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Welcome to Episode of Experience!

I started Episode of Experience a few years ago to explore my passion, follow my dream and help
pass the time. My brother and husband were the biggest inspiration to start my own blog. I really had no idea at the time and just wanted to share my writings online and inspire people to
follow their dream and passion.

Who knew I would learn so much!

My goal with Episode of Experience is to show my readers that if I can follow my dream, you can do it
too. I try to share my experiences in life, my views on various trending topics, bits of technology news,
DIY tips, home improvement ideas, relationship secrets, education tips, work from home ideas,
wedding preparation, personality development and more.

My blog is an extension of my personal diary. I hope that it will encourage others to write more, follow
your dreams and be a creator!

The name choice - ‘Episode of Experience

Life is an adventure and I believe in miracles. Sometimes it hits us hard and other times it makes us
laugh but most of the time, we learn from our experiences. Our life is full of experience and we make
our experiences an episode!

Enjoying the rain is an experience, failure is an experience, motherhood is an experience, shopping is
an experience and here I’m to record the EXPERIENCES as interesting EPISODES.
The happenings of today are the stories of tomorrow. Here, I collect a list of experiences that happened
to me, made me laugh and cry, that inspired me and those I have come across.

Turn the pages of the women’s diary to find episodes of inspiring incidents, funny jokes,
personality development ideas, relationship secrets, wedding plans, traditional beliefs, cooking tips,
technology, fashion, lifestyle, gossips and much more!

Stay tuned to Experience more Episodes!

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7 Good Qualities of the Best Teacher The skills of the best teacher involve more than just academic experience. A great teacher is someone who can interact with the students, help them understand the different perspectives of life, and look at the world in a new way. Teaching is not an easy job! Though there are many different ways to effective teaching, most of the most common qualities of a good teacher include a positive attitude, innovative teaching strategies, passion, and so on. A great teacher is a role model and they show enthusiasm and commitment towards their students. Do we remember all our teachers? Certainly not! Only the special ones are unforgettable over time. Let’s find out what makes them memorable. Passion for Profession A passionate teacher is not only confined to the syllabus instead acts as a mentor & grooms their personality as well. Love for the Subject This is what will induce oneself into a simplified and conceptual explanation of the

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Do you wonder what these colourful plates are for? A typical South Indian wedding aarthi (welcome plates) to welcome the bridegroom. This was exclusively designed for my me and my sister for my wedding. I was very sure that the plates should represent my likes and it should reflect my personality (to an extent). A cute decoration with ceramic dolls that represent different stages of the girl. The couple doll represents the happiness in the wedding. I always love wild animals (especially tiger) so this plate represents my love towards animals. Girls are always crazy about cosmetics and accessories. The cute little barbie doll is getting ready with the different dresses, earrings and perfume.   The wedding is all about sharing and showing love. The love and bond between parents get stronger and the bride and the groom begin their love story on this special day. This heart is the representation of acceptance! The Wedding is incomplete without flowers and

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If you are charmed by backwater cruise, high tide beaches, you like wandering amidst green gardens, watch the night sky and feel like you have a special connection with nature, then here is a Romantic weekend getaway idea. Recently, we (Me & husband, My friend and his wife) had been to Poovar Island Resort , Trivandrum for an absolute romantic getaway for couples. This resort has superior land cottages and floating cottages that float on backwaters, facing the sea. The resort is accessible only by a boat ride on the river. How to Spend a Weekend in Poovar, Kerala? A weekend [2 days and 1 Night] in Poovar Island resort, Trivandrum is not enough! However, it’s better than not having a weekend in this peaceful town in Kerala. Whether you want to embrace the weather or escape to a backwater island, this romantic trip is the best way to spend with your loved one. As one of the interesting and serene Weekend getaways in Kerala , it is the perfect way to relieve the stress