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Struggles of Bloggers [Beginners, You Are Not Alone]

Struggles of Bloggers- Beginners

Congratulations!!!! Glad you are a blogger or want to become one!
Unlike other jobs, blogging is for passionate souls who love writing and reading. Blogging is a creative field that involves a lot of research, patience, dedication, and interest. Blogging is a challenging job. It needs your dedication, creativity, determination, patience, marketing skills, and commitment.

If you think it is an easy job with just two posts a week, you need to rethink it! If you are just a beginner, you will be able to relate to these struggles you are/have gone through. Struggles of bloggers start from the day they decide to become a blogger! Lack of ideas, distraction, writer’s block, finding the niche, knowing the audience, no appreciation, absolutely no income, writing the first blog, and a lot more! I’ve put together some of the blogging problems faced by every blogger.

1. Finding a Clear Niche and Topic For Your Blog

Should you write on technology, fashion, travel, news, gossips, food, science, digital marketing? Find out what you want to tell your audience and stick to it. You should also consider your interest and knowledge when you choose a niche for your blog. Put your audience first and communicate with them in the best possible way. Find the pain point of your audience and the niche you target and provide solutions. For example, if you are writing about blogging, find the problems of bloggers, answer to their unanswered questions, solve their problem, motivate them, make them laugh, and inspire them.

2. Ignoring Quality

How will you differentiate your blog from the rest? There are millions of bloggers writing about the same topic that you are planning but every blogger follows a unique style. Your blog will be recognized only if you follow a unique style of writing. You should own your blog by providing real-life examples and ensure all your articles are reliable and are backed by facts. Avoid dull, academic and monotonous writing style because it could be the biggest blogging problem.

3. Not Knowing about Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the biggest struggles of bloggers. Copying another writer’s idea isn’t allowed in content writing. It is equal to cheating! Your readers, as well as Google, don’t like copied content. Your readers always seek new and unique ideas and content in your blog. So, avoid copying ideas from other blogs and provide a unique piece of information in every content. Beginners, who are still exploring blogging can make use of the below plagiarism tools to check the uniqueness of your content.

Small SEO Tools 
Copyscape (Paid tool)

Struggles of Bloggers- beware of competition

4. Beware of Competition

As a blogger, you need to constantly fight with your competitors. There are millions of content updated on the internet and to make yours visible isn’t a joke. It requires hard work and dedication. You need to know your competition and be ahead of your competitors always. Before you start your blog, do a competitor analysis, follow influencers to find their success, and build a unique path of success.

5. Absolutely No Payment

It is not possible to monetize your blogs from the first day. It needs consistency, quality, and proper flow. Low payment is a frustrating issue for all bloggers. Time, hard work, and consistency will help your blog gain recognition and earn income. At the initial stages, do not think about making money. Try to build your audience and focus on your blogging goals. Finances will fall in place automatically.
Struggles of bloggers-lack of motivation

6. Lack of Motivation

You need a lot of self-motivation to be able to become a successful blogger. Do not worry if your blogs aren’t performing well. On the other hand, do not celebrate your success if your first blog has gone viral. Failure and success are not permanent. You need to overcome your failure and make consistent efforts to sustain success all over again and again. Keep motivating yourself to do better each day! Struggles of bloggers continue to haunt every new individual who chooses to blog, yet each problem has a solution.

Concentrate on your passion, keep writing, and be patient. What according to you is the biggest struggle? Leave your comment below!

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