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The details mentioned in the blog are provided merely for information and entertainment. The author of Episode of Experience is not liable for it to be accurate on the blog or by any link following. I will not be legally answerable for any misuse of the information on the blog, any mistakes in it and any accidental situation leading to damages, loss or injuries. Our service disclaimer details are as below:

Personality Development
The blog answers many personality development ideas provides solutions for wellbeing and improved life. We may need your emails address to send regular updates on personality development ideas and success stories. We understand the importance of the personal data provided by our readers. Episode of Experience hereby declares that we do not sell or share your personal details with any other individual, company or agency. We are not also responsible if the third party collects your information through the log files which provide them with your IP address, ISP, browsing details etc.

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Episode of Experience is a personal blog created with a friendly purpose and purely for entertainment. The author writes about relationship goals, secrets and tips to manage and maintain a healthy relationship which might work for few and may not work for the rest. The author is not responsible for the results that you expect in your relationship. The blog does not promise any relationship goals or commitments. The author and the blog owner of Episode of Experience will not be liable for any death, injury or damage caused by using the personal details in the blog and cultivating any relationship. Remember, the blog is for entertainment purpose only. Any intimate relationship, pictures, comments, etc. Posted by the individual will not be approved.

All the information given in the website is mentioned for basic knowledge. We hereby ensure you that the details and images provided on the website are updated without any warranty related to its originality, accessibility, sureness and entirety. We give our best to keep the website available 24 hours, but the company doesn't take any responsibility if it is not available due to any issues technically which cannot be contacted by our technicians. Our website also provides you with links to other websites. Henceforth, once you click and move to that website, our company will not be liable for any threat or disturbances that happen on the 3rd party website. We do not also ensure the privacy of your data after you switch to other website links.

The recipes posted in the blog may not be tried and tested all time. Episode of Experience is a personal blog and the author is inspired by the recipes across the world. Most of the recipes are tried and tested by others are not. Episode of Experience is not answerable to any such recipe that fails and does not turn out well. We do not take responsibility for the side effects or ingredient that causes allergies to the readers. The readers try the recipe posted on Episode of Experience out of their own risk and the admin or author is not responsible for any mishaps.

Episode of Experience is not an agent for any traveling service providers. We do not assist you with hotel booking, tickets booking or holiday package. This is a travel guide out of own experiences and not a travel portal. We do not take details of your travel history, passport or any other documents. The author writes about the inspiring places, interesting things to do in different places and more out of their own experience.  Episode of experience is not responsible if you do not enjoy the fun as mentioned in the blogs. Everyone has their own style of travel and we are not responsible for it.

The Author of Episode of Experience writes about career opportunities, interview tips, tricks and other employment opportunities across the country and the world. We do not promise our readers with a job opportunity and we do not collect any money for the free advises we provide. We do not take any payment for the tips and tricks we provide in order to get better job opportunities.

Home improvement
The home improvement tips mentioned on Episode of Experience is for information and entertainment purpose only. We do not compel you to try any of the home improvement ideas for any benefits. Make a point that the detail in the blog are merely for your information and doesn’t provide you with any kind of monetary advice, taxation or legal advice. We keep our blog updated with the latest in details, but still do not provide you with a warranty for its relevancy.

The information provided on Episode of Experience is well researched and hard efforts are made to keep it updated. But any difficulty faced while using this blog resulting to any kind of damage shall not be looked after by the author of this blog. The author does not take responsibility for any inaccuracy of information posted on the blogs.

Interesting facts
The main motto of this blog Episode of Experience is to provide interesting facts to the readers that will improve their general knowledge and provides a great entertainment. This is a personal blog and hence doesn't support any kind of politics, racial discrimination, religious beliefs or information which may lead to any kind of social injuries, damages or losses. The facts provided are based on good research but the author still shall not be liable for any incorrect data if found leading to the crisis. The author does not support any illegal activities and does not encourage the same.

We hereby declare that all the words, images and research in the blog are meant for entertainment and learning purpose only. Episode of Experience shall not stand for any issues related to the completion of the dish with different taste or variety. The company shall allow any suggestions, ideas or views for the betterment of the dish.

Episode of Experience is not completely a health blog, however, you can find health related posts by the authors who are inspired by a technology or the medicinal benefits of an ingredient or a new medical treatment. The health blogs and articles on the website is not a professional advice. The readers are requested to contact medical experts before trying anything new. Episode of experience does not take any response for any mishaps. Episode of Experience firmly advises you to get in touch with your professional physician prior implementing the treatment mentioned in this blog. The company doesn't also market any kind of product, health care tips, services etc. through this blog.

The EOE Company blog hereby declares that all the exercises, information and products provided here are only provided with no intentions. It is recommended that all the users visit their physicians before starting any exercise or product mentioned on the blog. In case the viewer meets with any injuries or adverse condition the company shall not be answerable legally. Even if you feel uncomfortable while exercising any program, immediately leave it and consult your health care. The techniques mentioned in the blog can be used as an advice and not a command to follow the same.

Episode of Experience is a personal blog. It is not owned by any makeup artist, doctor or any other beautician. Henceforth, the content, advice or any kind of makeup suggestions given in the blog belongs to the experience of the author. The data is updated after a deep research but still, the author shall not stand for any side effects or injuries caused by following the tips in the blog.

Games, Entertainment, and Movies
The games suggestions providing on this blog is just for entertainment purpose. We do not recommend or suggest people play or follow any games or entertainment activities mentioned here. You will be redirected to gaming website or download gaming apps out of your own knowledge and Episode of Experience is not responsible for any damages caused due to a Third Party website.

Episode of Experience periodically updates news elements on the blog. The news updates mentioned on the blogs are well researched and the author is not responsible for missing facts or incorrect information.
This website is a place to read interesting information around the world. The blog reflects the likes of the author and reading or following anything mentioned on the blog is purely the responsibility of the reader.

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"Do you want this suitcase?" My dad asked, pointing at a suitcase displayed at the store. I nodded in acceptance! A brown Safari suitcase, huge enough to carry dresses for a month, easy to pull, drag, and roll. It comes with 5 years of warranty! Though the fear of moving to a new location kept me haunting, the fun of shopping didn't let my energy level drop!

Suddenly my dad spoke loud, "Did we come here to buy a suitcase? This is not in our today's list. We can't carry it home in our Two-Wheeler". "The suitcase seems to be perfect for my needs", I told my dad. Finally, we asked the shopkeeper to reserve it for the next day and thankfully he agreed! The next day, I went along with my friend to buy the same brown Safari suitcase!

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Hello, you lovely people!
It’s quite some time since I blogged and today, I decided to share a delicious shake recipe that I made at home.
It’s good to eat fruits in summer and I love to make healthy shakes with fruits. Today, I had 3 kiwi fruits and few mangoes in my kitchen so I decided to make refreshing kiwi fruit and fresh mango smoothie.
Why Kiwi fruit in summer?
Kiwi is low in calories, fat, and sugar. They are fiber-rich fruit enriched with vitamins and minerals. They are good for diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and it decreases the risk of obesity.
Kiwifruit is highly recommended for Healthy looking skinTo improve sleepReduce the risk of kidney stonesLower blood pressurePrevent constipation What are the healthy ways to add mangoes to your diet? The fruit is rich in fiber. They can be added to your morning salad or you can make fresh juices or smoothies. This tropical fruit is free from fat, sodium, and cholesterol. They have more than 20 vitamins and minerals making it the b…

Easy and Basic Homemade Rasmalai Cake Recipe For Beginners

Do you buy a rasmalai cake from the cake shop? Do you want to bake one at home? An average rasmalai cake price (1 kg) is Rs. 1,800 INR. I’m sure this rasmalai cake recipe wouldn’t cost you this much!

What is the easiest cake to bake at home? That’s the question of every beginner, and I’m a beginner too. This recipe is tried and tested at home. I’ve used store-bought rasmalai and very basic ingredients that are readily available at home. This is a simple and one of the best cakes to bake at home. Moreover, this is a non-cream cake! This is a simple eggless sponge cake or tea cake enriched with rasmalai flavor.

Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 40 minutes
You’ll need Rasmalai - 4 pieces (3 - for batter, 1- topping)
Rasmalai milk - ¼ cup*
Unsalted butter - 50 gm
Wheat flour - ½ cup
Maida - ½ cup
Sugar- ½ cup
Baking powder - 1 Tsp
Saffron - few strands
Cashew -finely chopped
Pista - finely chopped
Almonds - finely chopped


I didn't add eggs; if you want, you can…