage their productive hours effectively. Work from home professionals is able to handle both their personal work and profession work effectively without a miss.

4. Work From Home Is Easier Than Work From Office [You Bet, It is Not!]

Myths of working from home - Work From Home Is Easier Than Work From Office

Not always! At home, you are responsible to take care of your loved ones while your work. You need to answer the grocery delivery boy, attend personal phone calls, engage with your adamant kids, cook food, do the laundry, walk your dog, and more. At an office, you don’t have any additional responsibility! You have enough space to concentrate and do your work without distractions. Work from home demands more disciple and determination. You need to stay focused even with a lot of distractions around.

5. Working From Home Is Boring [Experience It Once and You’ll Never Regret]

Myths of working from home - Working From Home Is Boring

Working from home keeps you engaged and occupied. You are always ‘busy’ with projects and of course your personal routines. Though you will miss the bustle and dramas of the office atmosphere, remote work gives you a wide range of exposure to the world just in the comfort of your home. Your To-Do list is always full and your walls often don’t have a space for sticky notes! Work from home is never boring! If you understand the truth of working from home, you will reap the advantages of working from home. Remote work is going to be the future of many industries.

Remote work is beneficial to employees as it

  • Reduces pressure and stress
  • Help saves time
  • Increases productivity

Remote work helps employers to

  • Recruit efficient candidates from global applicants
  • Saves office expenses
So, ignore the myths of working from home because work from home is one of the successful ways to earn money.

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