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About Me


Passion Without Action Is of No Use

My name is Maithily Arulraja, and I’m the author of Episode of Experience, a place to find inspiring stories, technology, personality development tips, wedding preparation, celebration and events, home improvement, relationship secrets, simple recipes, travel ideas, entertainment and more. After successful corporate jobs, I choose to chase my dream. I choose just one thing in life. I realized that my interest and skills were to become a blogger, a writer.

Graduation & Work

I was born in Chennai in 1989. I earned my Bachelor of Computer applications from the Madras University in 2009 and Master of Business Administration - Human Resource Management from Anna University in 2012. I worked as a technical support executive in CSS Corp, later worked as an IT Analyst in WNS and System Administrator in Wipro Technologies. I started pursuing my passion as a blogger and freelance content writer in 2014 where my responsibilities included researching and writing on various topics including technology, business, SEO, digital marketing, education, health and more.

I started writing news articles as a weekend hobby. I’ve been the magazine editor in college and also a student report and media organizer. I worked as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper,
contributed articles to The Hindu, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express and more. After a few years, writing became my full-time job.

Spending time in blogging inspires me, challenges me and simply makes me happy and content.
Sharing my passion for writing is what makes me tick!

I love being able to stretch my creativity through blogging!

Thank you so much for reading.
Please contact me at

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Packing My Bag with a Stranger's Dress

"Do you want this suitcase?" My dad asked, pointing at a suitcase displayed at the store. I nodded in acceptance! A brown Safari suitcase, huge enough to carry dresses for a month, easy to pull, drag, and roll. It comes with 5 years of warranty! Though the fear of moving to a new location kept me haunting, the fun of shopping didn't let my energy level drop!

Suddenly my dad spoke loud, "Did we come here to buy a suitcase? This is not in our today's list. We can't carry it home in our Two-Wheeler". "The suitcase seems to be perfect for my needs", I told my dad. Finally, we asked the shopkeeper to reserve it for the next day and thankfully he agreed! The next day, I went along with my friend to buy the same brown Safari suitcase!

It was my wedding time, everyone at home was busy with preparations. Dad was busy with distributing the wedding invites, mom was busy with her planning and sister was getting her clothing and accessories but my work wa…

Kiwifruit and fresh mango smoothie shake to make at home

Hello, you lovely people!
It’s quite some time since I blogged and today, I decided to share a delicious shake recipe that I made at home.
It’s good to eat fruits in summer and I love to make healthy shakes with fruits. Today, I had 3 kiwi fruits and few mangoes in my kitchen so I decided to make refreshing kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie.
Why Kiwi fruit in summer?
Kiwi is low in calories, fat, and sugar. They are fiber-rich fruit enriched with vitamins and minerals. They are good for diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and it decreases the risk of obesity.
Kiwifruit is highly recommended for Healthy looking skinTo improve sleepReduce the risk of kidney stonesLower blood pressurePrevent constipation What are the healthy ways to add mangoes to your diet? The fruit is rich in fiber. They can be added to your morning salad or you can make fresh juices or smoothies. This tropical fruit is free from fat, sodium, and cholesterol. They have more than 20 vitamins and minerals making it the b…

Easy and Basic Homemade Rasmalai Cake Recipe For Beginners

Do you buy a rasmalai cake from the cake shop? Do you want to bake one at home? An average rasmalai cake price (1 kg) is Rs. 1,800 INR. I’m sure this rasmalai cake recipe wouldn’t cost you this much!

What is the easiest cake to bake at home? That’s the question of every beginner, and I’m a beginner too. This recipe is tried and tested at home. I’ve used store-bought rasmalai and very basic ingredients that are readily available at home. This is a simple and one of the best cakes to bake at home. Moreover, this is a non-cream cake! This is a simple eggless sponge cake or tea cake enriched with rasmalai flavor.

Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 40 minutes
You’ll need Rasmalai - 4 pieces (3 - for batter, 1- topping)
Rasmalai milk - ¼ cup*
Unsalted butter - 50 gm
Wheat flour - ½ cup
Maida - ½ cup
Sugar- ½ cup
Baking powder - 1 Tsp
Saffron - few strands
Cashew -finely chopped
Pista - finely chopped
Almonds - finely chopped


I didn't add eggs; if you want, you can…